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fright glisk moment gloamin duskglowerglare goave stare gomeril fool
n gown gowd a goldglowerv glare gollop v gulp
swivelling their heads round toglowerat me while the rovin
crumbs and slime andy sglowerbecomes inward he picks up
an a frown is taeglowerf1054: that s a good-
burn high an antrin boglesglowerinbye an leaves gang tapsalteerie
a keekin glaiss nae taeglowerinno the face o the
sin e best windaes taeglowerat e birds ootside wi
in the breeze stane eaglesgloweratween the trees in washington
wi ne er a secondglowerbig or wee it didna
an geed ralph a firsumglowerwir needin sumeen t play
reist a chiel wi aeglowerhe cud birssle a hairt
a week bringing clouds toglowerover the high sierras like
course i drew him aglowerand let him ken that
her feet ai but yeirglowernithers me ye winna loue
the sou wi a langgloweran syne beguid ti mummil

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