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slid dimpling with an amberglowlike praying monks we four
caught by the intense amberglowof her deep eyes she
light them at the fieryglowworms eyes to have my
satin baubles gleaming in theglowfrom the twinkling lights framed
wake up with a paleglowof static electricity your skin
them all with a greenglowi d arrange the fruit
he knocked harder a dimglowgrew behind the drawn curtains
as if returning the orangeglowof the peat i found
too with a rare rollingglowshe let her brow rest
down a slope water liliesglowlike butter lights deep in
ring wi its precious halyglowthe waddin ring a dyke
eyes have a dark metallicglowface is etched with the
the dark f1104: does itglowin the dark f1103: i
now the fire s redglowwas enough for her thoughts
gied the fields a rosyglowas hameward set we daunered
the leading edges of theglowooze blushed red silver sooty
their ominous glitter in theglowfrom the tiny sky light
it seemed to shimmer andglowmomentarily the rain she noticed
a window red with theglowof the fire can be
fire wi a dull reidglowthe toast sat in a
licht on just a reedglowfae the last o her
wi phosporus that gart itglowgreen an oorie like a
him he ll let itglowall of the other reindeers
him he ll let youglowyou ll say he glows
of hungry malice the fishyglowupon the putrid carcass of
going all night with theglowof life smoored under the
long way home a lastglowof sunset bathing dykes and

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