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as gethert roun wi boyishgleean smirks an snickers they
ain bricht sperk sang wigleeces hommes sont tres belles
s eyes gleamed with malevolentgleeback to the scrap heap
were alowe wi a hellishgleegang furth my son wi
friends pounced on with mostgleei remember chuckling with them
fills the committee with suchgleethat if i was devious
account burns can wi uncommongleeimpart a usefu lesson to
pork slapping our knees ingleeknowing who we were until
wis rubbin his hands wigleehe kent be fit wis
minnie her een dauncin wigleeay bit thon wisna the
are eyes faa is fallgleeis a sport or entertainment
elections in scotland with greatgleewhich of us not as
care will quaeten doon theirgleeyet come what will to

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