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came out here i wasgettingfamilies coming in ready made
over i can concentrate ofgettingmy good and chattels ready
war an think teenie sgettingon she ll be ready
in this afternoon they regettingready for an extra long
i had spent a daygettingready for im then awa
the fort glen wednesday 25gettingready for songs from shows
wis a great to dogettingready for the season packin
with glen what a doggettingready for wedding sunday 23
dee teenie and chrissie aregettingready for work ye ll
the morning as we weregettingready she d be like
up her raincoat and handbaggettingready to leave she had
in the borne i wasgettingready to turn in when
christmas time when santa sgettingready you see eh f1122:
ah f1113: look they regettingtheir suitcase ready f1114: ah
coffees neil i ll startgettingthings ready before gladys arrives
getting conflicting advice they weregettingadvice from us saying one
getting all lumpy it sgettingall lumpy f1117: no it
paper cups f1118: it sgettingall lumpy it s getting
she f1114: yes ruby sgettingangry f1113: ruby s getting
getting angry f1113: ruby sgettingangry f1114: just clean up
getting [inaudible] i m naegettingany bones wi my ains
f1155: so how are yougettingare they getting on with
birdie s [inaudible] he sgettingb- muscles look f1111: getting
getting smaller not his kitchengettingbigger dirty dinner plates becoming
became clear that ministers weregettingconflicting advice they were getting
s getting dark though f1126: gettingdark f1125: mmhm f1126: we
nae dark f1125: it sgettingdark though f1126: getting dark
manage that f1122: i mgettingi m getting the bubbles
f1103: no f1104: i mgetting[inaudible] i m nae getting
getting b- muscles look f1111: gettingmuscles why f1112: uh huh
are you getting are theygettingon with the redecorating [?]kinda[/?]
it was himself that wasgettingsmaller not his kitchen getting
i m getting i mgettingthe bubbles in here and
cause f943: but i mgettinga bit of a mullet
for short anyway i mgettinga bit of a tan
get through but i mgettinga considerable amount down on
news from abroad i mgettinga raise now don t
s worth it i mgettinga whole new perspective on
bones aw i m naegettingaa aa bones am i
initial overpayment and i mgettingabout 10 less in each
her back michty i mgettingaffa stiff aul age doesna
palm tree and i mgettingall this clart thrown at
[laugh] arr [laugh] i mgettingannoyed at hitting your knee
m762: you know i mgettingback at those those i-
you know that i mgettingback to normal quiet quickly
no i m not necessarilygettingbetter at it at all
and i think i mgettingbetter at them i m
survive my jet lag sgettingbetter but i m still
is so erratic i mgettingcarole s letters out of
years and now i mgettingclose to retirement ehm but
disconcertingly though the shouting wasgettingcloser i m gonna get
less homesick now i mgettingdown to things professor [censored: surname]
dinna look i m jistgettingdressed he watches as she
it is angelica who isgettingexcited i m haein a
week i hope i mgettingfed up with academic life
i m sure m734: [laughs]gettingget carted off down to
on the money i mgettingi think my biggest problem
see f1126: [?]not in the[/?] i mgettingin that pingu f1125: there
walked into me i mgetting[inaudible] books [singing] [singing] am
f963: [inaudible] [sigh] i mgettingit mixed up with something
mailing address so i mgettingkathy to retype the letter
believe it is i mgettingkind of restless in spirit
better at them i mgettinglaughs at the right bits
buckets saying right i mgettingmarried give us cash give
you re qualified i mgettingmore interested in it as
with them and i mgettingmore on monday in a
tetracycline this time i mgettingmy money s worth out
m settling in well nowgettingmyself organised and preparing for
dimps stew man ah mgettingnae where keep waiting on
own instance yes i mgettingolder right enough m1055: [laugh]
i m glad al sgettingon well at good old
m much stronger now andgettingout and about the only
nothing and i m stillgettingpaid m608: mmhm aye m1163:
in the bath i mgettingpretty good at this and
that falls through i mgettingprof [censored: surname] to search out
f1114: yes f1113: are yougettingsleepy f1114: yes i m
m slimming and slimming andgettingso much thinner both teachers
m1108: and then i mgetting[?]that stool[/?] f1107: why m1108: to
till i m the onegettingthe bumpy ride in the
gone f1113: eh i mgettingthem sorted f1114: [inhale] where
if i m late ingettingthere its only because my
beyblades [inaudible] cause he sgettingthis i m going to
the dates and i mgettingto be nearly a week
and i m only nowgettingto know them well but
i must admit i mgettingto the stage where i
enjoyed that i m alsogettingup a petition to keep
sleepy f1114: yes i mgettingup f1113: now who s
better then otherwise i mgettingused to being a stranger
on one level i mgettingused to it though and
well done m1090: i mgettingvery clever f1089: you re
arrived and i m nowgettingwell into pd james a
happen good news we regettinga lot of world cup
ducks tonight f1112: they regettinga shower f1111: are they
s okay you re naegettinga truckie frae mam a
think you re maybe bothgettingahead of yourselves said boswell
so on so you regettingall sorts of people coming
through that way you regettingall tangled up again f1114:
f1114: [inaudible] f1113: you regettingall tangled up in your
s the [?]sillier[/?] you regettingand i mean after all
thought if you re notgettinganything out of it then
to [laugh] m1007: [laugh] m1008: gettingback to what we re
tax man what he sgettingbut if you re employed
info on fredericton and ongettingcanadian visas if you re
oh look watch you regettingchocolate aa ower [inaudible] mm
m1090: now f1089: you regettingcovered in fluff an aa
say that when you regettingdried let s dry all
jist have said you regettinggey dottled quine she puts
popular mike says we regettinggrief in america some people
[laugh] m762: or you regettingideas you know from people
frank mcaveety you re nogettingin david david mcletchie i
f812: [inaudible] now you regettinginto tv programmes cause [inaudible]
no they re not actuallygettingit in there from when
like it when ye regettingit this way i was
re coming oot it sgettinglate one two come on
tells you what you regettingm608: aye m1163: so if
the only income we regettingm608: mmhm m1174: and erm
words er moody you regettingnear it there i would
da baa f1113: we regettingold macdonald again are we
f1113: oh right we regettingold macdonald had a farm
ronnie anither een ye regettingon great to teenie dinna
is that all they regettingone each f1122: mmhm f1121:
keep your bookie you regettingsleepy noo aren t you
[inaudible] f1121: [censored: forename] we regettingsoaking [laugh] okay f1122: do
go i think we regettingsome wey noo aren t
[inaudible] speaking watch you regettingtangled up again watch up
watch your feeties you regettingtangled up f1114: i got
f1101: i think you regettingthe cauld f1102: how f1101:
be ironic if you regettingthe cold weather and i
it off now we regettingthere aren t we f1130:
years ago [click] you regettingthese french texts you re
these french texts you regettingthese latin texts translated into
drinking i think you regettingtired are you m1132: ow
f1103: well you re naegettingto watch it the day
[exhale] [rustling noise] f1089: you regettingtoo good at these aren
that we re in wasgettingtoo small as well so
me see think we regetting[?]too fussy[/?] okay pop it there
is so cool we regettingtreated like the aliens here
gone i hope you regettingused to the silence look
you re being you regettingvery clever aye [cough] m1090:
m815: yeah if you regettingworked up round about exam
no no f1113: mum naegettinga bittie at all f1114:
chicken f1113: oh are yougettinga hurl f1114: the the
up f1113: [exhale] ruby sgettingangry f1114: yes f1113: your
mm mm mm f1113: yougettingsleepy f1114: let s look
the page f1113: are yougettingsleepy now f1114: that s
he s f1113: he sgettingthe postbags look and jess
yes f1113: yes are yougettingtired [censored: forename] f1114: no f1113:
f1113: yes do you likegettingyour hair brushed f1114: yes
for lower costs we aregettinga better deal for taxpayers
believe that the scheme isgettingbetter as local authorities explore
the aged things are notgettingbetter for pensioners they are
standards with the aim ofgettingbetter quality buildings and a
east furthermore her german isgettingmuch better and she can
lit so all things consideredgettingour flat is better all
better for pensioners they aregettingworse 11 02 donald gorrie
rights legislation which is actuallygettingworse and tougher better in
birthday f1121: aye she sgettinga party with [censored: forename] next
f1122: [laugh] f1121: she sgettingangry wi you she wants
chocolate chocolate chocolate is messygettinghot [child noise] f1121: it s
f1122: aye the mixture isgettinghot is it f1121: mmhm
f1121: mm that bowl sgettinghot isn t it f1122:
mmhm nearly the mixture sgettinghot m- f1121: is it
locked f1121: to stop peoplegettingin [?]do you know that[/?] f1122: mummy can
know f1121: div you likegettingmessy [censored: forename] f1122: erm no
then f1122: the mixture sgettingreally hot f1121: mm that
f1122: mmhm f1121: are yougettingsleepy f1122: mmhm f1121: are
we f1121: mmhm are yougettingtired f1122: i- no it
was wondering how you weregettingalong here we are into
be as was mentioned todaygettingfrom arts into education and
the it s the troublegettinggeoffrey into the dundee f010:
access is not just aboutgettinginto a building if i
interests des mcnulty we aregettinginto a difficult area and
those three categories we aregettinginto a loop that i
slightly anxious to avoid ourgettinginto a similar situation with
tufty at each end forgettinginto awkward corners blaik was
she passes to gladys gladysgettinginto her bag what s
of two for elementary workgettinginto order of date all
of that investigation we aregettinginto the real detail and
disqualification orders but we aregettinginto the welfare of hunting
bins and the rubbish frequentlygettinginto trouble and regularly prone
a ball against them withoutgettinginto trouble f963: mm yeah
gender differences to lone parentsgettinginto work and child care
that in the interest ofgettingmoney into the pot regardless
increase their incomes we aregettingmore parents into work through
sportscotland has committed itself togettingout of edinburgh and into
it is a matter ofgettingpeople into the scheme it
now let s go intogettingpersonal if somebody is awful
just as if everything wasgettingput back into place the
has been hard at workgettingthe allotment into order for
the insight into pattern isgettingthe pupil to transact real
write about the problem ofgettingthem to admit you into
indeed for the purpose ofgettingthis into the official report
excitedly poll and battleaxe aregettingtore into each other at
for specific things such asgettingtuned into any of the
of work that goes intogettingus out of the parliament
training is most important forgettingvisually impaired people into employment
this afternoon and see abootgettingyou into your dance classes
s happy because he sgettinga lovie a lovie f1114:
[censored: forename] and [censored: forename] are theygettinga baby f1116: no it
at granda f1111: granda [censored: forename]gettinga shottie o you isn
s nearly bedtime it sgettingdark now [censored: forename] ll be
evening preparing lessons [censored: forename] isgettingever busier as usual she
the cold and i amgettinghot flushes so [censored: forename] and
[censored: forename] s nae [censored: forename] sgettingno toys f1127: [censored: forename] s
toys f1127: [censored: forename] s naegettingtoys aye m1128: no f1127:
m1128: her s nae goodgettingtoys f1127: [inaudible] was [censored: forename]
blind doon oh it sgettingwet noo [censored: forename] the ground
[censored: forename] the ground s aagettingwet too aye the muck
now or do so aftergettinga response from the minister
much by now it wasgettingdark katie morag thought of
now around 5pm it wasgettingdark so our visit was
by now she ll begettingdoin her reading her homework
time last week she sgettingon fine now and enjoying
biggart in galston she isgettingon in years now but
there f1123: how are yougettingon now f1124: holey there
the radio station were nowgettingpaid for presenting m608: oh
he nodded despondently homosexuality sgettingso hip now she said
all the time f1101: nowgettingthere f1102: mmhm f1101: [humming]
sits in his bubble nowgettingtired some houses now instead
is 4 now he isgettingto look like bobbie and
way it s kind ofgettingback in a sense isn
and find some way ofgettingback in touch with my
really their only way ofgettingcloth in the outer islands
the roundabout way of yourgettingit but there will be
for toys or clothes orgettingit wrong one enjoyable way
we find a way ofgettingour resources up to strength
proper as our way ofgettingout of poverty and the
must be some way ofgettingrid of a judge dr
surely the safest way ofgettinground the issue is not
be a great way ofgettingstudents to engage with linguistics
must find a way ofgettingthe committees and their conveners
were some small difficulties ingettingthe system under way but
s no quick way ogettingthere i mean you have
complaints are one way ofgettingto them tenants are one
are five minutes late ingettingunder way 15 35 the
people are seeming to begettinga bit bored with it
or even if they aregettinga fair hearing they come
are blocks to voluntary clubsgettingaccess to new buildings built
just wondering how you aregettingalong the days fly past
got 1 and are notgettinganother presumably that was the
euphemisms when it comes togettingaround the law they are
personal guarantee however we aregettingas close as we can
not sure whether you aregettingat the issue of access
to ensure that we aregettingbest value for expenditure other
to its cigarettes we aregettingcheap cigarettes on the market
of the histories are probablygettingclosest to a literary style
cold and that it isgettingdark but we are happy
f1091: and the puddles aregettingdeeper and deeper m1092: uh
are worries about money notgettingdown to service providers i
the perceptions that we aregettingfrom the consumer to use
delivering the advice are notgettingfunded cathie craigie i do
of the hidden issues aregettingharder and and tougher and
swinney there are two issuesgettinginformation and the ability of
with young people who aregettinginformation from all around them
heard about the difficulty ofgettinginformation when grant applications are
examinations all that we aregettingis another development group and
and the days are certainlygettinglighter it s only been
but in general it sgettingmilder and the days are
i mean we are allgettingolder and have learned to
frightening still how are yougettingon i haven t heard
them know how we aregettingon the convener no the
to see how you aregettingon the doctor left an
whether and how we aregettingon with it in scotland
how or whether we aregettingon with it the committee
how how are they aregettingon you know by the
i understand that we aregettingone of the papers enlarged
is a social issue concerninggettingpeople who are not in
alternative therapy courses are aregettingpricey because m608: mmhm f643:
scales that are involved ingettingresponses i recall submitting a
or early 60s are notgettingretrained quickly enough for those
the couple next door aregettingrid of their old one
companies will still succeed ingettinground any prohibitions they are
issue is whether people aregettingsatisfaction from the existing complaints
would have been folk aregettingthe benefit of new information
many people are still notgettingthe care that they need
to buy provided you aregettingthe discount allowed for flats
car m1128: aye are theygettingthe police [child noise] f1127: oh
on the people who aregettingthe service and providing the
strap girls are lucky notgettingthe strap andy forgets the
to speed they are alreadygettingthere but we need to
again these old jeans aregettingtight they couldn t be
involved in voluntary activities aregettingtired of the regulatory burdens
seriously indeed but we aregettingto the point at which
of the system who aregettingto the pre discharge stage
parts of the world aregettingtogether to deliver courses it
since 1968 so we aregettingtowards the longest recorded period
i think they are stillgettingused to alex he really
to discover whether we aregettingwhat we hoped for from
commode these lonely nights aregettingworse and worse i always
s nice are you finishedgettingyour hair done i ll
i convoy im back againgettingaa e news an a
they d be late ingettingback but discipline was strict
the famous victorian toilets beforegettingback on the boat the
banniks anaa the thought ofgettingback to glasgow for his
m1055: mmhm mmhm so ergettingback to [laugh] m1007: [laugh]
they make humans call thisgettingback to nature want to
or two to celebrate lategettingback to wendy s he
it is included and aboutgettingback unreliable evidence we need
spinners that his master wasgettingback what he gave out
back chrissie d you mingettingeen in oor stockin s
s happy cause he sgettingeight hundred quid back in
himself she says to herselfgettinghis own back like that
10 mass then back togettinghouse tidy group committee in
subject i d despaired ofgettingit back again but there
there s more chance ofgettingit back periodically the police
s one more reason forgettingmy own back somehow anyhow
need to go back togettingthe seven years old playing
friday cath ricks her backgettingup to see to dinner
a line of telegraph polesgettingbigger and bigger and more
this is not just aboutgettingbusinesses to be more efficient
paper would be good gladysgettingeven more stubborn and therefore
really want your face wasgettingmore and more numb here
it goes on and ongettingmore and more righteous and
that each year it wasgettingmore difficult and that if
say that alex johnstone isgettingmore like geoffrey howe every
have demonstrated our commitment togettingmore out of existing funding
such as the gnp fromgettingmore public funding and government
in bringing our case ingettingmore resources and in bringing
enterprise which has succeeded ingettingmore than its target of
home and spent the wednesdaygettingmore together i filled a
all over france she sgettingmore used m608: uh huh
surprise me if he wasgettingpaid more than me i
will make more money bygettingrent than he will by
would be more concerned withgettingthe story told than with
in many cases will meangettingto know more about what
know that someone s reallygettingat erm and that s
coming down with the coldgettingdeveloping a really f1150: yeah
and she s really startedgettinginvolved in snowboarding yes since
f1150: but we ve beengettingon really well which is
of that year and everyonegettingreally excited that this would
be finalised so it sgettingreally exciting therefore pretty please
it was just it wasgettingreally really bad at that
i can t really remembergettingtoo much clerkess work to
arthur will not have beengettingabout on his bike much
which we were successful ingettingerm without much erm involvement
much half as many butgettingf812: [inhale] that s terrible
problem is not so muchgettinghold of vast quantities of
wages and he wasn tgettingmuch peace to sleep when
not difficult erm i thinkgettingover the guilt is much
your taste is the lawngettingtoo much for you our
paying the same rent andgettingtwice as much space and
was i d just startedgettingboyfriends you know how it
1999 a good day forgettinglots of publicity considering how
how he would react togettingmade redundant f641: mm f643:
brother jimmy how is hegettingon many a laugh he
f1125: right how s mummygettingon right see here f1126:
see how you ve beengettingon see if we need
not say how she isgettingon since miss calder died
asking how hunky eric isgettingon well i can tell
to see how we weregettingon with reducing the outstanding
know how to set aboutgettingout if i began to
bit different angelica how dodgettingyour hands on coupons would
ever again for instance bygettingbogged down with administration bookeeping
have got the connections forgettinghome again the same night
cat was trapped again andgettinghungry and was desperate to
asking him if he wasgettingmarried again a good time
it is a case ofgettingthe leg mobile again naturally
t not off him christgettingunder his blanket again there
to go upstairs again agnesgettingup ye kin chum me
a levelling off you weregettingcommercial people coming in managers
jack greig he would begettingit from other people in
where people were were stillgettingmessages from the previous generation
a hundred or so peoplegettingoff the boat at one
the brethren and various othersgettingon for 2 000 people
on arbat street had troublegettingpeople to act foolishly in
i said the problem isgettingpeople to come in the
retaining people the problem isgettingpeople to come in the
be seen as the executivegettingpeople to do something for
msc in system level integrationgettingthe right calibre of people
of rampant paranoia about peoplegettingtheir phones tapped everybody in
f1038: like people end upgettingtogether [laugh] [inaudible] if she
f1038: people get grown peoplegettingupset cause you don t
the the feedback we weregettingwas that not many people
year were we calm orgettinga full night s sleep
wir kids were bringing weregettingbrought bringing them up we
of light because we weregettingenquiries as early as the
the information that we weregettingfrom schools was that information
available so what you weregettingin aboyne was the executive
i thought well we weregettingkind of annoyed with our
she says and they weregettingmarried f632: mmhm f646: but
sort of picture we weregettingof them but i never
sort of picture they weregettingof us i say wondered
posh and as they weregettingoff the wee girl said
on it when you weregettingout and in the car
were just the thing forgettingout dockens and thistles and
the reports that we weregettingout of the system were
any business you were stillgettingpaid m608: aye m1163: which
right m1007: if you weregettingsomebody who is giving you
you were being lazy andgettingthe bus from byres road
technology they were interested ingettingtheir already successful products to
see that the staff weregettingtired then and i was
you were aware you weregettingto it m642: you can
objected that the girls weregettingtoo friendly with their husbands
came in they were alwaysgettingtotally hounded f814: all f812:
home when other folk weregettingup and he d hear
you decided what you weregettingyou shopped for it and
right f963: if you weregettingyour messages or something like
a heat up it sgettinga bit cold f1112: we
not given up hope ofgettinga treasury official to come
school out when it wasgettingboiled up in the canteen
up noo your water sgettingcold and it s time
you know where she sgettingf963: yeah m762: holed up
a fierce friend andy thinksgettingfed up with writing single
think what m1106: my scoopgettingfull up f1105: [laugh] you
i think my scoop sgettingfull up f1105: you think
just er you know justgettingharnessed up and m608: mmhm
jewels donnie in the morningettingizzy up makkin sure she
a little crowded 22 wednesdaygettinglined up for run home
business was buildin up andgettingmair money and she says
up her movie career ongettingmarried but obviously kept in
tiel tonight cast keeps ongettingmixed up am real ham
is probably why i amgettingmixed up petition 17 is
arise interruption sorry i amgettingmixed up the explanatory note
s built up s actuallygettingolder themselves f958: i know
but doesn t end upgettinground to doing it f807:
realise i could end upgettingsacked over this sacked for
crew members having great difficultygettingsome passengers up from their
maggie ll sort things ootgettingup ah ll get oan
manual equipment c assisting withgettingup and with going to
take on drystone dyke workgettingup before dawn and travelling
monday cath surprises everyone bygettingup in the evening she
to agnes her husband agnesgettingup no at the door
to go help sadie agnesgettingup och i ll away
his feet stank he hatedgettingup on school mornings if
masha in a loud voicegettingup tara tara tara to
treated you like a strangergettingup was easy the bottle
agenda and yes i amgettingat you gordon pauline mcneill
outside in the beer gardengettingdrunk yes that s right
on your forward thinking ingetting6 000 weddings a year
your mither georgie chrissie chrissiegettinghysterical keep oot o this
your letter saying he sgettingmarried isn t that bigamy
like your new t shirtsgettingmessed does she f1124: no
you ll need to f1112: gettingmy stool f1111: get your
partly in your task ofgettingsome executive action furthermore why
with your point about notgettingtoo far out of kilter
hope your arthritis isn tgettingworse in this cold weather
it s as sore asgettingyour no f1155: was it
m959: sounds like she sgettinga good start anyway might
had a good chance ofgettingfish they had lovely cod
four f1127: that s itgettinggood at taking them off
use for attractive in thegettingpersonal section f1005: ehm good
quite good overtime he sgettingso m608: mmhm m1163: that
management plan i am notgettingat anyone i am trying
qualifies george lyon i amgettingcloser every day ms macdonald
struck me that i amgettingon a bit as well
should investigate further i amgettingthe feeling that members favour
and islands lab i amgettingtotally confused have we got
or dying i ve beengettingbooks out of the library
will be transition costs ofgettingequipment in and out of
isn t a procedure forgettingout if there was a
not walk i collapsed whilegettingout of bed one morning
serious school sports season nogettingout of it at least
f963: right yeah yeah m762: gettingout of reality in some
and modernising their management bygettingout of undated government stocks
to be seen to begettingsomething out of the arrangement
i was quite happy withgettingthe spreadable fats one out
be there for a whilegettingthings sorted out remember what
fast running out money isgettingtight too but i ll
which is a bit likegettinga steam engine when everybody
bit think his hearing wisgettinga wee bit dull he
no f1155: so he sgettinga wee bit f1154: oh
perhaps from human nature ofgettingauthorities to be a bit
mummy f1103: we want itgettingcosy oh f1104: this bit
bit of a chance dadgettingnick [censored: surname] even to take
me in the wall bedgettingover the mumps a bit
saw it when you wasgettingthe [inaudible] that bit hasna
pronounced than usual he sgettingto be a bit of
just takes a bit ofgettingused to but it s
lives to normal cut crimegettingdrugs and weapons off our
advertising will lead to ourgettinglots of cheap cigarettes that
addressed following the publication ofgettingour priorities right s1o 3822
and we had little troublegettingour stuff through i was
we thought we might begettingrehoused but our landlord has
pleased by our progress ingettingspeedy justice for asbestos sufferers
and care in our communitiesgettingthe right number of nurses
who bemoaned the difficulty ofgettinga story about the hard
not been well and wasgettingabout for the first time
them a great help ingettingabout she had a story
all over i will begettingan appointment in about 4
duffin the issue is aboutgettingbeyond the usual suspects which
all the stories about megettingit and all that but
need to do something aboutgettingscots on a on a
uk the argument about cigarettesgettingsmuggled across the border does
parliament the debate is aboutgettingthe best of both worlds
appropriate the issue is aboutgettingthe best of both worlds
to the point about patientsgettingthe right medicine at the
we have thought carefully aboutgettingthe right pitch in the
see mummy frog rushing aboutgettingthe tea so i stop
about lloyd george and mothergettingthe vote grown ups have
important the matter is aboutgettingtogether with different organisations including
yet she was she wasgettinga replacement knee f632: mmhm
mm f965: and she wasgettingapples f963: mmhm f965: and
local church she s certainlygettingaround she did enjoy a
off gym dress she isgettingbig lathalmond today 18 tuesday
grew serious unless jimmy wasgettinggrief somewhere then she grew
the spot she is deliberatelygettinghim dizzy an here he
friendly she found ways ofgettinghim to help her with
confessed she was to begettingmarried and took mabel along
know when a bride wasgettingmarried she would show all
was a very posh familygettingoff sh- she d been
seven years but she wasgettingold and everyone said that
thoughts but her voice isgettingstronger and she is sitting
resurrection of jesus [laugh] hergettingtold she s going to
after you her sight isgettingvery poor but she still
selling my perception was thatgettinga sale was an important
always staying in and notgettingany exercise but that was
t kow what morag wasgettingat with her idea of
changes i mean coming fromgettingbea- i was lucky enough
and it was so complicatedgettingbecause there weren t the
could formulate the bubble wasgettingbigger the unnaturalness the impossibility
o the jug that wasgettingbrim fu o beer an
second year for i wasgettingbullied and and ehm i
foo squeamish he was abootgettingburied if you feel the
that he widna hear ogettingburied it was to be
time thank goodness i wasgettingclaustrophobic and i went with
same wee school er wasgettingf718: mmhm m734: stung on
it was still running backwardsgettingfaster the dates 31 30
anither half hoor i wasgettingfower times as lang as
you could put he wasgettinghung because and then write
f963: it was it wasgettinginvolved in it was the
reed i min fine gladysgettingirritable it was green i
wulliam for was he nogettingjuist the nicest luikin lassie
the very day i wasgettingmade redundant and it was
their bonnie dochter jennie wasgettingmerrit tae thon clock mender
was like it was likegettingmoney two steps removed you
walls somebody bobbie knows wasgettingnew kitchen cupboards built in
problem then of course wasgettingoff the island so many
night it was by thengettingon for 11pm and we
ae day foo i wasgettingon so i tellt him
couldn t believe i wasgettingpaid for to draw for
it was like i wasgettingpaid like pretty decent money
disasters one minor one wasgettingstuck in a traffic jam
oh i thought he wasgettingstuck oh m1132: oh i
that happened to him wasgettingthe gideon bible at f639:
there was no problem ingettingthe licence because of the
it was extremely useful forgettingthe message across and i
lot o fun and enjoyedgettingtheir prizes then there was
lumpur or in a meetinggettingthrough to b o was
benefit of relaxing us andgettingus laughing the experience was
exams and he was stillgettingvery high grades 100 for
prosaic i found i wasgettingvery wet so i just
the by pass i wasgettingwetter and wetter and colder
[baby cries] aw mister man sgettinghungry [inaudible] bottle f1142: no
eh m1096: mm it sgetting[inaudible] f1095: aye i know
f1117: no it shouldna begettinglumpy [inaudible] hot enough then
huh f1111: so he sgettingmuscles f1112: uh huh [inaudible]
only [inaudible] m1022: in thegettingpersonal the word insane doolally
sort o bastions of ofgettingthe kinna scots language [inaudible]
course because obviously he sgettingbaksheesh f643: uh huh m642:
he didn t see itgettingbigger because quite frankly he
t want to see thingsgettingknocked down because they d
sign you see of yougettingolder because as you get
care another problem is simplygettingtheir act together because there
because of their commitment togettingthings right for the candidates
oh and who is thisgettinga hold o you there
page f1127: eh you likegettinga new page m1128: aye
chapter though you should begettinga postcard from st andrews
yet you see he isgettinga rent of 3 15
them gladys shocked no neilgettingaggressive well you should just
could you show me jimgettingher meaning nae bother ava
think you can generally avoidgettingherpes by being generally quite
impediment or somethin for yougettingmarried or something like that
f958: [laugh] you ll begettingmarried soon [laugh] m959: nope
intelligence for you carole sgettingon very well in tübingen
ye in the street angelicagettingtearful you should be prood
gonna happen the chances ofgettingthe flat that you want
it s whiles a jobgettingthem to pull you know
do you see the departmentgettingto that position where you
my presents will be lategettingto you temperatures dropped sharply
the climate they declare isgettingwarmer you will find in
ll need to see abootgettinga bedroom for them f1104:
then he would see usgettinga takeaway he would ask
see youngsters being interested andgettinginvolved in what i might
i don t see myselfgettingmy handicap down in a
us to see who isgettingthe money and what they
edwina currie and michael heseltinegettingall chucklish as they recalled
over them f1118: it sgettingall lumpy f1117: it s
s all t v andgettinglifts everywhere in the car
and we watched the programmegettingmade and all the rest
all the relatives should begettingtheirs soon sorry to hear
f1006: if i remember rightgettinga row from my old
time that is spent ingettingproposals right at the beginning
must be a means ofgettingthe balance right mr keith
it is a matter ofgettingthe methodology right we should
issue is to do withgettingthe standards right and making
that spend is attributable togettingthings right for the millennium
empty so no chance ofgettingany witnesses just another unreported
sport has particular problems withgettingcoaches officials referees and so
ye know so instead ofgettingit first thing in the
wine club so we keepgettinglike he leaves for work
so big problems there ethicsgettingpermission to record easy if
school the nursery s alsogettingpopular so let s look
ll have a problem ingettingso basically radio awaz is
childhood f963: well i remembergettinga wee silver charm it
jack well lilian s notgettingany younger and for some
well being a assisting withgettingdressed b assisting with surgical
think of an excuse murielgettingsuspicious and angry well far
fused speech confused hermit shellgettingwell wax and wane home
f1091: no he s justgettinga hurl isn t he
has caused it he keepsgettinga lot of infections in
oh me will he begettinga row look at the
f1091: uh huh is hegettinga wash cause he s
the same question and notgettingan answer poor joe he
keeps his meat he sgettingauld but his wife is
sae i suppose he imaginedgettingburied in nellfield would mean
wid hiv a hard joabgettingdoon that lum he thought
he had to deal withgettinghimself and his drenched belongings
the experience he is justgettingin under the wire before
team soccer british style isgettingincreasingly popular here he might
and a driver who keptgettinglost maybe he d spent
might say that he isgettingolder but the only thing
david [censored: surname] letter he sgettingon fine in his present
his supper fitt s hegettingtae his supper fitt s
he had been instructed bygettingthe girl he later married
ken says lu da angettingti his feet he stuid
in the past he isgettingtoo quick in the uptake
mc christine elspeth he isgettingworse wednesday 12 we paint
run a few errands likegettingcopies of some of the
members have had problems ingettinghere there have been some
they required some jogging beforegettinground to it unfortunately some
single framework of regulation isgettingsome sort of equality of
of including the question orgettingthe data via some other
walk is free personal caregettingthere might take some time
some members may have difficultygettingto hamilton for 9 30
wasn t too successful ingettinga grip in reality i
my mum s knee orgettinga story or i mean
did [inhale] f1027: i remembergettingan awful row in perth
road like that awa gladysgettingangry they have i tell
could go to town ongettingaround the legislation and i
torrential rain but it sgettingcolder i wore my gloves
of like sort of likegettingdecent pies in which i
two three weeks i startedgettingdoubts after i started business
first time i succeeded bygettingenough supporters with other dangerous
at times in terms ofgettingeverybody here i know that
the weather seems to begettingharder to predict i used
not the five pounds sadiegettingher purse i ll give
i felt like a junkiegettinghis first fix for days
archie excused his lateness ongettinghome i hadny seen jack
for another success in boozegettingi queued for a mere
went [sticks out tongue] and i remembergettingin m811: [laugh] f812: [laugh]
be sayin thiir tables orgettinglearned richt grammar i mean
chance of actually m- megettinglike a lobster f807: i
taking medicated lemon drinks andgettinglots of sleep i ve
down in wigtownshire i supposegettingm608: uh m078: his dose
i thought i might begettingmade redundant but i got
exercise i may even begettingmuscles my body ached yesterday
i ve been running aroundgettingnames for the keep maggie
12 35 and time isgettingon ms macdonald i have
next set of witnesses isgettingprepared i welcome margaret smith
members but i recently startedgettingsaga magazine sent to me
nice f1149: i quite likegettingsnow at christmas cause like
i thank irene oldfather forgettingthis matter on the agenda
felt like a chore justgettingthrough one page and i
birthday ana michty it sgettingto be a habit i
s the worst part ofgettinga flat for me just
ah must have just beengettinga shottie m1106: eh f1105:
jenkins the executive is justgettingahead of itself the problem
for europol which is justgettinggoing the treaty of amsterdam
sunbathin oot in their bakkiesgettinga costa tan the meikleburgh
ae guid man efter anithergettingthe seck and their faimilies
added to their bruises bygettingtheir hair snagged in each
going to rangoon boys japsgettingtoo big for their boots
mobilising no other info japsgettingtoo big for their boots
a day or two beforehandgettingwhat they called their pace
over like an old loggettinga bona fide husband had
belly f1107: cor it sgettingbig and fat m1108: like
a nightshift but we keepgettinghis like big deliveries of
memories sadly of like evergettingon my mum s knee
implants like cod steaks slicedgettingunder the skin of a
for this game f965: ohgettingchosen oh no oh no
is hot f1111: it sgettinghot f1112: oh it s
his spider s man sgettingthe [?]mouth's on like that[/?] f1127: oh oh
if if if it sgettingnearer the scots words er
a wee help instead ofgettinga point they ll get
which one of us isgettingher they ll have to
making f010: toby ll begettingthe hang o of that
laldie an the usual suspectsgettingan owergyan we fair enjoy
when we seemed to begettingnothing but bread and water
er we we we startedgettingreal teachers for the first
foreseen although we succeeded ingettingthe software in place to
don t have faith ingettinga decent summer then either
government and then taking cocainegettingin a mercedes and driving
then did they no startgettingoan aboot valium addiction the
matter with a view togettinga greater degree of clarity
aren t the school childrengettinga raw deal with teachers
busy week being involved withgettinga video player for a
polystyrene gowns with polyester pinionsgettingby with no wing and
with the sole intention ofgettingkids hooked on an addictive
with celebrities such as madonnagettingmarried in scotland loch lomond
authorities that seem to begettingon with the job as
is often a problem withgettingpast switchboards on such occasions
with the wind has beengettingrave reviews here and it
shivers a little it sgettinga bittie nippy in here
relaxed atmosphere mary here overnightgettingcolder thursday 12 fine weather
ur ye here wi sumdygettingseen tae or ur ye
explain this to children bygettingthem to think of having
thraa the corn isn tgettingenough water and has stopped
the calf that wasn tgettingits full nourishment calfie s
of a percent chance ofgettinga tefl fellowship they prefer
they had done and ongettingas far as they had
s jist a wye ogettinga barrel o fish for
mentioned is connectivity aberdeen isgettingaccess to bt s asymmetric
paddy s market jinty wizgettingawfy rid in the face
lighter it s only beengettingdark in the last ½
robin tamson s smiddy angettingencore aifter encore sad to
is an edinburgh attitude butgettingone s hands dirty even
lawyer mr home robertson andgettingone s hands even dirtier
loppy stroppy ears shoreline sgettingserious bobbers surfers divers speed
it would the bird sgettingto come the bird is
[sucks air through teeth] f1115: what s moosiegettingwhere s moosie at is
opposite the bolshoi theatre aftergetting3 of my 6 bottles
saying the chances of mygettinga teaching job in cairo
tongue my mither tongue wisgettinglaldie doon at the holiday
aye m1163: supposed to begettingmy sister over fae italy
also demand my support ingettingnew facilities built and in
electronically unlocks my classroom isgettingto know me tree nyil
whereas it is in factgetting6 2 per cent of
cairo is concerned will begettinga place there as student
neither is neither is hittinggettinghit in the shins in
is a scots corpus ehgettingoff the ground not necessarily
retiring for the second timegettingold is a rite of
fight for recognition it isgettingover its trauma the scots
variety and the danger ofgettingrid of it it is
work the money is notgettingthrough there is a perception
ugsome clarinet rowland this isgettingto be a police matter
climate of the earth isgettingwarmer one of the things
or constituents have had ingettingbroadband those difficulties happen not
sense of total helplessness notgettingthe drug leads to frustration
not have a forum forgettingthe officers together around a
rooms though no hope ofgettinganything to put in either
foggy in the morning andgettinggradually cooler absolutely no rain
9 99 a glaswegian paintergettinginvolvit in buddhism micht no
and wales andrew wilson nogettingthat information would require the
as men and no doubtgettingthe butter to come in
pre discharge stage have difficultygettingplacements in open prisons one
time there for three yearsgetting2 6 a week staying
competition for the ladies eachgettinga squaar o 1 inch
big school and ye startedgettingdifferent teachers for arithmetic and
arguments for quite a whilegettinghungrier and hungrier as the
be an important vehicle forgettingissues discussed and action brought
a great dislike for georgegettingit after him hiv ye
for members who have difficultygettingitems on the agenda and
a project spends a yeargettingitself organised does something for
alight for the wedding dressesgettingmade etc check car offside
accommodation for single farm servantsgettingmeals in kitchen chackie linen
order which will delay usgettingmoved for a while yet
and it would have meantgettingphotocopies of everything for him
final act of the outbreakgettingrid of the waste but
lumps of newspaper the lightgettingbigger hurting his eyes a
job cuz his knees wizgettingsore fae the coorse stone
raining to save his horsegettingwet henry mitchell fridays fruit
while it must have beengettinga shottie borrowing it from
in media and it startsgettingdisseminated to a larger larger
george w bush have beengettingit in the neck big
a wiz oan a stretchergettingshoved inside it whit hud
on the edge of itgettingthe atlantic depressions tracking closer
makin a nuisance o himselgettingin the road every time
a welfare state with- withoutgettinga single party dictatorship and
and boating loving and partinggettingand spending güten morgen bonjour
farm and drinking sowins andgettingfun and making a noise
co operate have ways ofgettingin touch and co ordinating
polygon 1990 miller nancy kgettingpersonal feminist occasions and other
polygon 1990 miller nancy kgettingpersonal feminist occasions and other
elements of the oedipus complexgettingrid of the father and
on sourcing grants and ongettingthe local authority to give
obviously living in ayr andgettingthe sunsets over arran m608:
the gate to save anyonegettingdown from a passing cart
new things higher still implementationgettingfeedback from schools on higher
deed on the spot angettinghersel an emergency appointment at
p e fanatic intent ongettingin the unb soccer team
try to arrange joint inspectionsgettingthe fire officer on board
behind couple had difficulties ingettinga taxi to the station
m1110: [yawn] f1109: okay yegettingsleepy ye had a hard
lal- gettin ladlie would begettinga terrible or gettin a
living in moscow must begettingto us in the evening
a rust coloured chest aftergettinga little lost as usual
travelling to montreal or torontogettinga plane connection the plane
bad dream jinty wiz furgettingin anuther thruppence wurth a
efter a the effort ogettingoot fae under the blankets
seen tae or ur yegettingseen yersel a speared a
a favourite local outing involvedgettingsomeone to drive to the
asked myself several times withoutgettingany kind of rational answer
of slightly posh young girlgettingbullied by another young girl
beast past the stage ofgettingmilk stock chap bloke stook
wir work the hope ogettingthat badge at the end
déjà vous êtes un oursgettingangry gin ye want ti
faain ower tree ruits angettingfanklt an scartit wi brammle
fittie woman wi the doricgettinglaldie an the usual suspects
plea fur pairdon fellow mangettingpersonal jeez rab ye nivver
nice o the queen magettingthon flags oot fur me
that feart o the eldergettingti ken an him lossin
meanwhile ingrid an nicol wirgettingworried dey hedna seen mitten

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