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a loon bessie oh ayegladysan he mairried mary farquhar
was her mairried name againgladysannoyed i ve nae idea
was mairried tae andy farquhargladysaye bessie she s deid
was her mairried name againgladysfarquhar was her mairried name
wi him to annoy alecgladysi thocht mary mairried andy
speakin aboot bessie impatiently ayegladysan she s deid bessie
gets the 1 20 fromgladysand conveys it to bessie
aye bessie she s deidgladysaye bessie i never kent
were being affa hard ongladysbessie she likes to hae
street i d nae ideagladysbessie was oot like a
you wanted bessie nescafé ayegladysbut granules you said last
bessie bessie just nods quietlygladyscan be trusted to get
i saw in the papergladysfa bessie mary farquhar she
fit div i owe yegladysfit bessie for the messages
spiled that whale day gladysgladysfit bessie that day on
ye pain bessie a bittiegladysfit did the doctor say
rosehearty i think it wasgladysfit wis bessie the bannerman
she was deid bessie fagladysfurious mary farquhar bessie i
you spiled that whale daygladysgladys fit bessie that day
something bessie i ll managegladysgot at fit is t
bessie oh pooder or granulesgladysgranules bessie oh gladys is
in my flat bessie andgladyshave been organising me all
they had mustard in themgladysi canna stand mustard bessie
half the aul wordies herselgladysi div bessie she s
settle doon tae something eventuallygladysi hope so bessie ye
deid bessie i tellt yegladysi never realised you meant
bessie who stores it awaygladysi ve got a 2p
tears next door tae megladysirrepressible abody ran tae bessie
granules gladys granules bessie ohgladysis that a richt bessie
wisna reed it was crimsongladysit was reed bessie louder
tights peggy all right bessiegladyskens the eens i like
aboot it till this minutegladyslisten bessie you re gettin
peggy wearily it doesna saygladysmandarin bessie nae raspberry gladys
bannerman her that s deidgladysmary farquhar bessie aye bannerman
nae a duncan bessie fagladysmary farquhar bessie irritated i
bessie that s feel atgladysmaybe but it s fit
ve nae milk bessie didgladysnae get ony gladys defensively
bessie maybe i ll seegladysneil will gi e us
fit kin did ye getgladysnescafé bessie oh pooder or
gladys mandarin bessie nae raspberrygladysno because the seeds get
dinna ken fit she meansgladysoh bessie you are so
boot in the street bessiegladysoh me aul boot at
wi video shops bessie attackinggladyson another tack ye ve
bessie unable to resist keepinggladyson the right track it
at bessie peggy of coursegladysoooh i m forgetting this
tae ging oot wi chrissiegladysoor chrissie bessie aye she
far div the cars ginggladysroon the back bessie there
relationship that allows physical comfortinggladysroughly dinna greet noo bessie
bessie delighted to have annoyedgladyssorry cairry on gladys a
aged 20 dialect bessie andgladysspeak broad aberdeen employing the
back bessie instantly 1 22gladysthere s a pound i
in bessie we ll seegladysthink aboot it loretta would
bessie muttering weel i dinnagladysto loretta quietly she aye
three folk oot bessie fourgladysweel aye but een was
roon the back o schoolhillgladysweel there is noo bessie
ain wye bessie i dinnagladysye div bessie i dinna
ye div bessie i dinnagladysye div peggy noo dinna
bessie bravely it ll deegladysye said that s fit
bessie aye i think sogladysyou ll need tae tak
bessie i m a richtgladysyou re nae looking great
oor day bessie bessie fitgladysyoung neil and kate they
ken that d ye mingladysafore the war when we
though i min it weelgladysd ye min your ma
on fire an a mingladysfurious that her story has
min athing fae lang agogladysgets muddled but i can
was reed i min finegladysgetting irritable it was green
we went there once mingladysgladys i dinna think i
just dumpling d ye mingladysgladys oh mercy aye clootie
backie was a grass thengladysi dinna min that it
went there once min gladysgladysi dinna think i was
his folk had a fairmgladysi min her is that
but i can min everythinggladysmiffed an old grudge oh
dumpling d ye min gladysgladysoh mercy aye clootie dumpling
for cleaning wir nibs mingladysrare wee things they were
min tae get me somegladysreacting with irritation aye i
is well pleased with herselfgladysthe day efter min nae
i meant the first wargladysyou canna min at you
annoyed gladys sorry cairry ongladysa fire had broken oot
ve to settle up wigladysafore she leaves gladys that
like this then auntie gladysgladysaye they were she picks
nobody moves peggy go ongladysbla oot the candles gladys
did gladys nae get onygladysdefensively i never gets ye
which she passes to gladysgladysgetting into her bag what
aye like this then auntiegladysgladys aye they were she
note which she passes togladysgladys getting into her bag
pocket and hands it togladysgladys michty me fit s
out mugs to loretta andgladyskeeping the third herself gladys
gladys bla oot the candlesgladysme it s your cake
and hands it to gladysgladysmichty me fit s gan
gladys keeping the third herselfgladysthat s handy he must
wi gladys afore she leavesgladysthat s me gettin my
never had a reed frockgladysi did it had a
aye wore a reed ribbongladyssnapping only wi a reed
fa you re speakin abootgladysaye ye div mary farquhar
grove wi the twa lassiesgladysnae andy farquhar s wife
she s needin onything hasgladysbeen ower loretta nae that
was ready to strangle himgladysg wa loretta i was
the sun loretta i kengladyshoo s your man neil
are you sure tea lorettagladysloretta just a quick cup
ye ken fit men aregladysmichty aye loretta he was
feet loretta the toon busygladysnae bad a richt steer
backwards followed by a twitteringgladyspeggy sits down by loretta
off again loretta so sogladyssympathetically oh is he aye
song is finished some singgladysand some sing peggy then
start getting things ready beforegladysarrives peggy at s the
but little volume peggy andgladyseach thinking the song is
it in their own waysgladysfeels obscurely angry peggy feels
laughter peggy happy 80th birthdaygladyshere she fishes a small
peggy it s a richtgladysi ll get onything else
your class peggy peggy alicegladysi think so peggy mary
rubble peggy she s determinedgladysisn t she jist a
peggy ye can tell megladysknowing she s beaten i
that peggy fit is itgladyslook at it an i
maybe ging an bide wigladyspeggy there d be murder
to bide for my sakegladysto peggy she taks richt
weel you div forget thingsgladysyou have to admit it
direction of neil s windowgladysa little merry by this
the hoose silence neil andgladysare still facing each other
faced neil i m sorrygladysgenuinely friendly now that she
seems happy enough wi neilgladyshas the doctor been the
neil you could get painkillersgladysi dinna like takin peels
sits in neil s chairgladysi micht as weel tak
see him and tell himgladysmaybe neil exasperated maybe i
give you what you needgladysnot meaning it aye neil
you ever asked for themgladysshocked no neil getting aggressive
for tea they have gonegladyssits in neil s chair
candles before they burn awaygladystwo candles neil one each
well will you do itgladyswe ll see neil don
chair neil kettle s ongladyswill coming soon will she
two candles neil one eachgladyswith a great deal of
a the help i needgladysfit if you fa gettin
pause look at ma andgladysfit were they brocht up
did a lot o thatgladyslips pursed that s fit
of chairs he has arrangedgladysloudly fit like are ye
a spot on her clothesgladysoh look fit i ve
were bla in it ootgladysthat s fit it is
work better than brown papergladystriumphantly then fit wye did
have ye seen the doctorgladysach no i canna be
see you through the nightgladysi canna tell the doctor
i canna be ower langgladysoh tea aye that would
stubborn look you canna expectgladysto come ower every day
re like bairns stop itgladysye canna ha e a
canna be affa auld eithergladysyou just tellt me she
the rest o your lifegladysi dinna think ony o
bills this anes a yoursgladysthe girls dinna like it
have never heard o themgladyswords tae they dinna ken
a road like that awagladysgetting angry they have i
blotting paper would be goodgladysgetting even more stubborn and
when alistair was a loongladysna he used tae tak
roll instead its more absorbentgladysna na we aye used
i ll get it againgladysna na ye ve got
na it s perfectly respectablegladysoutraged respectable a young lassie
oot george street tae woodsidegladysstill in a temper weel
something about it easily enoughgladysweel he s never offered
shears there she points againgladysweel i never cut ony
hoose but pooder wi nescafégladysweel ye never said that
it s the same stuffgladysaye but it s nae
nae taste these days onywyegladysbeaten i ve got athing
he s nae really interestedgladysdid he gi e ye
video you promised weeks agogladysit s nae in yet
doon the toon the morngladysmercy me no nae again
they keep themselves tae themselvesgladysnae word o them gettin
not just in the languagegladysoh changes ye ve nae
ll ging an get itgladyssit doon there s nae
fine i m nae desperategladysthen fighting back one point
a road tae get tulltgladysthere s nae they built
get onything else in aberdeengladysthey say there s nae
let you off wi 2pgladysi d never hear the
on a day like thisgladysi ken but ye never
did ye get me fruitgladysi never got you ony
street i never kent thatgladyslook at it number 18
ye never hear aboot itgladysnumber 18 up the road
victory that s a richtgladysa last tiny stroke an
een we re speakin abootgladyshe was a richt wee
keep my skin covered upgladysafore the war you aye
i gave ye 10 alreadygladysaye i ken that s
i only gave you 10gladysaye it was mair than
because they buy huge quantitiesgladysaye so they sae but
maun aye be the samegladysdetermined to hold her one
s nescafé it s nescafégladysdoggedly aye but they dae
back been troublin ye againgladysnoo an again aye specially
it we aye did thatgladysoh aye i hinna deen
her folk were aye complaininggladysthe work had to be
s aye there i thinkgladysyou re startin tae fancy
noo can it briskly thengladysis ower maist days wi
ain solution sae are yougladysyou two have spirit noo
gan oot o the sungladysit s been fine though
went oot in the bingladysit was their ain brand
two when it broke ootgladysmuttering i thocht you meant
me oot in a rashgladysmuttering not quite daring another
you tae look at megladysshe got three folk oot
pushed oot by the ilegladysstill he s fixed up
see how you get ongladysexasperated oh in the name
me the name o tgladysshe s jist newly got
it s a thocht ehgladysdelighted she turns back och
best at baith o thatgladyshadna the patience she still
that hoose she wanted thoughgladysher hert was set on
ll get your handbag exitgladysisn t she 60 next
meant tae say to yougladysshe couldna ve been affa
or three years atween themgladysshe d an aulder sister
bide wi her pointing atgladysshe d hae me wakened
for a home it sgladysshe gets affa muddled sometimes
voice to call after himgladysshe hasn t told her
there is a scream fromgladysshe is rubbing in anguish
doon on my kitchen tablegladysto the others she kent
achievement so raising her glassgladysthey toast again but i
in the morning lang aforegladysis here to get her
chops wherever they come fromgladysye ll need to get
i ll see ye thengladysgoes gathering her belongings about
the whale thing are yegladysgot two separate bills this
no ye re daein finegladysit s a fecht some
s two days after yoursgladyswere ye thinkin o daein
meal i couldna manage nooadaysgladysye shouldna let it pass
aboot walkin through a windowgladyshe did that window there
did it for ma angladyswill sulk for a month
tellin me a aboot itgladyswearily that s a different
to stand up for yourselfgladysoh i can dae that
has exercised her power overgladysand is well pleased with
on her ain in itgladyshas been ower a day
livingstone née wilson aged 84gladyssmith née wilson her sister
control of her story onywyegladyssubsides under her gaze joey
re haein a party forgladyss eightieth birthday you ll
and i ll take itgladysthere s plenty in the
studying to ging tae collegegladysi thocht he d been
you didn t have anygladysscornfully we d plenty o
besides it was a saturdaygladysso it was i d
i ve achieved so fargladyshave it your ain wye
more of myself than thatgladysnastily you ve not been
you he does an auntiegladysaccent and voice you re
you re entitled to somethinggladysbridling what has it got
he hasn t been listeninggladyswe re having a wee
they spile a perfect arrangementgladysyou re a romantic i
it s jist me entergladysa lively bustling 80 year
unnerstannin the doric tongue angladysthomson o inverurie tells me
in wi a bad crowdgladyshe liked his drink ana
sodger i can deal wigladysnods to the others to
ha e affa thin bleedgladysthere s naething wrang wi
ti bide in the grovegladyswi the twa wee quinies
their two boys graham mgladysalastair m molly their son
have you seen ma yetgladysstill unsettled by the encounter
far it got him naewyegladysthe money must have come
then are you ootside entergladysalso laden with bags and
keep busy for a momentgladysoff far s abody then
mildly take your coat affgladysin a minutie just let
made you keep your pleatgladysit was a green ribbon
does happen when you andgladysare speakin tae each other
they just share a flatgladysdarkly there s mair tae
doesna seem tae care onywyegladysthey just seem to drift
was miserable the whale timegladysit wisna fine for you
prescribing something to help yougladysnot keen on the way
been better than brown papergladysyou have to use brown
is at the front doorgladysi didna hear onything but
feet i m just cominggladysoff shouting no no it
been in marks and spencersgladysbut mair than that there
by ready to intervene whengladysgets it wrong they said
second and even mair importantgladyshas made it a the
else for t is theregladysit s a peety he
folk withoot gettin soakin weetgladysit was gey draughty though
kitchen roll would be bettergladysstubbornly it has to be
allow them to do thatgladyswell it doesna taste the
it doesn t make sensegladyswith a touch of real
up that s clever togladyshey use kitchen roll instead
quiet authority ten past elevengladyswe were in the shelters
their guns on their shoothersgladysfalling into a trap with
takes hold of the handlesgladysjumps up and stands by
green braid roon the hemgladystriumphantly and a green ribbon
shelf fu o lemonade bottlesgladyshotly that wisna my fault
reverses in with the wheelchairgladyscomes clucking along in the

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