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mens lives drawn by thegliffo daylicht faur abune the
ma frein pepper a richtgliffwi this ho ho ah
screwed up ticht agin thegliffan taen guid tent gaun
i wis gled whan thegliffo a torch showed twice
aff my torch caught thegliffo a white face in
his een an ai whitnagliffhe gat whan bi the
an thare she gat agliffwhan she saw hir twa
wind the servitor gat agliffwi this but profunditas hed
ti be waukent wi agliffwhan hiz dugs gied warnishin
athort the bey yatt lichtsgliffyallochie tassies plinkin evening across
puir vershinins haed a richtgliffthair haill houss nearly burnt
quick big rab taen agliffoot tae the watter an
it intil hir heid tigliffme hir latest ploy is
turn a man taen agliffat the size o his
we aw got an awfugliffricht eneuch but thare ye
mischancie mainner an in agliffhiz tung stak ti the
ye ye skunner whit agliffye gien me to irena
it fairlie gied me agliffthe nou whan ah saw
in front wis a weegliffo licht like a luminous
gawpin as he got agliffo the twa muckle black
s that a hid agliffat the teein aff times
him an he tuik aglifflowpin ti this feet he

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