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sheddae movin agin the sillerglinto the watter as a
sulks frowns smiles dimple andglinton faces hacked like rock
glence n glance glent nglintgless n glass glib gabbit
giant with a maliciously friendlyglintin his eye shouted down
throu the wuids the farawaglinto a lamp fine then
back till e close eglinto something catchet eez ee
white bark gies the onlyglinto pleesure ken the spidery
an then we treasure ivryglinto sun fur winter cauld
ye whiles discern a shininglinto windin earn here s
their rid breists an theglintaff their skin sae we
net ah can see theglinto a wee torch or
block oot a richt braidglinto e sky i min
a gun an frae theglinti got o him in
us we cuid see theglinto watter throu the trees

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