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heaven or because cats agingto heaven good or bad
because folk think they dinnagingto heaven or because cats
bite please ging tae transylvaniagingan takk a dook bit
leave him nae like thatgingback tae him quine ging
ging back tae him quinegingback tae your man her
midgies midgies dinna bite pleasegingtae transylvania ging an takk
winna care but if igingto the shelter neen o
jim we ll need togingto the shelter she pushes
fate a fair chance yougingto the shelter ye ken
an stoorie sae gin yegingoot takk yer waukin buits
see the fish if igingin to aiberdeen georgie fat
o mount who gae- gae-gingintae aiberdeen f606: mmhm m822:
dod was good enough togingto aiberdeen to bring me
that loretta would she maybegingan bide wi gladys peggy
ll get it afore igingawa loretta rising is at
tae be here ma couldnagingonywye else loretta i ll
o my bed files taegingtae the toilet loretta aw
chrissie chrissie ignoring her togingahin my back an dee
georgie no chrissie did youginglookin for her georgie eh
cause her faither used taegingoot wi chrissie gladys oor
by hersel so i didnagingwi her chrissie i ll
took it inside i llgingan get it gladys sit
weel far div the carsginggladys roon the back bessie
na he s studying togingtae college gladys i thocht
no georgie och you mustgingabody likes the social i
on f1041: but if yougingfor a job now sheila
f1041: an ye had taegingintae the there was sixteen
[inaudible] f1041: they d taegingintae the wash hoose wi
met at an ye wouldginguh huh f1054: back f1041:
then you ll need togingan get them dod i
the bobbies dod you couldgingtae the jile angelica at
so i says i dgingroon one efterneen and collect
ma s oot can igingroon tae play wi sean
answer or sometimes she dgingroon the class askin us
her church meetings she wouldgingroon the hooses shovin them
nae eneuch cooncil hooses taegingroon wi aabody buyin them
t so s you didnagingawa hame wi the wrang
folk say oh well betterginghame an see the blonde
s dark we ll jistginghame an watch the telly
it s dark we lljistginghame an watch the telly
o the ferm she michtginghame fur the antrin wikkeyn
micht staun a chaunce songinghame tae yer mam mam
in so she micht jistginghame to worcester and wait
hiv ye nae hame taegingtill elly broon ootbye a
niver haundit in teacher llginggyte denner money s niver
needin a brooch i nivergingoot dressed an if i
bruce telt his loon taegingintae the stable afore him
telt me bit i didnagingrubbitin wi t i keepit
bumpin into jean she didnagingto hollywood she went to
her by the shoulder dinnaginga tight moo d wi
on yer yett nor dinnagingfidgin t dauner ootby bit
fit i hear you dinnagingto hospital these days to
eh i dinna want togingto my bed bleezin just
i ve jist let myselginga to pot without even
ll jist ha e togingback to the cooper and
jist thinkin we could maybegingoot thegether for a whilie
ye ll jist hae tgingt tak lessons wi doos
new year i could nevergingto my bed and miss
bein aa that willin taegingback inside ere s anidder
unfeenished symphony far did itgingdid it skip tae the
the shoppie i says wellgingnext door tae mrs merson
nor yer belly can igingoat tae play ma s
i mean an if yegingtae orkney abody spaeks wi
pit tae the toon taegingtae rosemill schule efter the
region bus we hired taegingtae skye his bin retired
m999: isn t it yegingtae something formal like a
och even if she disnagingtae the bottle she ll
d rin the ferm angingtae the mart on a
i havenae had time taegingtae the shoppie i says
the waterie aye you dgingtae the waterie m1042: watterie
the aiberdeenshire accent aabody wegingtae visit says the same
tae wyte ye ken clickgingthe wipers rainin again taxi
thocht he wid like taegingwe s tae pittodrie on
better be sure i llgingan phone she looks down
out again i ll bettergingan see foo she s
wrang een an i llgingan swop them muriel na
i ll ha e togingawa an mak on i
o the day i llginghungry the morn and then
ken meanin then we llgingower there well syne was
spoken aboot syne we llgingower there ye see ken
the kits an you cangingback to makin them so
toys to swop but igingfor chocolates because back on
you were feart ye widnagingup on its back back
days to get better yougingto catch something nae wonder
shouldna ve let the firegingoot at its usual time
bide there forever an naegingoot into the rain again
in the bin as igingoot to the taxi and
o coorse aal men sunsgingdoon an sclim anither day
liftit for cleanin ye dgingdoon on a ledder an
[laugh] [laugh] no we winnaegingdoon that road f1043: [inaudible]
s waiting for me togingdoon to england can you
tiger caad machree if yeginginby the rowett far professor
he s obviously determined togingahead wi it but i
wi wreaths an we couldnagingnaewye nae at i was
werena very careful it wouldginga smeary so at ye
right that s right yegingto a prime stock sale
way an she said yegingup that pendy so ye
traffic lichts lettin an ideagingthrough did you iver hae
see through that doorie mustgingthrough there does that look
two tangerines teenie can igingand gie ronnie his ma
is would yett is gategingfidgin is get restless or
put a bet on orgingan feed the ducks in
for one wouldna hesitate togingto the police an report
smells a richt it wouldnagingaff in six months would
arguin would you like togingin bessie i m fine
coffin and then watchin itgingup in a bleeze fan
the queue are feart togingin politicians have made a
no maitter hou fest thaigingthair ghaist gings fester a
witch roond aboot the caudrongingin the puzzint puddens fling

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