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plain cake baked on agirdleas with the bere bannocks
catch the handle of thegirdlewith the bannocks baking on
fierce you just hooked thegirdleup by the crook on
earthenware at baking time thegirdlewas slung from the crook
treat her pancakes an hergirdlescones wir fabulous tae eat
for them her mother madegirdlescones with buttermilk too and
suet for greasing the hotgirdleswats liquor made by soaking
was slid on to thegirdleit was said that some
a round bannock on agirdleof wheat flour and cut
they were eighths besides thegirdlethere was the branner with
t slide them onto thegirdleas you can with oatcakes
a hen on a hetgirdleor shaw symptoms o hysteria
bi drap oan the hetgirdleah makkit letters for a
fireplace an a great biggirdlebiggit in abeen t so
in the shape of agirdlebut with open zig zag
links would not let thegirdlepast but as willie said
someone who can put agirdleround about the earth in
you had to grease thegirdlethis was done by putting
rubbing it on as thegirdlestood over the fire so
kirtle glorious see ma gemstanegirdleaa o the yin ay
in your hand to thegirdlethere you laid it on

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