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rinnin thaw fitpreints in thegloaminfar hae ye gaen trystin
joseph farquharson fitpreints in thegloaminfitpreints in the sna meltit
waurna seen fitpreints in thegloaminlichtsome gaun awa may the
frae the laricks o scotiagloaminby huron brings the black
soun far laricks sweesh ingloamins hush at ilkie hill
bring a lichtness tae thegloamina thrill ye ll nae
on a beeriet king atgloamintime the rosebud dwined at
owre watterside mosses i thegloamina rest ay on the
owre watterside mosses i thegloamina rest ay on the
o bells fan is whengloaminis twilight toonlan is townland
wang wei 701 761 hielandgloaminmang the lanesum bens eftir
___ leet list dub puddlegloamintwilight ill gabbit ill mouthed
chi ca 700 14 hielandgloaminwang wei 701 761 15
lively glif fright glisk momentgloamindusk glower glare goave stare
n glance glister v glistengloaminn dusk glowerin v glaring
v scare glisk n glancegloaminn dusk goave v stare
n kite glisk n glancegloaminn dusk goun n gown
starts up the starlings departgloaminthe yalla puppies steikin dusk
swaw on swaw o thegloaminsea as it lowps ti
memories i the gloamin thegloaminhaps the ceitie waw the
701 762 memories i thegloaminthe gloamin haps the ceitie
740 14 memories i thegloaminli po 701 762 15
wad ye wanner in thegloaminwi a muckle ancient roman
the day in about thegloamintime wang jin cried gairdsman
maskin the last o thegloaminthe watter wis rinnin aff
drives ower hairstit lans thatgloamins peintit gray yowes graze
gray tears castle fraser atgloamintime the muckle trees in
soond o clokbees fills thegloaminair a fell thing wul
waukit roon an lichtit fingloaminfell saft an grey like
ever quickenin creeks as thegloaminfell upon the sacrit flet
eildritch tree jist as thegloamingied wye tae nicht an
i the foties i thegloaminthe flouers aff gied an
win free frae whan thegloamindounfaws again ye wul cum
didna win back or thegloaminma haunds war aw sair
derkenin mou o the warmgloaminwin like vulcan s bellas
throu the mukkil pines atgloaminbi a lown puil ah
throu glens or at thegloaminhe wan til a thick
flies late ti reist thegloamintrees ir thrang wi craws
s a fine time egloaminay fin i geed up
wadnae caimb her hair eftergloaminfin he wis at sea
the fey nicht fin thegloaminis glysterie lang as a
lug richt contintit fin egloaminwis comin doon an noticin
wis jist comin on taegloamini thocht little aboot it
an gang hoolie forrit thegloamingreys ay an day grows
the bannock o 5 atgloaminfa or efter derk noo
skraich even on in thegloamintaigi deer i the rain
the snaw in the gowdengloaminthe rain wes lyke sae
mait an drink ti thegloaminan they didna twyne or
his eirant an at thegloaminhe cam lyke the ithers
ruif it wes nou thegloaminan the burds wes reddies
the forenicht an causlain thegloaminstern wes skinklin in the
bi the onfaw o thegloaminthai wes weill awaw an
claw as frae the mistygloaminair they stepped frae ither
him dargin frae daw tillgloamingaed awa aerlie til his
that dreip doun in thegloamingin this is murnin ower
doun the speirit o thegloaminstaur i the mak o
fae stert o day tillgloamintremmlin fit ti brust whan
an earthly mate it sgloaminnoo sae a believe a
never taen tent o thegloaminah sat tipplin an a
hae bin resattled in agloaminhinneycaimb on doses o age
birn o dule o thegloamino ma lyfe haes flaen
the forelaund an i thegloamino the saicont dayset thay
o glaur doo o thegloaminthat flew alang the roads
e back gairden in egloaminhid been tryin tae quarry
wi cauld dew draps thegloaminfaws beglaumert wi the scent
d like tae spen somegloaminoors wi carrick men fishin
joy sun s at thegloaminsee a m gled an
at the dawin oor bygloaminthey sall pitifullie cour intil
teirant s airmie afore thegloaminan we re no graithed
the muin leims in thegloaminlift the breeze is that

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