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whisk tailed horses pull aglorybox a blood red maple
whisk tailed horses pull aglorybox a leaping flame rekindles
sic wondrous dark brouns velveteengloryo the colours metres beyond
scottish fame fareweel our ancientgloryfareweel even to the scottish
tidy coat rack and agloryhole cupboard set in at
in e passage aside egloryhole door though iv coorse
wis haalt oot o egloryhole e plastic wis holet
aathing though i used egloryhole for ma wine cellar
cam fae bit intill egloryhole it geed a plastic
peltin a hanfae intae thegloryhole itsel till ye d
studies aberdeen 1987 78 88gloryhole new writing scotland association
room wis the laft agloryhole o bits o cairpets
s in anaith an egloryhole s as fu as
ere a lang time agloryhole s nae a place
a kinna cheenge o agloryhole some stray eens geed
and spirits and to thegloryhole under the stairs it
fae e brodmel in egloryhole wis big ey hid
shuin wad be sharin thatgloryjuly 14th for the very
conflict instead of trumpeting theglorydays hunter s sculpture is
gloria mundi end of wordlygloryhunter refers to the collective
bein changed from glory togloryan that when someone encounters
talks about bein changed fromgloryto glory an that when
muckle mountains o braemar hergloryan her pouer june bi
be the pouer an thegloryforiver an iver an iver
sack in the name oglorythis is foo an army
fury preserve anger that noglorytook matters into its hands
the grain and fields demandingglorywill howl until they re
sea they ask for staticgloryfields needing angels keep yesterday
sin oot in it sgloryaffa het for the day
in a a it sglorymair an a bittie het
s crack winged seannachie oglorystories ii some stories are
judy garland s lips oldgloryhanging from every second wall
my eyes into its yellowgloryyellow filled my iris to
oor efter oot came auldgloryan jonsar got his photo
in a a it sgloryas jonsar an the wee
in a a it sgloryjonsar eck decided tae gang
children wouldn t understand m964: gloryf965: sorry sorry [laugh] [laugh]
was the prize just theglorywhich children wouldn t understand
in a a it sgloryricht bonny day noo at
everyone else there s nogloryin apathy peter adds i
under a hedge of morningglorydried black olives mixed with
monsters daughters not a morningglorywill have buds so unlike
in a a it sgloryfriday 19 temp 7 16
in a a it sglorytuesday 22nd temp 10 25
in a a it sgloryfine hairst day noo at
in a a it sgloryoch a richt fine day
in a a it sgloryricht fine is the day
in a a it sglorywither fer agley noo at
lift oor naipkins up taeglorywhen we fuck we re
given her sister too muchglorythrawn some micht say peggy
left him alone with hisglorydowpit doon at the back
come out in all itsgloryand the growing gow team
century 150 years after itsgloryso suddenly departed there were
cry small fireflies wing mygloryover task complete the curtains
so out it comes theglorythat was my fiona my
the beech tree in hergloryshelters birdies squirrels ants forkies
s pardon and all thegloryof heaven wt a single
which time the town sglorywas rapidly departing it was
state an kistit him wiglorynote john 1st earl of
the drawn blade and theglorycharge first off the mark

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