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bi luikin in a keekinglaissnae tae glower inno the
sat at the lang keekinglaisson the press aside her
an teet in the keekinglaissower the sideboord ye should
a well haudin its keekinglaissup tae the lift hae
tinkle tinkle the schule roomglaissbobbies at the door bi
o glaiss like a glaissesglaissit could a catchet e
aff a roonaboot bittie oglaisslike a glaisses glaiss it
tae teet throwe e frostedglaissan god what a fleg
the hoolet luikin fur someglaisstae smash flew intae a
the hoolet luikin fur someglaisstae smash flew intae a
pail wi pail an theglaissjoogs wi bits oi flooers
an e windaes hid naeglaisses wis faar e young
at e ither ere wisglaisswindaes aa roon s ye
quarry aa sheer green tintedglaissan steel an modernity heated
tae dive throwe e hardglaissfit a begeck ey ll
o bluidy fur ahin itsglaisseen maggots meeve an heeze
realism s best ahin aglaissnae face tae face they
ahin ye there in theglaissower yer left showder dye
wis releegious picters some ahinglaisssome in relief some in
are bocht wi flooers anglaisschess sets rich pastry an
eir quietus against e windaeglaissbit maistly i wis able
baith haans up haadin eirglaissor camera aa regimentet in
a bumbazement o steel anglaisscockin up on its hunkers
furlin ribbon o steel anglaissthat wis the route syne
hospital gairdens unner a muckleglaissreef like a giant bubble
fae a catapult intill eglaisse beak crackit intill e
cut flooer in a cleanedglaissinbye the lotus petals stert
licht at cam throwe eglaisspanel o e door bit
abeen thon a muckle stainedglaisswindae wi an angel on
sin an wi aa esglaissit s jist like a
o aipples sat on theglaisscoffee table brian drew up
trip this time wi aglaissjoog o watter an a
reversal serum watchin the oorglaissthat bare ran ava neist
shall sing gin i mglaisssyne i shall brakk the
o the fusky in theglaissbraid haun an lauchin ee
d aa tae hae aglaisso butter milk an boy
ma face tee till eglaissnose an cheek a flat
the derk side o theglaissmaist victims ken their killers
we d maybe hae aglaisso e richt stuff aifter
twa o them fur theglaissdoor tae the lounge wis
glentin in throw the pentedglaissin the kirk ower the
sea nae in concrete anglaissnae in the kintra neither
minnie shook her heid theglaisswis teem forbyes the kitchie
is sherp s a jaggyglaissdule swypes in wi the
o his name wioot hisglaisstae clink agint it wadnae

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