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wis used tae gither knottgirsea weed that wis dominant
o three inch squares knottgirsecame tae the tap an
stubble antrin occasional flooer flowergirsegrass baess cattle strent strength
an antrin flooer you makgirsegrow fur baess an coarn
a hand tae gither knottgirsegrun hid been made ready
ago sprayin kills the knottgirsenoo a days jonsar thocht
an caw awa the knottgirsethat hid been harraed the
a langer sleep the wyvingirseabeen maternity joan x and
in yon divits o wyvingirsean wanderin willie an the
der heids aert bark taegirseeye bricht i poo some
doon the braes o wyvingirsethey wad bigg an underpass
they aert bark tormentil taegirsethyme poo pull geng go
onywye ey re amon egirsean e flooers an e
heich yalla tansies amon egirsejist a richt pest ye
a smaa bairn lyin amongirsema heid rale close till
o cattle lyin amon egirseo e roadside chaain eir
blind bumlick is a pebblegirseis grass mowdie is a
door the gairden s minimalgirseivy trees deliberately a soss
peintit gray yowes graze thegirsenear tae the been their
ponchos raindraps dreep throw weetygirsethe broon dubs seep yet
green an black wi dubbygirsei hae tae rub ma
eck worked awa cuttin thegirsehis mind began tae wander
ae day cuttin a wifiesgirsejonsar wis retired noo an
e beas hid croppit egirserale short an it hidna
the mochy dreichness o wintergirseweirs a frost straichtjaiket in
doon sic clorty dubs angirseis aa ye eat the
sortin e palin gaitherin knotgirsean openin dreels for tatties
s as muckle moss asgirsean fin e widder s
wi haunfus o roch drygirsean moss bit anely spreid
teet intill e world ogirsean yird an beasties for
oot affa sinny an brawgirsein the countryside burned broon
skiffins o sna the drygirsethe colour o torn broon
the dyke that keeps thegirsefae the kailyaird plot the
obstruction fither a clump ogirseor a lang steen dyke
there s naethin there bitgirsean tatties an fyles the
e harra faar corn angirsetatties an neeps grew an
on e heids o egirsean e grun wis fine
you say grass we saygirseyou say church we say
e wheat grew an egirsenott aitin an ye couldna
in a neuk o thegirsewis the preints o benjy
shade is sweet the verragirsecries gandhi the chiel fa
thick an sweet wi simmergirsein the sheughs the wild
shaavin machine tae get eezgirseseed in him an me
buits hid trampled the simmergirsetae smush east o the
an nae growth in egirsenorthies wis doon offerin some
tried e horse on egirseaa nicht e mrs an
horse fattened on a greengirseeence in edinburgh we got
horse that deed wi thegirsesickness nae an him wi
buttercups an e stalkies agirsean sedge an on e
a pickie o better likegirseat e ither side o
baith emsels an e newgirseat wis tae folla hiv
o e park o aalgirsein front o e hoose
on pickin a hummocky ogirseon a bank in e
aawye an ere wis naegirseor greenery left in e
door an ere on egirsewis a grey cat an
some hidin game in agirsepark an a bee got
in the mids o thegirsepark jock dow the grieve
wi buddin saplins an sprootingirsefor the quarry hid lain
as lawful dues fur thegirsetheir beasts hid etten quite
awa back an cut mairgirseas jonsar eck worked awa
sea wis blue an thegirsewis green jist as she
drain he lowps ben thegirselike a rin awa train
hungry we re tired ogirsemiller an far wis you
wis warm an sunsheeny thegirsesae fresh it could hae
oot the last box ogirsehe coodnae help bit laugh
perfit raing o ill colouritgirseriven posters a perfect circle
armour and sattled on thegirselike polished mahogany rose hips
entitled chance encounter spanner ingirsedyeuk s weet flipper skelped

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