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wesna leised on hiz sistergieinhim a rair i the
leised on the polisman furgieinhim ane inveit ti halp
a l be leised ongieinye ma explene fur a
the brae ti the trongieinit laldie a polisman stappit
the table an wis fairlygieinit laldie noo that she
lewis gun thay war reallygieinit laldie richt eneuch thon
the heat wi the birdsgieinit laldy in the bushes
caber heilan fling scotch tenorgieint laldy tartan baldy a
man bodies tae emulate angieinthaim uissfu knawledge tae cairry
juist listen til yon bandgieinit big licks they r
on the tape wis stillgieinsan francisco big licks but
hard driven staples an synegieinem a helpie oot ere
e twa halfs egidder angieinem e richt kinna twist
faar ey landit or aangieinem eir quietus against e
bales an e mornin singieinem lang shadas is a
with them it jist meantgieinem the best room tables
jed anderson still gaed abootgieinnaethin ava tae the common
is takkin aathin in isgieinnaethin oot yon wee leaf
lik a drukken tink angieindug s abuise ti onie
nou interrogat hir thorow likgieinhir ful skowth ti tel
ti the houss he wesgieina lest luik at the
owre the houss dure angieinhir his plaid ti hap
intae trouble at nicht withootgieinfolk hert failure aye remarked
deer hound mither this isgieinme a sair hert for
paws an glowered at themgieina bittie o a bowf
looking great is your leggieinye pain bessie a bittie
postit aa owre the placegieinout his years o age
the hill the tinks regieinowre thegither a ll gar
bit syne the sister deedgieinbirth tae fire the javans
seen him i tellt eckgieina wee shrug o disappyntment
an nature of coorse wisgieinhim a call jonsar eck
takin a guid swallae aforegieina repone ay ye r
braes o the hirsil angieinhim guid maet an guid
it feenisht leukin roond angieinthe hail boat a guid
set quaet an leisten eftirgieinthe maitter a guid gaun
the suggestions made the advicegieinand hou we were gonnae
ye in hou about megieinye chen da back an
a thing ye necessarily aregieina lot o thocht til
mair aye needs daein 81gieina thocht tae the weys
fox thocht i tae maselgieint a name an iver
ower their pairtners bi firstgieinhit up this alang wi
said an bi wye ogieinmair understannin added it isn
eik tae thae prizes bigieinthe teachers that taen pairt
press tae shame bi publickliegieinuz ae heize wi or
sin the back o fivegieintheir horse a brush doon
e jobs i likit wisgieina han sortin palins ir
ails ye pompitie ir yegieinme a bonnie wee sang
lip wis a roch roadiegieineasy doungaun fur aa kins
learned him aa his storiesgieinhim a job fur life
ye ootwith fit i mgieinthe sector s heidman fur
yird mools they war nearhaungieinup the reenge fur onythin
and flees that s forgieinme a rid face afore
sixteen afore offerin bsl meansgieinnae choice 33 while it
can scrieve til a committeegieinyer pynt o view anent
states that the executive isgieinmair consideration tae this proposal
plan for language beildin angieinthe welsh leid mair virr
this is nae mair norgieinye back what is yeir
richt oot their wits neargieinthem aa aquatic fits wi
hark noo till ewan maccollgieinus cam aa ye fisher
faimlie when the meenister wisgieina wee prayer at the
door dusters in their handsgieinathing a wipe it wis
wydes an i wis jistgieinbobie a rub doon in
year auld an he wisgieinhis father a hand tae
gliffs an stounds he wisgieinither fowk he d juist
prospective donor o the lifegieinkidney wis his ain hauf
croud o them wis forgieinme a leatherin for ma
a gie an whan thegieino the name wis by
a saw an unco sichtgieinup when a wis jist
as if the minister wasgieinhim a row but they
fare ye weill foy angieinhim forby twae bowts o
oh this clear road sgieinhim the chance tae dae
the blade breakin aff angieinhim the orc equivalent of
spoachin about for it angieinit ti him sell uis
bilingualism provides braider communication opportunitiesgieinaccess tae twa windaes on
nott twa oors tae feedgieinthe men time tae sort
rooms knockin aff styoo angieinsome files o paperies a
lang thusgates thai wes ayegieinthe puir oneste scots a
yer wife that s beengieinme the eye and as
john buchan up strecht wioutgieinyer scholars an angle or
stannin up at the dennergieina toast tae es gran
insteid o the education systemgieinrespect tae an makkin provision
me pens you re nogieinme a pen you re
2002 [censored: forename] monie thanks forgieinme a phone an for
a mock o me angieinme sic flegs an frichts
that s just bad yougieinpat a slap are ye
the jile they re ayegieinthe doors an the bars
an interest in the youngstersgieinthem fruit an flooers fae
o heiven king zhezong eftergieinoffrins at the southlan meiths
i m seriously thinkin ogieinup the smokin you d
sae he lowsed the sashgieinit a shak sae s
thank you [kiss] was yougiein[censored: forename] a kiss last night
to be hung up forgieinthe beasts in the byre
bit it s ill forgieinonybody wi s a fleg
that the village gangs weregieinus the rin aroun nettin
flashed his bailiff s cairdgieinno a flicker that he
doing now f1114: he sgieinthe letter f1113: givin the
benjie or crossby the journalistgieinhauners the modren day macnabs

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