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ae fit in grave inglesgaon this luvers day a
chitters in her sark inglesgaon this luvers day a
sign them yours foriver inglesgaon this luvers day blue
bear in an igloo inglesgaon this luvers day halflins
gray an gracefu butterflee inglesgaon this luvers day i
wins their wirds despatchin inglesgaon this luvers day on
st valentine a plug inglesgaon this luvers day sic
oxters beat the air oglesgaon this luvers day twa
threip o maitters flightie inglesgaon this luvers day watter
rearrange water parking squirrels inglesgasquirrels hae a hing in
fly cup frae stirlin taeglesgahe wis in patriotic mood
d nivir gone doon taeglesgaits dirt hus got intae
an adopted wean reared inglesgabi a douce professional couple
writin out of a aglesgathat s that s the
happy tae stot in taeglesgaor wherever tae meet her
he s a craw inglesgatoun bit the crow becomes
and why and where inglesgatoun it s whit an
are merr mingin than theglesgasewers jimmie s van left
silver moon a muin owerglesgas seen bit the wizard
at the holiday inn inglesgaon friday nicht as mair
tae adam s peak norglesganor tir nan og nor
the train fae thair taeglesgahow long must it take
an catch the bus forglesgaan see if we can
played his trannie gied aglesgakiss tae the jannie pit
clartit forbye wi graffiti likeglesgain a huff da tried
oor trip fae inversnoddy taeglesgathree days walk it wis
fae a run doon taeglesgait wisna auld syd s
upon an english stone inglesgait s a stane they
cless eh culture in inglesgas lost a lot o
hid bin lanesome raised inglesgasyne relocatit tae meikleburgh wi
een anither at langside nearglesgamary s airmy wis defeated
what ye were earnin inglesgaan ahm so proud ay
it mynt ye on theglesgafair fin the boddamers hanged
an dolphins an harley davidsonsglesgafur me leuch kieran tae
the same biled heid inglesgaembro fitty an dundee i
mous the passengers aa spakkglesgaor irish there war beasts
breid n jam punjab keeliesglesgahindis new delhis weirin wellies

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