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team the range of expertisegivesa clear indication of the
to recite it but itgivesa powerful indication of the
late seventeenth century source andgivesno indication of the evolution
before but again hopefully itgivesyou an indication of the
moving but i hope itgivesyou an indication of where
her he gives her hegivesher erm someone gives to
her she gives her hegivesher he gives her erm
sh- he gives her shegivesher he gives her he
gives it to pompitie whogivesher his two pennies tea
does she f1104: yeah hegivesher sh- he gives her
he gives her sh- hegivesher she gives her he
tea from her caddy andgivesit to pompitie who gives
he gives her erm someonegivesto lila erm erm carrots
us gives us faith itgivesus certain values so that
put the word inside usgivesus faith it gives us
through a strategic framework whichgivespriority to those routes which
through a strategic framework whichgivespriority to those routes which
the priority need test itgivesscottish ministers the power to
in the priority that itgivesto individual recommendations it seeks
scottish executive what priority itgivesto the safety and security
scottish executive what priority itgivesto the teaching of swimming
green leaf at this pompitiegivesa great leap of excitement
maitter o confidence see hegivesa short demonstration pompitie it
aboot oniewhaur hae ye pompitiegivesa start and tries to
leaf from his pocket andgivesit to pompitie hyuh pompitie
hen wyfe the hen wyfegivespompitie a hen feather and
drawins at the toll hegivespompitie two pennies and a
still thinks that the wordinggivesrise to concern as to
from organisation to organisation whatgivesrise to concern is the
i can understand that thatgivesrise to confusion we will
saddlery clothes and entertainment whichgivesrise to indirect employment induced
narrative on the back itgivesrise to the debate itself
being undertaken by his departmentgivesan opportunity to review not
away ms curran that questiongivesme a pleasurable opportunity to
asking that question because itgivesme an opportunity to clarify
that day helen eadie thatgivesme the opportunity to congratulate
welcome the debate as itgivesme the opportunity to raise
and believes that the initiativegivespeople the opportunity to improve
scottish archaeology month 2001 whichgivespeople the opportunity to visit
the very least the initiativegivesthe scottish executive an opportunity
into the primary school curriculumgivesthe teacher the opportunity to
the report particularly because itgivesus an opportunity to debate
has reduced however the billgivesus an opportunity to encourage
committees do not cover thatgivesus an opportunity to examine
an unaffordable price the billgivesus an opportunity to say
as geordie sits down hegivesandy a dig with his
not answering again works shegivesandy stewed apples and creamola
takes andy s haipny andgiveshim the note book without
she picks it up andgivesit to andy and the
the newly christened thing andgivesit to andy who goes
is like a poker shegivesthe magic signal and andy
man wasn t looking andygivesup the chase and thinks
note is the provision thatgivesministers the power to undertake
to make regulations subsection 3givesscottish ministers the power to
amendment 11 the amendment alsogivesthe scottish ministers power to
eighteenth century broadsheet overtones whatgivesthem power is the fact
leader on february 7th 1941givesa good idea of the
summer time 5 saturday welshgivesme idea of money to
learned best at school whichgivesmembers some idea of what
was expecting me this justgivesyou an idea of the
london founded in 1932 whichgivesyou an idea of what
with the pressures on staffgivesme cause for concern another
that is the point thatgivesme such concern stage 2
per cent in each categorygivesus a blunt instrument i
i think curriculum for excellencegivesus a chance to look
brief passage from pantagruel urquhartgivesus a clue about where
another brief passage from pantagruelgivesus a clue in this
would pay 100 that reportgivesus a full breakdown of
matters is valuable as itgivesus an insight into the
as part of the ukgivesus clout in fact we
into god s word thatgivesus faith energy to put
a major player in europegivesus influence way beyond any
gulf stream which is whatgivesus our warmer sea temperatures
gaelic m1007: yes m1055: whichgivesus the breeks of course
in his speech that devolutiongivesus the right to decide
our teaching went wrong itgivesus the source of the
on section 5 3 whichgivesministers powers to add or
issues later the bill alsogivespowers to ministers to make
and an old wire fencegivesaccess to cairnryan railway progress
of age card and itgivesaccess to discounts information and
process designation under section 44givesthe institution access to shefc
precise use of language itgivesyoung people access to vicarious
openness granny pause then shegivesa little bitter laugh fat
over the guts barrel teeniegivesa little gasp and hurries
the loon again angelica relievedgivesa little laugh she would
are you all right shegivesa little smile and a
rent in her shirt shegivesa little snort and her
understand it the quiet shegivesanother little sob i was
son ringan approaches and shegiveshim a little pat he
then he says and hegivesme a little hug with
m still his princess hegivesme a little squeeze and
weill said ma lassie hegivesanother great leap lat it
another mug of tea shegivesit to bessie who doesn
turns towards his mother andgivesme another dig with his
me on his shoulder andgivesme another of those hugs
i can take another weekgivesme o k to go
grammatical form vocabulary item etcgivesway to another the mechanism
takes with one hand andgivesback something with the other
paper cups or glasses peggygiveshim a hand around the
s own views the governorgivesme a free hand in
too free a hand hegivesme for i take all
hand column of the figuregivesthe total scores for all
him on his aventure shegiveshim gude hope one of
scotland the can cycle projectgiveslife hope and a sense
2003 i hope that thatgivesthe assurance wanted by des
now i hope your arthritisgivesyou some ease it is
that f1111: who f1112: [?]fizz[/?]givesme that f1111: does she
i get a real waitressgivesme that f1111: what f1112:
you get f1112: no [?]fizz[/?]givesme that f1111: who f1112:
what one f1111: [laugh] shegivesyou a scare f1112: [laugh]
was agreeing with me hegivesa resounding belch i love
daddy i like squealing hegivesme a beardie and i
me into the kitchen andgivesme a glass of water
contributors in this debate itgivesme a great deal of
and criticism this week itgivesme a sense of purpose
copy of anyone he alsogivesme a sharp blow in
thanks i canna tak beergivesme affa wind and frank
good week 7 monday docgivesme all clear i spend
instruction our control freakish chairmangivesme every year is don
the door ooh that stillgivesme goose bumps in retrospect
be finished next week whichgivesme july to polish off
north east scotland snp itgivesme no pleasure to speak
mr sheridan tommy sheridan itgivesme pleasure to support what
in the kitchen it allgivesme something to do while
a smell like that mummygivesme the biscuit and i
mastermind which for three roublesgivesme the freedom of moscow
into the sitting room andgivesme the juice then she
me ultimate sa- actually whatgivesme the ultimate satisfaction is
do something accidentally the billgivesa clear and explicit defence
than any previous guidance andgivesa clear list of resources
her a hankie and shegivesa tiny wipe of her
in her identified reviews whichgivesencouragement to women of her
ye micht be surprised hegivesher a huge lascivious wink
s never mentioned that lorettagivesher a knowing nod weel
s a ye hae neilgivesher a look which she
dear irena serghyeevna ma congratulationsgivesher a vigorous and prolonged
her on the shoulder andgivesher a warm smile she
immobilised doc says bed hardgivesher tablets 21 saturday work
i put that back sadiegivesher the knife carolanne exits
developed primarily by men whichgivesher work its continuing freshness
her arms round him andgiveshim a kiss angelica oh
out of her bag andgivesit to him she takes
very pleased with her butgivesstrict orders re no lifts
suicide across the passage shegivesup her turn in a
the strength of her messagegivesvalidation to an imagistic approach
on the report the reportgivesa snapshot of the voluntary
strengthens our relationship crucially itgivesthe voluntary sector a place
the total funding that itgivesto the voluntary sector surely
any instructions or guidelines itgivesto voluntary or co opted
it should alliterate and hegivesan example from the flyting
mass of people the sndgivesan example of this use
constantly repeat across generations shegivesthe example of labov s
numerical values to each hegivesthe example of the vowel
the world heritage information kitgivesfurther details on world heritage
now every seed the messagegivesthe world s not owned
part o the boxing worldgivesyi freedom pause oot there
cited as scots merchandise whichgivesa rare early view of
monica jaeger which he believesgivesburns also the identity of
of the lines which thusgivesform to his incredulity and
which extensively supplemented aasen jakobsengiveshelorar as meaning confusion partly
definition from around 1700 whichgivesit as no more than
story of young love whichgivesloch na sanais its name
the owner of the doggivesnotice to the court which
development of the strategy whichgivesproper recognition for victims of
loss of rrs discovery whichgivesthe city of dundee its
is this spectacular decline whichgivesthe settlement its fascination the
phrases m1055: mmhm m1008: whichgivestheir erm i don t
years old kidding on shegivesa damn things quieten down
as usually happens she alwaysgivesa pert answer or a
all too familiar routine shegivesa two finger sign to
t anither thocht pause shegivesherself a metaphorical shake and
and she scratches about andgiveshim biscuits when he isn
arms even tighter she nevergivesin sorry i mumble but
a natural tone and shegivesno sign of having been
pay any attention georgie shegivesthe audience a quizzical look
on cabx and that itgivescabx the support that they
asks that the scottish executivegivesits full support supported by
economic advancement of the areagivesits support to the campaign
2001 census that the parliamentgivesits support to the demands
national trust st kilda websitegivesfurther information as to how
by region and table 5givesinformation about levels of experience
toll man the toll mangiveshim a green leaf the
and returns to thomas andgiveshim the award and shakes
jim nae bother ava dodgiveshim the red strung parcel
him in his own wordsgivesthat feeling of satisfaction felt
[laugh] f641: [laugh] m642: whogivesa shit about jimmy i
and b the person whogivesit is of a category
who cares agnes gets upgivesmaggie s arm a squeeze
and kanga with a flannelgivespiglet a scrub who s
after 1 insert and whogivesthat permission with the intention
after 1 insert and whogivesthat permission with the intention
clearer more concise way thatgivesa sufficient detail to teachers
a mighty wind yet nevergivesway he always refrained from
ago when ministerial double talkgivesway to positive enthusiastic action
along the shore the turfgivesway to whins overgrowing a
kick wi thir feet hegivesa demonstration kick ah coud
health watch this lowp hegivesa demonstration leap morag sighing
maybe you re richt hegivesa huge sigh then pulls
can a no lowp hegivesa vigorous leap and exit
of cromar in 1971 hegivescaul for cold fa wha
i was brocht up hegiveshis mother a good hard
ma dod for ma hegivesmuriel his most winning smile
he opens the door andgivesthe pendlum a nice wee
and the shared interface designgivesa common look and feel
such flexibility is desirable itgivescommittee members time to look
stand and look over itgivesone a grand view for
skills at an early agegivesvarious routes for entry into
the same source and simplygivesyou a prose translation into
interesting cause it leads itgivesyou insights into character and
the steel bonnets london 1971givesgood background while james reed
s good but so thatgivesradio ramadhan competition during the
back to the others andgivesthem a grin loretta good
english language and also hopefullygivesyou the the feeling that
over their appearance the governessgivesout embroidery instructs them to
or third language but itgivesthem a sensitivity to how
a year mr mcmahon thatgivesthem a year to get
need the confidence that thatgivesthem i have a prepared
links with schools so itgivesthem meaningful context for the
crayon from the satchel andgivesthem to moula moula writes
body protection wipes them downgivesthem water fits their gum
sail to france their governessgivesthem work but they go
6 million scottish executive 2002givesan estimate of 5 131
not exclusive because it stillgivesdiscretion to the judges we
lumphanan the rev francis donaldgivesa sample of the local
whisper in fact local pronunciationgivesaway the name as loch
not done that section 10givesnotice to local authorities of
scottish executive what guidance itgivesto local authorities and nhs
what instructions or guidance itgivesto local authorities on placing
scottish executive what encouragement itgivesto local authorities to follow
what to see although itgivesdetails of 200 other sites
yi stew goes to stevegivessteve a hug dimps what
their story the class thengivessuggestions about what might happen
scottish executive what weight itgivesto cumulative effects of multiple
scottish executive what weight itgivesto the need to police
scots language is concerned macafeegivesthe following prognosis it seems
scottish youth parliament this notegivesa brief outline of the
glengairn the rev george browngivesa clearer picture of the
sales are abolished amendment 4givesa date of 1 april
within weeks of the killinggivesa detailed account of bruce
selective i think that thisgivesa fair flavour i do
council research paper 01 20givesa general introduction to sea
tables or examination performance resultsgivesa more detailed assessment of
lead a very poor familygivesa poor start in life
professionalism recommends that the executivegivesa substantive reply to all
the teacher shrugged no onegivesa thought to that they
a break in the overgrowthgivesa view of the rhins
of a story but itgivesa vivid picture of a
bides in e midden thatgivesa wee hint of the
at the savile club rlsgivesa whimsical but revealing description
show a comparatively short piergivesan adequate depth of water
in the game a teamgivesanswers in turn for an
worn away a granite skeletongivesbirth to bones red leaves
rehearsal poor 13 thursday docgivesdad a chemist shop to
half brother half sister tessgivesdella a drink of the
renders the hero apparently vulnerablegiveseverybody a quality wince but
it possibly has and thatgivesf963: mm mmhm m762: a
a book like that certainlygivesfood for thought rowland indeed
imperial war museum photograph h40128givesone of a trio of
seaweed du you familiar giesgivestae ta to swap a
a whimper oh please gordongivesthe flowers to agnes gordon
the tragedy of slavery andgivesthe people back a celebratory
makes you sneeze and itgivesyou a dry throat as
of f963: yes yeah itgivesyou a more natural reaction
tells you the answer itgivesyou a question on the
a word for rabelais cotgravegivesyou kind of three possible
[?]or what[/?] why f1093: so itgivesyour bed a chance to
convener the minister s lettergivesthe executive s reasons for
and are probably decreasing thatgivesthe lie to the executive
the thought that the redeemergiveshimself for his people that
too i wonder why itgivesimmediacy baldy says but at
creating an unnecessary section thatgivesit huge powers in relation
aesthetic and moral growth itgivesstudents knowledge of their cultural
things the confidence that itgivesto customers when they seek
humanities cause it s itgivesyou handy skills f1150: yeah
is laid out the materialgivesan underlying message to young
debt in scotland last yeargivesbacking to the cab services
annul the instrument the legislationgivescertain companies the authority to
standard grade and higher historygivesdue prominence to scottish figures
punctuation etc the grammar gridgivesguidance as to the level
area of the europa websitegiveslinks only to the department
act 1970 the birds directivegivesspecial protection to fish eating
german translation however boslit nowgivesthat distinction to green grow
pragmatically we will do whatevergivesthe best safeguards to members
s1m 1556 leave out fromgivesto end and insert represents
to run himself but soongivesup the attempt ah wad
state pension the state pensiongivessingle people 75 50 and
think that paragraph 3 15givesan accurate picture of the
their state pensions this countrygivesonly 4 3 per cent
poured petrol on the firegivesan immensely hardline definition of
following stanza from caller herringivesan impression of the appearance
bring the papers maggie maggiegivescarolanne the papers of course
group heal sele reced fletgivesevidence of clustering the occurrences
the reulis and cautelis simplygivesexamples of types of verse
of the care plan thatgivessomeone the free personal care
13 of the amsterdam treatygivesthe european union the capacity
like writing essays in historygivesyou kind of critical tools
the impression dorothy grace eldergivesthat somehow the bill has
published in june 2001 andgivesadvice on best practice concerning
that is loch ryan ptolemygivesno details about rerigonium but
the infrastructure bonus that superjanetgivesaberdeen elaine thomson i cannot
offices in urban deprived areasgivesfurther useful background including the
in circumstances where the accusedgivesno or inadequate instructions or

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