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obvious from even a cursoryglanceat the evidence that no
this information however a cursoryglanceat the figures suggests that
his feet without a backwardglanceat me through the glass
glen n ravine glence nglanceglent n glint gless n
n mud gledge n vglancesideways glent n gleam gless
sports car without a backwardglancetheir departure left a pall
glif v scare glisk nglancegloamin n dusk goave v
gled n kite glisk nglancegloamin n dusk goun n
gabbit a talkative glisk nglanceglister v glisten gloamin n
cast a rapid but directglanceat wedderburn and syne when
jewish customers she cast aglanceover the blue butterfly on
of their owners at firstglancenowadays these edifices resemble decaying
consumption is overwhelming a briefglanceat the evidence submitted to
pair well with the meltingglanceof more ethereal fire that
gangril man casts a wistfulglanceafter him pompitie to hen
might have had a quickglanceat if you ve done
one barely had time toglanceat them they included all
on christmas eve gin yeglanceat the sky ye micht
portrayed as a basilisk whoseglancecould be fatal but as
to respond to an enquiringglancei eh i m real
a wizard wheeze at firstglancenothing sinister he swore he
incompetent ms white at firstglancewhen i saw that the
than it seems at firstglancearound midday and the barcas
a piercing trill made herglanceup with a start two
jitters both sadie and carolanneglanceat agnes then at each
kent his glesses at aglancean asks the electrician are
the window to steal aglanceat his bundle the old
an i never had toglancedoon to ken he was
remember me did you everglancedown from your exalted spot

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