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goin for [inaudible] f1144: igoinabroad they s- your pants
[laugh] m642: keep goin andgoinan goin and down i
keep goin and goin angoinand down i went clunk
[laugh] f641: [laugh] m642: keepgoinand goin an goin and
were goin the laddies weregoinaway tae the racin this
you on the back andgoinawright how s it goin
f646: so he wasn tgoinback if she s goin
goin back if she sgoinback there i m not
goin u1028: [inaudible] i mgoincar f951: you goin to
goin empty bedroom i mgoinclaire more money than you
while and then it wasgoineh [laugh] it was goin
[laugh] yes why she sgoinempty bedroom i m goin
m1048: right where are theygoinf1049: cause they re goin
[?]brush it[/?] f1103: where are yougoinf1104: i m goin to
ken f1140: no she isnagoinf1139: she s nae goin
na f1141: farr are yougoinf1142: are you goin the
s goin purrin she sgoinfor a sleep yeah and
s good f1143: but thengoinfor [inaudible] f1144: i goin
no f1104: we re naegoini m not goin out
you goin today i mgoinintae toon an i says
the the bottle he sgoinit he s goin to
goin awright how s itgoinm816: yeah m815: you know
th- this an i wasgoinno an he was goin
goin no an he wasgoinno no [inaudible] [laugh] this
a lot of what sgoinon go- goin on here
what s goin on go-goinon here ehm m741: is
nae goin i m notgoinout flying in that [censored: forename]
goin eh [laugh] it wasgoinplease ensure you speak slowly
her purr or she sgoinpurrin she s goin for
happened here was we weregointhe laddies were goin away
you goin f1142: are yougointhe same way as us
s goin it he sgointo catch the butterfly f1113:
we re hoping that sgointo goin to happen the
hoping that s goin togointo happen the we have
you goin f1104: i mgointo hide f1103: are ye
m goin car f951: yougointo that no you re
i said where are yougointoday i m goin intae
hello now where are yougoinu1028: [inaudible] i m goin
goin f1139: she s naegoinwas she at playgroup today
goin f1049: cause they regoinyou know how they went
the times yeah f810: peoplegoinaw do it do it
of sheep f810: she sgoinbe pulling lambs out o
it [laugh] f810: i mgoindad who re you foolin
f809: [inhale] f810: he wasgoinhe totally confused me there
[laugh] f810: the guy sgoinhundred f809: [cough] f810: pounds
f810: but i m notgoinmm f809: but i m
was f809: uh huh f810: goinoh it s through your
[laugh] f810: [inhale] i wasgointo say [laugh] f809: we
bit f810: [laugh] i wasgointo say let s not
gonna f810: where were yougointonight f809: ehm i don
[laugh] f810: and you regoinyeah i know [laugh] [inaudible]
f1117: now what are wegoinaway to do f1118: i-
[inaudible] f1117: the sweets aregoininto the party bags f1118:
[child noises] f1117: eh farr wegoininto the toy room farr
shorts and t shirts forgoinon holiday f1118: yes f1117:
for f1117: this is forgoinoot to the bairnies at
[censored: forename] f1118: yes f1117: isgointo be in your class
my class f1117: there sgointo be lots of girls
okay here f1117: now yougointo count them aa count
f1118: mm f1117: are wegointo go and get wir
she f1118: yes f1117: yougointo put some shoes onto
f1117: tidy up i wasgointo see which one s
f1118: yes f1117: are yougointo sing to her as
see f1117: is this onegointo work that s better
happen no again i mgoinagnes me an gordon first
it do it i mgoinaw i did it already
erm m642: and i mgoinaw why m608: thanks m642:
[inaudible] there f1101: i mgoinawa hame to hae a
on my hand i mgoinawa to my work i
to p- paint i mgoinaway i m gaun away
paint paint paint i mgoinaway to p- paint i
that right f1142: i mgoinaway to paint all day
sayin i i m nogoinback i am not going
back there i m notgoinback so that was that
tell f832: yeah i mgoindown to see my mum
[censored: forename] f832: i m justgoindown to stoke on trent
and that and i mgoinf643: [laugh] m608: [laugh] m642:
[laugh] m642: and i mgoinfuckin [inaudible] f643: [laugh] m608:
guilty cause i m totallygoingo karting and it s
i m i m standingoinhey f1041: aye m1042: hey
would say where are yougoini m just going to
would just say i mgoini wouldnae say i m
wi your dollies i mgoinin here move f1142: quite
[panting] [panting] mum i mgoinin the back this time
in the front i mgoinin the front f1101: okay
belt on f1102: i mgoinin the front i m
clean it and i mgoinjust f809: who s they
that to them i mgoin[laugh] m942: [laugh] f940: [laugh]
curtain and i m likegoinnaw f631: [laugh] f689: er
a month and i mgoinno it s not and
up there and i mgoinnothin nothin nothin turn open
re alright and i mgoinoh f643: [laugh] m608: [laugh]
d problems i m beengoinon aboot i tink dt
m like wh- what sgoinon [censored: forename] nothing i just
tinkerbell cause i m naegoinoot in it either i
chat but when i mgoinout on the street to
i m meant to begoinout tonight but i think
foolin [laugh] and i mgoinreally bad for you and
i thought i m nogoinround f1049: uh huh m1048:
d first views i mgoint look at ir d
sood say dt i mgoint use first neems throughoot
aa for years i mgointa go wan year but
your troosers f1101: i mgointae f1102: mm why don
okay f1144: [laugh] i mgointae the loo f1054: [inaudible]
would just say i mgointae the loo simple f1054:
i wouldnae say i mgointae the toilet it s
a blurr ah m chistgointill ma bed goodnight this
beegir eh time ah mgointill tak ye back till
friday club f1114: i mgointo baby school f1113: you
a menace m1096: i mgointo be an angel f1095:
for a musical i mgointo be in [laugh] m865:
throw them up i mgointo berwick tomorrow mornin first
well try again i mgointo do green f1118: i
but i m not necessarilygointo do that myself m741:
have this ain i mgointo eat a biscuit on
with him and i mgointo f122: [laugh] f606: [inaudible]
behind the goals i mgointo get you after the
cakes f1121: well i mgointo get you to put
f806: i m i mgointo i consider reading i
did mmhm mmhm i mgointo mak a wild flooer
f1113: and now i mgointo make a aa kind
rolling pin f1113: i mgointo make a square f1114:
f1113: oh right i mgointo make a square now
then on sunday i mgointo my dad s and
[inaudible] aye f1102: i mgointo play wi them in
at f1103: well i mgointo sort oot this first
so yeah f832: i mgointo stoke f833: well what
minutes and then i mgointo take it off come
holidays f834: aye i mgointo tenerife f835: are you
f1142: mister man i mgointo trip ower f1141: come
my bus i m onlygointwo stoaps pal said a
and see it i mgoinup here f1131: okay on
a month and i mgoinwell i ve got the
right enough but i mgoinwhen i was at sconieburn
for you and i mgoinyou know well worse for
[laugh] f1113: look it sgoinde de de de dede
the little piggies he sgoinf1113: he s up th-
f1113: eh where are yougoinf1114: need [inaudible] need over
in there f1114: it sgoinhere f1113: in there no
go f1114: s- it sgoinin here f1113: there aw
f1114: no this one sgoinin there f1113: nearly finished
chicken f1114: that s naegoinin there there s f1113:
the bike f1113: are yougoinoot on your bike what
there f1113: the lion sgointhere do lions stay on
go f1114: this ain isgointhere f1113: that s it
right f1114: next one sgointhere f1113: that s it
s the birdie it sgointhere f1113: the birdie okay
should he f1114: it sgointhere f1113: the lion s
eh no it s notgointhere f1113: there that one
f1114: yes this ain isgointhere f1113: you going away
his hair f1113: are yougointo be a hairdresser okay
that [inaudible] f1113: are yougointo brush my hair f1114:
f1114: yes f1113: are yougointo catch it when i
make it bigger f1113: yougointo cut off some more
school f1113: what are yougointo do then f1114: catch
spot f1113: he s naegointo eat spot [laugh] f1114:
go how high is itgointo go f1114: [laugh] f1113:
made a nest f1114: thisgointo hatch f1113: they re
f1114: yes f1113: are yougointo help me f1114: yeah
f1114: yes f1113: are yougointo put a lid on
[inaudible] f1113: teletubbies are yougointo read mam a story
bridges f1113: right who sgointo walk across the bridge
people f1113: people people sgointo walk across the bridge
your legs f1113: are yougointo walk up to school
one drum f1113: he sgointoot toot f1114: he s
toot toot toot f1113: yougointoot toot f1114: yes [inaudible]
it mm f1089: farr yougoinm1090: hm it does [inaudible]
t- [television noise] f1089: farr yougoinm1090: [television noise] [inhale] [exhale] f1089:
f1089: humpty dumpty are yougointae do humpty dumpty for
my singing phone f1089: yougointae take bob and and
f1089: i think we regointhe wro- the wro- i
[inhale] [exhale] [censored: forename] [censored: forename] sgointo be there f1089: [censored: forename]
[?]that[/?] f1089: [censored: forename] an mammygointo do what s [censored: forename]
[inhale] f1089: who are yegointo play wi at your
f1089: no who are yegointo play wi m1090: [inhale]
s stool f1089: are wegointo put it away m1090:
aye m1090: [sniff] f1089: yougointo say your rs [censored: forename]
show ye f1089: you regointo show me are ye
m642: and this girl sgoinare you sure you re
m642: and my leg sgoiner er er f643: [laugh]
and that and you regoinf643: [laugh] m642: [makes noise of clutch] and
done as our money wasgoinjohn m642: we didna get
years ago when that wasgoinon f643: aye m642: oh
and he had a doorgointhrough them eh m642: ye
still m608: mm m642: keptgointill nineteen seventy f643: mmhm
ye know what he wasgointo do he was m642:
aw f643: the trains weregoinye see john m642: i
baksheesh f643: uh huh m642: goinyeah ar ar ar m608:
you see groups of womengoinaround and they re all
to beth ye re nogoinback right everything fades except
the bugs so they regoinback tae usin linoleum in
[inaudible] [laugh] we re notgoinback to explain to you
out an you re kindagoinby that point just the
[exhale] time time we regoincoopie f1115: oh look the
an see what dey regoinf960: yes f961: ta pit
f606: mmhm f823: they regoinfast aren t they m822:
[?]we all so rely on them[/?] eh f823: they regoinfast m822: aye f606: mmhm
for a kip ye regoinfor a f1043: sleep no
for sleep kip ye regoinfor a kip ye re
oor ba an we regoinhame in such unfortunate circumstances
f1102: see if we regoinin to davy [censored: surname] s
and fifty pounds you regoinit s horrible you know
re comin from what sgoinon in their heads m816:
gym shoes and they regoinoot a walk the day
f1103: cause we re naegoinoot in that weather are
my wife we re nogoinoot in the van till
okay f1122: [sob] we regoinour walk [sob] f1121: look
s obvious we re notgoinout if you know what
standin there see we regoinout some place i think
handed person cause ye regoinover what you re already
start off noo we regoinroond in a circle if
we re gonna have peoplegoinround with like tape recorders
re signin up for thoughgointae a thing like this
comes out say you regointae the loo f1054: [inaudible]
dinnae ken how they regointae turn actually f606: [tut]
comin up and they regointh- come up uphill round
m605: and you re notgointo ask a lot of
bit worried they re notgointo be able to use
re nae comin if yougointo be bad hey you
books or whatever they regointo cry it f785: mmhm
it s hard you regointo dae the same fitt
once you re finished yougointo dae the washin up
telescope kiddin on you regointo drown liftin a the
f1115: you think they regointo find their puppies f1116:
you got hey you regointo get some of [censored: forename]
f1102: aye then you regointo hae a bath f1101:
aren t you we regointo hae tae get you
nae quite yet you regointo have tae dae aa
day so you re nogointo have to sing this
six and if you regointo have your tea later
oh dear they re naegointo jump off o there
get to where you regointo land for salty air
here we go we regointo mak sunny days she
makkin jigsaws then we regointo mak the tea f1104:
yes i think we regointo mak them into a
f1121: aye so you regointo need a knife f1122:
that s it you regointo pee like a horse
anything stop right you regointo rinse off the shampoo
aa the songs you regointo sing at nursery i
in it and we regointo stew you with uv
just talk about we regointo the lavvie f1025: mmhm
the movie m1070: you regointo the movie today do
aye you no you regointo your playschool okay [inaudible]
this way f1121: you regointoo fast f1122: look this
the toys finished you regointoo fast m1090: [pages turning] i
the place and we regoinup this valley and at
f1102: [inaudible] f1101: we regoinup to asda s the
cherie see where ye regoinwell cherie sh- f- got
away to go fast m1092: goinaway now f1091: now look
mum f1091: what where yougoindinna touch that that s
to me m1092: me notgoindo this f1091: eh m1092:
happened to the water m1092: goindown down down f1091: is
does he m1092: and thomasgoinpush him f1091: thomas ll
f1091: is h- is hegointo catch the baddies m1092:
m1092: no f1091: no yougointo check to see if
f1091: right fitt ain yougointo do eh do you
m1092: [laugh] f1091: are yougointo eat that kind of
me do this f1091: yougointo open them m1092: no
read it f1091: are yougointo read it m1092: please
it mm f1091: now yougointo tell me what is
no f1091: are you naegointo yer bed m1092: no
a lot of linguistic m741: goinround about and they went
the carriage way its wheelsgoinround an its cart a
a thought pattern that sgoinround and round his head
we can have these thingsgoinround and round our heads
that we need to havegoinround in our head i
god we need to havegoinround our head i am
an we need to havegoinround our head i am
of course they started ehmgoinround teaching in the schools
attacked right handers couldnae fightgoinup round the turret so
noo he is leavin angoinaway krista della lori oh
f637: now i hadnae mygoinaway ootfit an my hat
i went oot for mygoinaway outfit m608: mmhm f637:
another another old boat taegoinaway tae be sunk m608:
there and the wuid wasgoinaway up higher and higher
i just didn t fancygoinaway up to aberdeen and
away to where it wasgoinm608: mmhm m194: [?]so that was one of the trades of war[/?] and
go back again and keepgoinback sometimes it took ye
helpit tae keep e railwaysgoiney were freedom s road
wid tae keep this firegoinfor a couple ay days
d be saying pa- keepgoinkeep passin keep passin keep
got tae keep these thingsgoinm1146: yeah f1143: an it
grate ye cd keep itgoinon aa e orrals o
that kinda thing can keepgoinon forever with never a
f940: the cones keep ongoinoot m939: aye m942: they
i see you you keepgointhe wrong way i notice
why f1103: [censored: forename] must begoinawa oot the day f1104:
[censored: forename] eh right fitt wegoinawa tae dae noo m1132:
so f1134: where are wegoingranny [censored: forename] s f1133: nae
and [censored: forename] ll come ongoin[inaudible] f940: [laugh] m941: [inaudible]
it was when [censored: forename] wasgointhrough his m942: [laugh] m941:
your class f1118: [censored: forename] sgointo be in my class
your class [censored: forename] s naegointo be in your class
your class then [censored: forename] sgointo be in your class
your class though [censored: forename] sgointo be the year older
to school [censored: forename] [censored: forename] sgointo be who s aa
right well auntie [censored: forename] sgointo come over at half
what s [censored: forename] an mammygointo do if we can
f951: i think somebody sgointo play wi you [censored: forename]
t do that i wasgointo say me and [censored: forename]
tae john that [censored: forename] sgoinup tae see the racin
it again f1114: this isgointhere it s my turn
that s fine is itgointo be pretty f1114: yes
eh f1095: cause mum sgoinoot m1096: [inaudible] here f1095:
wrong way mum look yougointhe wrong way f1097: nay
the wrong way you aregointhe wrong way mum look
s what my mum keepsgointhey ll clean for a
my mum an dad weregointhrough the holiday brochure m942:
my mum an dad wasgointhrough the holiday brochures an
aye f1104: mum are yougointo brush her hair f1103:
became clear that he wasgointo die my mum took
books [singing] [singing] am igointo school the day mum
mmhm f1104: tommy are wegointo take that doon mum
there s tatty howkin jobsgoinup there mum can we
i know so is anyonegoinanywhere f833: [inaudible] f835: nice
at [inaudible] and she wasgoinawa to her swimming come
m1013: an this fella sgoin[inaudible] an he goes has
had a big roarin firegoin[inaudible] and i walked through
ye know ye hear themgoin[inaudible] i know f832: it
aberdonians f833: yeah [laugh] f835: goinocha locha [inaudible] [laugh] f832:
[inaudible] ye knew what wasgoinon m608: aye m194: you
f1054: [inaudible] ehm what abootgoinon tae what do you
out to muck about f1027: goinout to play f1054: [inaudible]
ye were [inaudible] speakin aboutgoinout with someone you knew
in and then through [inaudible]goinover these big lorries and
[inaudible] draw [inaudible] f951: justgointae dra uh huh u1028:
halfwey through [inaudible] i wasgointae say aye aye everything
the m608: [click] m194: peoplegointae tae [inaudible] were gonnae
duck [inaudible] fitt s thatgointhere he goes it s
[inaudible] climb over baby yougointo climb over the steppies
back mummy [inaudible] are yougointo playschool now uh huh
dae [inaudible] come on yougointo your beddie oh it
[inaudible] f1122: how are wegointricky bit cross the seaweed
granny lived cause they weregoinback to my granny s
let anyone know you weregoincause all the neds would
tv and my granny wasgoinmental cause they were just
me there cause he sgoinoh eh your bill s
any mair cause they weregointae fa off so ye
maybe [?]eat it[/?] cause it sgointo melt quite warm right
s cause i ve stoppedgointo sort o trendy bars
pathway now like rather thangoinup the pavement cause you
cause i used to lovegoinup to edinburgh on the
terrible aye aw them blacksgoinaroon shootin iverybody dangerous eh
at them oh he sgoindoon the chute eh farr
him farr s the sheepgoinf1116: um f1115: eh go
[laugh] and eh he wasgoinoh you know so what
cultural f785: mmhm m055: ehgoinon and and similar things
yes absolutely eh in f1054: goinout m1146: yes when when
o her chourney dan wizgointill use eh dock crane
f1103: eh f1104: he sgointo gallop up the mountains
eh naebody s naebody sgointo get rich oot o
m1094: yes where s dadgointomorrow f1093: eh m1094: where
eh m1094: where s dadgointomorrow f1093: where s dad
f1115: where are they aagoinup the stair tae eh
borders an eh he wasgoinwell do ye ken what
aa in the van theygoinhame again mm is there
it will be yeah f961: goinon and aa de allusions
ta how it s aagointa look tagedder i f960:
aye aa the bairnies isgointhere the night f1122: are
to be who s aagointo be in your class
i bet you ll begointo your beddie and aa
neighbours comin in and megoinall the way oot again
lizard there f1103: [inhale] naegoinoot drivin in that no
fock der no much pointgoinoot if you f960: you
how ah ve no beengoinoot it s a cracker
two barges a day wasgoinoot m608: for how long
s because he keeps ongoinoot m942: mmhm aye but
me she was grabbin megoinoot the door and i
one night uncle robert wasgoinoot we had taken the
it oot right are wegointo finish this story m1092:
m1096: aye f1095: are yougointo sing oot loud maybe
t know where s dadgoinm1094: work f1093: he s
couldnae see where ye weregoinm608: [laugh] m194: ye had
at night where are wegoinnoo lap dancin club right
tae watch where they weregointhat s the an an
m804: that s pretty goodgoinwhere are you gettin those
told me john i wasgoindown a hill f637: cycled
thin thin sliced or neargoindown on bended knees into
mirror and he saw megoindown so he came back
a levels if i wasgoindown south so they made
your faith isn t quitegoindown that road f641: mmhm
she said to them yougoindown to that school and
huh f951: whaur are yougoinsit down sit down no
cars and he s notgointo get knocked down is
with bob or are wegointo go down and do
sandshoe harry this guy wasgoinaboot govan [laugh] an aw
he is so f1116: allgoindoon the chute [squeal] [laugh]
[laugh] f833: whereabout are yougoinf835: tenerife f834: a timeshare
[laugh] f122: sayin they weregoinlike snow off a dyke
horrible [laugh] f835: are yougoinon f834: don t really
is [laugh] f1023: [laugh] eighteengoinon thirty [laugh] f1027: [laugh]
[laugh] erm [clicks fingers] clever girlsgoinout with stupid boys m944:
they did [laugh] [laugh] f1073: goinroond shetland noo can you
[laugh] your car is notgointhere [laugh] behave [laugh] carry
forget f1122: [laugh] f1121: yougointo draw in the arms
got like intae bother forgoinwi the stranger [laugh] f1049:
yes when when people weregoinout together now this is
no i canna get itgoinare you gonna sing it
whether it would like justgoinby what you said whether
just say a wee stottergoinby you know f1054: nice
family f833: whereabout are yougoinf834: with my family my
couldnae f640: do you remembergoinfor the shin- shin- f637:
me he said gets yougoingrease whatever hits the spot
that and actually stoppin andgoinhey how are you doin
f1025: mmhm f1027: [inhale] andgoinhome and what have you
across like to stop yougoininto the aisle f1049: and
on next year or yougoinm816: er no i ll
the er guys that aregoinnow let me tell you
for you and he sgoinoh you know it s
lake that you ve gotgoinon here f1104: well this
thinkin what the hell sgoinon here you know it
m194: you knew what wasgoinon i mean m608: people
f1145: or if you weregoinout lookin for a click
t it that you startedgoinout m959: yeah it was
steve the morn stew yougoinsilence steve be good if
mean you wouldnae talk abootgointae the toilet you wouldnae
the wrong way m1098: igointhe wrong way you are
obviously there s a bitgointhrough the middle so you
start so fa s itgointo be me or you
we were aye they weregointo burma you see and
aboot you m1128: i amgointo colour in this ain
door right fitt are yougointo cook for me you
only little so fitt yougointo dae at playgroup the
to dae what was yougointo dae f1101: what s
mm well fitt are yougointo dae it wi then
ground f1095: mmhm right yougointo dae next ain m1096:
s- so what was yougointo dae what was you
stand there f1095: right yougointo do the next one
gonna find what are yougointo find m1090: okay i
to i thought you weregointo gie all the biscuits
go to the hospital yougointo go with granny go
like messy f1125: are yougointo have a cake when
f1103: are ye was yougointo hide from me f1104:
think these guys were allgointo hit us you know
on your bum so yougointo join in the games
thought you says you wasgointo make a pudding wi
star m1106: look f1105: yougointo make a star shape
you want a lollipop yougointo pick one out the
s your helicopter farr yougointo put the helicopter m1128:
oh dear f1125: are yougointo put the whisk into
daein it so she sgointo see if you and
m1096: lollipop sticks f1095: yougointo sort them out m1096:
very much [note: speaking to baby] was yougointo tell me something what
gonna need red f1121: yougointo use red are you
very common one are yougointo yer pit aye f1006:
at the close you knowgoinup the f1025: aye f1026:
navvies who kept comin angoinyou know aye but most
road and the traffic sgoinunderneath the their wings m608:
the rest okay is thatgoinback in your toybox f1122:
s just that they weregointhrough everything so f1054: okay
that boat okay is hegointo catch the sailors in
tak- okay f1101: i wasgointo see if we can
woo movies zillions of roundsgoinoff an the only thing
things f1049: well she wasgoinoff her head and i
don t have it totallygoinoff her head m1048: was
the basement f010: it wasgoinoff in the hot weather
fell off ye again m1128: gointo take off aye f1127:
howkers and and and yourgointae want tae work how
like a lot of themgoinacross the ban- the back
an then i just startedgoinback tae my right hand
was brought up m1017: thegoinback to gran it s
as a as a ba-goinback to my trade at
f640: and it s nevergointo go back f641: no
people comin in and peoplegoinout an but just i
i ve one memory ofgoinout and f641: mm f639:
and like m1048: [inhale] f1049: goinout and modelling m1048: god
f1024: but for for clothesgoinout clothes it would be
common f1054: a click f1145: goinout for a click lookin
janice and ed will begoinout for dinner on friday
m941: when we first startedgoinout m942: i have a
yeah if my dad wasgoinout on a big job
i think there are soldiersgoinout on a mission tonight
to some people he wasnaegoinout somewhere an och he
uni and stuff and beengoinout too much probably spendin
the well the forestry wasgoinout weren t they they
so we just ended upgoinstraight out to the town
hoors tae get the firegoinbut ah got it usin
would get the job ogoindoon tae the sea wi
pie fit tae heck isgoinon here said jonsar eck
ower tae see fit wisgoinon oh says the mannie
had a big long tailgoinright doon tae the grund
mornin tae get e firegoinshe cd fair rattle e
cuid tell that it wisnaegointae be guid this wis
ah wis sure ah wisgointae die it wis terrible
every night o the weekgointae different organisations as again
ye know what he wasgointae do do ye know
go but we ended upgointae george square this year
we finish up we keptgointae him every week i
angels huv shown me ahmgointae pit this note in
it see now she sgointae that day centre day
said calf if ye weregointae the calf sale tae
tae talk aboot at schoolgointae the school duffies ehm
would fling it or yegointae throw something aye i
next tae a digger angointhat is kind o pebbly
es palaver tae get itgoinye daardna let it stop
yersel afore i really getgoinye dinna deserve tae sit
now farr else are wegoinf1101: to get wir prescription
disgusting f1116: poo f1115: theygoinhame again mmhm aw are
the different things that aregoinon in our in our
what the hell are wegointhere for i ve absolutely
got it whee are wegointo build blocks noo here
could go how are wegointo get to the sea
aye and who are yegointo play wi there m1090:
are we goin- am igointo put those on there
one tribe now m815: procreationgoinagain m816: and there s
and he went everybody keepsgoinfar y at now he
o charge so got thatgoinjust now but how long
an awful lot of initiativesgoinon just now in schools
think there s more peoplegointo church now than there
somebody in my class wasgoinoh we ll go and
springer show ehm he wasgointo go and see oprah
in farr s this aingointo go mummy oh oh
in the north east likegoinaboot in cheap trendy claes
at the rate she sgoinmother whit aboot it though
fit e hell hid beengoinon aboot e cross jock
what the hell s hegoinon aboot here but f831:
they were m822: no f823: goinon on the tv aboot
mm m1021: aye older onesgoinfor a job they would
o things ye ken wgoinintae v i aye mind
say aye up what sgoinon here m741: aye yeah
same day it wis ayegoinon we passed e fairm
been a great tourist attractiongoinricht up deeside f606: aye
i ken aye dad sgointo paper in here shortly
that have been done go-goinup an doon f643: aye
we wull hae a firegoinin nae time ata fin
there s nae point ingointo the pictures to see
work f1093: he s naegointo the work tomorrow m1094:
and all these fuckin tossersgoinabout like oh let s
i did it standin angoinbackwards this thing oh m815:
can do and he wasgoinoh it s based on
will just st- stand theregoinoh my god should he
ve got a new relationshipgoinpartner m1014: click f1054: oh
no stop it oh shegointo crash her car look
oh dear this is maybegointo show och never mind
the puppies oh it sgoinunder the table fitt s
f1101: uh huh f1102: e-goindoon here up to here
s like so much stuffgoinon here m605: well it
and the melodeon wid getgoinan singin an recitin wi
get them get their interestgoinf606: mm f1039: but when
is gonnae get up angoinin january an it is
england and wherever they weregoinand the queen mary was
a crood o them weregoindoon some o the women
we were go- we weregoinintae glasgow f606: mmhm f890:
ehm he said he wasgoininto schools an bairns were
is it an they weregoinno it s somebody that
then of course they weregoinonto the trains and then
the windows we were alwaysgoinpokin around to see in
of them when we weregointo someone s house once
his engine see it sgoinchuff chuff chuff chuff chuff
i could see two fistsgoinlike pistons near massacrin me
mmhm f961: what it sgointa look laek sometimes it
we ll just no bothergoinand we ll come up
but if i was justgoinfor a wee snooze f1024:
feelin an he was justgoini would like to point
on for the next onegoinin an just it was
and edinburgh like even justgoinm811: yeah f812: to school
think it s still stillgoinaround f833: my dad s
hurry up f1116: he sgoindoon the chute again f1115:
the toon woulda been sittingoinfit fit s fit s
thole pa s navy suitgoininto pawn or else cut
because of people comin angoinnowadays mm m1013: that s
f1039: there s a lotgoinon an there s an
s a bit of cheatingoinon and a bit of
yeah f639: exactly what sgoinon and my feeling is
for ony bakin that wisgoinon bit mabel smith s
drink whit s whit sgoinon but i think they
so much s- scottish thingsgoinon ehm but it s
simaaze ere s ay changegoinon in e dialect an
an update on what sgoinon [inhale] and we all
deserted what the hell sgoinon it was the gaelic
s not an awful lotgoinon m055: yeah yeah i
in suspense of what sgoinon m944: people in ayr
not happy with whatever sgoinon or something f1025: mmhm
s a bit of pretensiongoinon there m741: i don
there s tatty howkin jobsgoinon up there this was
ken whit how it sgointa grow and what it
tell me our barbara sgointhis was a woman who
painful [sniff] erm michael sgointo a gig tonight but
says he s he sgointo climb it s another
take plan saying it sgointo regenerate and serve the
f828: in fact she sgoinup on friday she goes
s not and he sgoinyeah yeah it s forty
i realise dt whit wizgoinon wiz d settin up
up the st- was wegointo play with bob or
year we could have beengoinup to shetland f606: uh
the stairs in the turretsgoinup to the old castles
ehm to sleep f1027: kipgoinfor a kip mmhm f1023:
mmhm f1023: i ve gotgoinfor forty winks takin a
f1121: mmhm and this isgointo be a busy road
f1124: mmhm f1123: i wasgointo do it this morning
always safer f632: mmhm f646: goinunder it plus the fact
kids f835: it must begoinf834: ye know like when
hink any member of staffgoinin there thinks ye know
didn t know what wasgoinon and when he got
doesnae realise exactly what isgoinon ye know f606: uh
know we all have thingsgointhrough our heads sometimes it
a wee bit ashamed ogoinye know with for these
at me an i wasgoinhow what is it an
surprised at what had beengoinon in toryglen they didna
there was a big bilergoinan she was sweatin an
the this road to begoinpast their door do they
right f634: yeah i startedgoinwhen i was twelve i
the day f1097: she wasgoinon to her work m1098:
a squawkin and quackin andgoinquack quack then a was
alright i thought she wasgointo be a bit kind
d have been as wellgointo school it was only
i suppose if she wasgointo that funeral she was
same time th- i wasgointo the national library every
any money and he wasgoinwe ve had mail returned
got ain f1140: is shegoinf1139: er i dinna ken
or whatever an i remembergoinf606: yeah uh huh m845:
friday she goes she lovesgoinhome i wouldn t f606:
childminder then they come homegoinmummy can i have a
an i won t begoinover as much detail in
very fair that she wasnaegointo school and i should
erm i loved i lovedgointo the the little story
well rory rory had beengoinmad about it and said
then f746: mm f978: onegointo unst as well from
for time to pay nogoina message me or shaun
peel glen as drumchapel wisgoinpast me an spencer wur
and then we might begointo elgin the day f1102:
ve got a habit ofgoinintae cars and they either
room an got e lichtgoinere wis an enormous bed
and changing things and andgoinin to all sorts of
subtext m741: sort of thinggoinon m605: to a lot
a lot of that flugoinaround so m815: chicken bird
the queue on that roadgoinfae ellon intae bridge o
sports ere wis yacht racingoinon at sea an bein
future but whit is actuallygoinon is d enforcement u
big taboo the credit debtgoinon the slate the things
like that wi electric wiregoinalong it and at the
blur of folk comin angoinof makin sandwiches and drinkin
never said goodbye and keptgoinower and ower in ma
sittin ah felt that hisgoinwis incomplete and ah wanted
a quite a varied accentgoinabout in dunbar at the
wudnae hae approved o hisgoinons fir sure whun the

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