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til the houdie craws theghostdisappears l macbeth what hae
ye arena here ava theghostdisappears weill nou it s
i d raither huv yerghostimpression picks up ashtray and
an empty nail hole theghostof a long gone ashtray
another what f1114: oh anotherghostf1113: another ghost thank you
oh another ghost f1113: anotherghostthank you f1114: in a
the den etc the everlastingghostsentence a variant of the
attendants messengers three witches theghostof banquo and other apparitions
puir dounsittin athoot it theghostof banquo enters and sits
this toast macbeth seeing theghostawa an quut ma sicht
duin what ma lord theghostmakes signals macbeth ye canna
a servant does so theghostreturns macbeth may ye aw
hieness macbeth pointing to theghostwha haes duin this lords
skunner whyles macbeth to theghostwhat a man daurs a
time fur ma nightly twilightghostwalk so beggin yer pardon
your hand in mine kindghostfor pity s sake actions
kid on he wis aghostand walk in the hoose
telt me he wis aghostlaughs robby fibbin again tess
um then he s aghostsilence zeb awakens grabs tess
now i m not aghosttess you wur listenin pause
she s almost like aghostsometimes in his memories m762:
son dressed up as aghostand frightened my father when
town where i lived aghosttown in winter haunted by
s deserted it s likeghosttown right and there s
amusement by relating that theghostof the english sergeant had
gritty shards scabby with barnaclesghostposts rise from the spray
no no no no anotherghostf1113: you want me to
yeah m762: that s anotherghostin the story that s
could she write ti aghostwhere wid she send the
floor had given up theghostso we had to carry
and then white as aghostmy granny would have said
lassie there white as aghostshe d be better bidin
pest finally gave up theghostthe death rattle a cold
and the sycamore stirred theghostof a seagull passed cutting
ye say nou to theghostwhat dae a care gin
want me to make aghostf1114: yeah f1113: okay f1114:
what if he s theghosto the auld man come
s the auld man sghostthen he s ay been
the moor where grandmother sghostis weaving a wooden cradle
i have asked each familyghostwhere you went dead leaf
what might be called aghostname grannie maybe said this
he looked jist like aghosthe had tae ca the
like caspar the fuckin friendlyghostwhit s wi the gunk
twigs sigh give up theghostsummer bounty s past its
an owl rose like aghostfrom silent woods opened his
morally serious domestic realism aghostin the house of fiction
or unfeeling bogle is aghostspirit phantom coories is snuggles
being one fifth of aghostthus the game proceeds as
were the two plays theghostand sunshine which took place

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