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friend to phoebus and hisglancinghoures shining haill sister scheine
here lyke they go offglancingback rodé shouts hoy ho
shuir an wryte nou rodéglancinground the garden fareweill trees
is the polis noted alecglancingaround anxiously mind yirsels ah
of her downstairs flat anxiouslyglancingbehind her to see if
clapped his hands laughed keptglancingshouted in fact the use
hands and laughed and keptglancingto create the same manic
aberkinnie s deserted high streetglancingat shop window displays which
the follow through the sunlightglancingthrough the slatted wooden pier
bonny young lass mrs boyterglancingat rowland me i really
sake lass later he saidglancingat the clock and pulling
gloved hand on his shoulderglancingback at her brothers towering
mine their minds for goldenglancingwords rows of words lie
thus far the lord presidentglancingalong the bench received a
continued to pour without onceglancingin margaret s direction she
movements but has only aglancingand neutral reference to the
a bad wee laddie andreyglancingthrough the papers awricht ah
and dark and blue eyesglancingat her as she sat
up the phone and dialsglancingat beth till it s
an authenticity to this firstglancingexperimentation as to whether er

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