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joggie trousers f1112: they regoingall for their dinner f1111:
grass f1112: why s notgoingaway f1111: cause you haven
f1112: why are you notgoingaway f1111: this is grass
f1112: how he s notgoingaway home f1111: cause he
f1112: mmhm he s notgoingaway home [?]this year[/?] f1111: pardon
f1112: well i m justgoingaway out here f1111: no
[inaudible] f1111: yes she sgoingaway scuba diving away under
[inaudible] blackboards f1111: are yougoingaway through f1112: you can
hotel now f1111: she sgoingaway to a hotel what
it f1111: no we regoingaway to run your bath
back f1111: oh are yougoingaway to wash my back
good girl f1112: i mgoingback in now f1111: no
that bit if we regoingf1111: lay it out flat
our ears where are yougoingf1112: on my back f1111:
right f1111: where are yougoingf1112: up here and sliding
s- swim f1111: she sgoingfor a swim f1112: swim
in f1112: this one sgoingin f1111: oh is that
yeah f1111: are the ducksgoingin f1112: this one s
cold [water running] are these ducksgoingin tonight f1112: yeah f1111:
f1111: oh is that onegoingin too f1112: mmhm f1111:
huh f1111: if they regoingout for a meal okay
oh f1111: cause we regoingout in a minute f1112:
huh f1111: we re notgoingover f1112: i think her
huh f1111: where s hegoingswimming f1112: to elgin f1111:
going to get her hergoingto a hotel now f1111:
have f1111: colour are yougoingto be f1112: you come
f1111: i think there sgoingto be little boys and
f1111: i hope they regoingto be nice ones are
f1111: so they re justgoingto be playing in the
f1112: [inaudible] f1111: are yougoingto be sunbathing but you
bit f1111: oh that sgoingto be very hot darling
my goodness f1111: it sgoingto be very hot we
dancing competitions f1112: they regoingto blackpool f1111: blackpool wow
hotel there f1111: what aregoingto choose okay right girls
learned yet f1112: they regoingto climb out [clatter] f1111:
it how much is itgoingto cost f1112: oh f1111:
scissors f1111: oh you regoingto [?]cut oot[/?] that design are
this f1111: oh you regoingto do that pile next
f1112: [inaudible] f1111: you regoingto do the cheese now
no that s i mgoingto do this f1111: oh
mmhm f1111: okay now yougoingto do what are you
your house no i mgoingto draw it [inaudible] f1111:
my one f1111: you regoingto draw it okay f1112:
[inaudible] f1111: okay fitt yougoingto draw then f1112: no
pile f1112: no i mgoingto draw this f1111: have
ready f1112: so we aregoingto eat them f1111: no
we re we- we regoingto eat them up f1111:
ye f1112: mmhm i mgoingto find them all f1111:
half f1112: aye f1111: yougoingto fold it in half
idea f1112: and i mgoingto have two bits f1111:
f1111: well it s notgoingto hear you because there
f1112: no i i mgoingto [inaudible] f1111: dinna press
t it f1111: i mgoingto look i think i
slippers f1111: so we regoingto need joggie tops what
[inaudible] f1111: now i mgoingto open out my snowflake
pool i don- they regoingto p- blackpool now f1111:
teeth f1111: he s notgoingto pull out your teeth
will you f1112: i mgoingto put in strawberries f1111:
darling f1112: i m justgoingto put them on f1111:
huh f1111: [laugh] f1112: [inaudible]goingto roll off f1111: it
huh f1111: maybe she sgoingto see [censored: forename] cause it
eh f1112: well i mgoingto share with you f1111:
be maybe [inaudible] f1111: shegoingto take a bunch of
the water i m justgoingto wash that f1111: what
need a bit f1111: yougoingto well i would like
f1111: no we re notgoingto wet your hair you
going f1093: where s itgoingaway down the drain m1094:
it s a- is itgoingdown the drain f1093: yes
going f1093: where s itgoingeh m1094: where s it
[laugh] m1094: where s daddygoingf1093: i don t know
it going where s itgoingf1093: where s it going
m1094: where s the watergoingf1093: where s it going
ears f1093: her ears isnagoingin she s too big
mmhm f1093: eh i mgoingm1094: f1093: to choose grapes
room f1093: no we regoingover here to sort the
for whose house is itgoingto be f1093: i don
socks off m1094: it sgoingto be fun f1093: yes
turn again f1093: i mgoingto choose a cow what
f1093: my turn i mgoingto choose a little pussycat
f1093: yes right i mgoingto choose an apple this
yes f1093: yes i mgoingto choose oh eyes what
m1094: [?]look, hand[/?] f1093: i mgoingto choose the man reading
turn f1093: er i mgoingto choose this one what
your turn f1093: i mgoingto choose this yellow loveheart
we goin- jigsaw are yougoingto do f1093: what jigsaw
[inaudible] [inaudible] what are yougoingto do next f1093: well
f1093: well done m1094: yougoingto do this ain f1093:
are you going up heregoingto do up here f1093:
bear m1094: where s hegoingto f1093: oh you missed
m1094: why why f1093: yougoingto get ready for your
erm [laugh] f1093: i mgoingto get them [laugh] m1094:
one f1093: are you notgoingto have a different one
of that ain i mgoingto have it f1093: [humming]
pieces in m1094: are yougoingto help it [child noise] f1093:
you [inaudible] f1093: i mgoingto pick a doggy so
m1094: yes f1093: i mgoingto pick a tangerine m1094:
pick this one i mgoingto pick f1093: it s
well done right i mgoingto pick m1094: yo- f1093:
taking f1093: what are yougoingto pick now then m1094:
them [laugh] f1093: i mgoingto pick some grapes m1094:
some grapes m1094: i mgoingto pick some tangerines f1093:
m1094: matching f1093: i mgoingto pick the doggie next
your turn f1093: i mgoingto pick the duckie where
yes f1093: yes i mgoingto pick the little girl
m1094: yes f1093: i mgoingto pick the nose next
duckies f1093: now i mgoingto pick the yellow rectangle
m1094: [laugh] f1093: i mgoingto pick the yellow triangle
it f1093: mm i mgoingto pick this duckies little
yours next f1093: i mgoingto pick yellow loveheart m1094:
m1094: mmhm f1093: are yougoingto pop on your bob
f1093: [humming] m1094: i mgoingto put that f1093: mm
on monday m1094: he sgoingto school f1093: going to
s going to school f1093: goingto school so will you
all ready m1094: i mgoingto take this cup f1093:
girl doing on tuesday m1094: goingto the swimming pool f1093:
m1094: why f1093: you likegoingto the toddlers what do
boy doing on wednesday m1094: goingto there f1093: look in
tomorrow f1093: where s dadgoingtomorrow i don t know
eh m1094: where s itgoingwhere s it going f1093:
fields for him f1112: [inaudible]goingaway and he s [inaudible]
pardon f1112: he s notgoingaway home ah mummy can
a dancing class what theygoingaway to do f1112: just
dark now [censored: forename] ll begoingaway to her bed f1112:
meal okay so we regoingaway to the hotel f1112:
away to b- are theygoingdancing competitions f1112: they re
soon be where s hegoingfirst f1112: oh no he
didn t know you wasgoingjust now did you f1112:
a dress if she sgoingout for dinner f1112: her
think so f1112: i mgoingto be first in the
climb out f1112: they regoingto climb out an aa
trousers or what are yougoingto do f1112: [inhale] you
do they when are wegoingto do it f1112: want
lesson f1112: mm they regoingto do their back and
dear me what are wegoingto do with ye f1112:
as well because i mgoingto draw my pattern f1112:
one got f1112: i mgoingto draw that my one
re not i m notgoingto eat them f1112: no
ones f1112: no i mgoingto find them after this
f1112: why mm no hergoingto get her her going
way away how are theygoingto get there f1112: they
home next time we regoingto go f1112: mm you
get there f1112: they regoingto go in the bus
yellow f1112: no i mgoingto have the yellow b-
little rabbits f1112: what aboutgoingto see a little rabbits
will we or are yougoingto sit up here f1112:
all over f1112: i mgoingto sniff it [inaudible] tee
we f1112: no we aregoingto swim ah we are
f1112: no but i mgoingto that granny s this
get the whisk are yougoingto whisk the day f1112:
be serious where are wegoingafter this i m going
very selfish it s notgoinganywhere i m not going
with me f1105: i mgoingaway through to have my
messages f1023: yeah i mgoingaway to shop f1025: oh
f1135: well i m notgoingaway to the paper shop
go ahead and i mgoingback and forwards up down
stop that whining i mgoingback into the dance you
[laugh] f639: i m notgoingback to no central heatin
k- i m kind ofgoingback to the same sources
you d probably be bestgoingbefore september unless i m
oh come on i mgoingf1121: [inaudible] [inaudible] f1122: [laugh]
is it [dog barks] f1125: keepgoingf1126: i m coming f1125:
mm f1104: i m notgoingflying oot with my wings
[laugh] f1024: when i mgoingfor clothes and things it
probably just say i mgoingfor forty winks f1023: so
s historical choice he sgoingfor it eh i m
so i m thinking ofgoingfor that f943: mm they
gaun for m1108: i mgoingfor tired oot f1107: are
on jimmy and i mgoingfuck jimmy what about [censored: forename]
bike f1136: well i mgoinggo on it f1135: you
going after this i mgoinghame efter i ve directed
staying down f958: i mgoinghome for christmas and then
sick of it i mgoinghome i quit you don
f1148: uh huh i mgoinghome in like during reading
home to mummy i mgoinghome in my own time
peace eh carolanne i mgoinghome maggie what agnes lassie
so erm yeah i mgoinghome next wednesday f1155: hm
that s why i mgoinghome obviously get my eyebrows
i m going to begoinghome she s gonna be
really know what i mgoingi don t know f1154:
go jack okay i mgoingi m going jack goes
m going this i mgoingi m going the i
are you m1090: i mgoingi m going to i
wednesday f1154: [tut] i mgoingi m going to the
round about and i mgoingi m not used to
s made up i mgoingi ve made this clear
have eh f1122: i mgoingin the long grass f1121:
but but i- i mgoing[inaudible] f1095: come here a
m like i m notgoinginto clarks m811: [laugh] f812:
picture straight away i mgoinginto hospital for a couple
really it s i mgoinginto junior honours so are
i m going i mgoingjack goes into garden mrs
gonna watch so i mgoingjust going to get down
i still say i mgoingma messages f1025: aye aye
it f1136: mum i mgoingo- f1135: do you want
and relax i m stillgoingoccasionally to the weight room
it yet i m justgoingoff to church now hope
m saying if it sgoingonto the tape here m608:
f1133: ah well i mgoingoot to the bucket anow
out f1154: i m notgoingout cause i m skint
meet [censored: forename] f1155: are yougoingout f1154: i m not
l gang an lie doungoingout the morn a m
i m supposed to begoingout with dinner with my
another wave as i mgoingover the bridge m608: [laugh]
or not f1136: i mgoingpark then we re going
last night and i mgoinground to see an english
was that clever i mgoingso much fast mmhm f1089:
two one see i mgoingspiderman [child noise] f1127: hey we
tae know that ah mgoingtae boot yir skull in
i m going i mgoingthe i m going to
way f1097: nay i mgoingthe right way noo i
i m1090: [?]will i be locked[/?] i mgoingthis i m going i
mmhm m642: suddenly i mgoingthis way f643: [laugh] m608:
day oh cause i mgoingthrough to edinburgh on monday
somebody [sniff] mum i mgoingto answer somebody f1089: you
m going the i mgoingto answer somebody [sniff] mum
i m sure he sgoingto any minute now and
tradition now what i mgoingto argue today is that
but some time i mgoingto ask davie hume we
we ll see i mgoingto ask our friend david
christmas and then i mgoingto barcelona for new year
m sure this year isgoingto be a good experience
f1026: you see i mgoingto be a granny now
time i think i mgoingto be able to cope
m not saying it sgoingto be easy to adjust
granny finds out i mgoingto be going home she
much because i m notgoingto be living in scotland
typewriter yet if i mgoingto be on the dole
that s how i mgoingto be seduced if i
thought the man i mgoingto be squashed against the
was like well i mgoingto be staying at home
is um mmhm i mgoingto bed and and where
i f1026: if i mgoingto bed i m going
if you think i mgoingto bend to your will
law but i m notgoingto bother and why not
f1104: [laugh] i m justgoingto brush him with my
m just upset i mgoingto bury my mate tomorrow
and if i m notgoingto cairo i might stay
be doing if i mgoingto cairo the auc will
a determination i m notgoingto change just to suit
s my turn i mgoingto choose this yellow triangle
i mean i m notgoingto church and having very
cool down right i mgoingto count to three one
i was like i mgoingto crack up left my
woah m1098: oh i mgoingto crash in the tree
f1122: come on i mgoingto creep down to that
m by myself nobody sgoingto criticise me er f718:
f1113: jake f1114: i mgoingto cut this f1113: oh
the sandwich m1096: i mgoingto dae it myself f1095:
up [child noise] cause i mgoingto dae something [electronic toy] [electronic toy]
a sign that i mgoingto die by drowning so
warmth and softness i mgoingto die here i ll
tickle tickle m1106: i mgoingto do a [inaudible] f1105:
camera f1122: mum i mgoingto do [censored: forename] a photie
roll m1096: [inaudible] i mgoingto do [censored: forename] some f1095:
you trying f1122: i mgoingto do f1121: what s
do orange now i mgoingto do green f1089: orange
in the talk i mgoingto do i ve i
i think i m definitelygoingto do it i think
dae this lilian i mgoingto do it if he
ve told everybody i mgoingto do it so we
m1090: mm now i mgoingto do orange now i
aye i think i mgoingto do that one anyway
class er i m justgoingto do the mad stuff
huh m1090: mm i mgoingto do this is that
thrust of what i mgoingto do to- to talk
mmhm out i m notgoingto draw out that i
[inaudible] comes i- i mgoingto dress up [inaudible] power
i m sure i mgoingto drop him i have
should know if i mgoingto egypt or not i
is cathartic so i mgoingto endeavour to write a
called international exchange i mgoingto erm f1037: okay f1038:
think i m i mgoingto f1038: yeah f1037: i
it round f1126: i mgoingto f1125: that s it
don t worry i mgoingto feel it with my
it with my i mgoingto feel it with my
for life john i mgoingto find a lassie maclaurin
aa straw f1116: i mgoingto find [inaudible] f1115: mmhm
okay this time i mgoingto find the [sucks air through teeth] blue
uh huh m1090: i mgoingto find the [?]tractor[/?] f1089:
more picture f1124: i mgoingto finish this one up
m old enough i mgoingto get a gun and
in a car i mgoingto get criticised a lot
so i m going justgoingto get down the hill
how many letters i mgoingto get each day i
okay right f1114: i mgoingto get it clean f1113:
got erm [inaudible] i mgoingto get it [laugh] aye
and i m bloody wellgoingto get my money s
up top and i mgoingto get some long johns
m1090: yeah and i mgoingto get something under the
year now anyway i mgoingto get the typed work
marshmallows f1122: i m justgoingto get them f1121: ah
a christmas card i mgoingto get them off early
t stand this i mgoingto get up out of
to f1121: because i mgoingto get you to put
that thing mum i mgoingto give the lighter things
afraid so i m notgoingto give up without a
change so what i mgoingto give you today is
okay now i m justgoingto go and defrost your
yeah f1155: what i mgoingto go as i er
what s here i mgoingto hae a look f1095:
fancy dress f1154: i mgoingto hallowe en rev at
going anywhere i m notgoingto have a career not
funeral m959: i m nevergoingto have that amount of
not so cold i mgoingto have the electrics checked
yourself f1122: aye i mgoingto have this ain i
decide to go i mgoingto have to apply for
later this month i mgoingto have to do some
used to i m justgoingto have to get a
pissed off and i mgoingto have to get the
radio scotland but i mgoingto have to go back
in advance because i mgoingto have to pay full
sometimes i m i mgoingto have to start actually
christmas then i m alsogoingto have to think about
i m going i mgoingto i m go- i
semester er i m reallygoingto i m not even
rug m1106: well i mgoingto jump on the rug
no one two i mgoingto jump onto that stone
retirement ehm but i mgoingto keep on with my
t do this i mgoingto kill a child [laugh]
heid there m1096: i mgoingto kiss your heid f1095:
paint f1114: yes i mgoingto learn to paint [?]ain't i[/?]
you see i m notgoingto lionise him [audience laughter] the
m a mummy i mgoingto listen to my little
settle down loretta i mgoingto mak a speech cheers
at home i m justgoingto make a point of
this one now i mgoingto make a shape oops
things down and i mgoingto make excluded the best
[?]scissors[/?] f1113: now i mgoingto make f1114: a bird
chase i think i mgoingto make some efforts to
down the f1113: i mgoingto make this shape here
gonna hatch f1113: i mgoingto make what ll mum
explain yourself i m notgoingto marry you silence i
said it like i mgoingto mash you m944: what
tell me where are yougoingto me i m like
things happen too i mgoingto meet ken [censored: surname] s
th- i think i mgoingto my nonna s f807:
bite but [laugh] i mgoingto open this m939: [laugh]
then on saturday i mgoingto orkney to visit family
wakes neil i m justgoingto phone the doctor for
t of course i mgoingto phone you about it
then m1094: erm i mgoingto pick this one i
with the moon i mgoingto pick this woman here
f1095: mmhm m1096: i mgoingto play with [censored: forename] f1095:
f1114: yes f1113: you regoingto playschool f1114: i m
[cough] m1090: i m almostgoingto playschool now f1089: yes
aye aye i m naegoingto put it on f1127:
yes m1106: now i mgoingto put some more out
t it right i mgoingto put the toolies away
bush [inaudible] m1096: i mgoingto put this ain up
advancing nicely and i mgoingto quebec on friday for
oliver brown [audience laughter] i mgoingto read it to you
baking okay f1122: i mgoingto roll up my sleeves
look this way i mgoingto s- go over here
up carolanne i m notgoingto sadie good good carolanne
so i m probably notgoingto save half my residence
betty for what i mgoingto say aloud i say
a little game i mgoingto say an animal s
s like [laugh] i wasgoingto say i m i
erm no i m notgoingto say it it s
i wonder what i mgoingto say next i can
rules so f965: i mgoingto say this again and
mummy okay f1122: i mgoingto [?]say this[/?] f1121: what are
playschool f1114: i m notgoingto school f1113: what s
go f1114: [splutter] i mgoingto school f1113: you going
next few months i mgoingto see a careers advisor
not why i m sayinggoingto see cause she is
s nae m1090: i mgoingto see f1089: no leave
of you f947: i mgoingto see the believe it
the appropriate description i mgoingto send you some info
ten minutes m1096: i mgoingto show teachers my penny
normally your friends i mgoingto sing it doesn t
s sit doon i mgoingto sit doon f1113: that
doing that i m justgoingto sit in the classroom
going to bed i mgoingto sleep but if i
it m1090: yeah i mgoingto smell it mm f1089:
s getting this i mgoingto sort it f1095: eh
my boyfriend and i mgoingto spend all your electricity
about finished m1096: i mgoingto spin it so it
big girl i m notgoingto stand on the stool
ve i m really justgoingto start by giving you
this evening cause i mgoingto start you know working
of saying i m justgoingto stick this advert in
to stop i m notgoingto stop for anything until
i m i m notgoingto stop i m not
stop this then i mgoingto stop the microphone cause
f1125: right i m justgoingto stop this then i
know i smoke i mgoingto take her one night
beddy [growl] [inhale] i mgoingto take it away f1103:
so i m certainly notgoingto take the trouble i
twenty first but i mgoingto take them out sunday
your turn m1094: i mgoingto take this one in
on now i m notgoingto talk about that no
to me james i mgoingto talk calmly and quietly
saudi arabia and i mgoingto talk to ken some
re forgetting what i mgoingto tell daddy aren t
mi [?]doicheall bha[/?] mammy i mgoingto tell my mammy about
[laugh] right what i mgoingto tell you is in
tomorrow i bawl i mgoingto that jail to see
i would say i mgoingto the bathroom or something
with them so i mgoingto the campus travel agents
i m looking forward togoingto the [censored: surname] on a
on monday cause i mgoingto the doctor s and
you goin i m justgoingto the lavvy she d
the movie today i mgoingto the movie m1070: you
i m going i mgoingto the rev f1155: on
to the toilet i mgoingto the toilet f1025: i
say i m f1023: justgoingto the toilet i m
district f1027: i m justgoingto the toilet no f1025:
to my ear you weregoingto think i m thinking
in suitcases and i mgoingto try and get my
over the summer i mgoingto try and learn some
should be easier i mgoingto try for this but
weather s okay i mgoingto try to borrow skates
cam [laugh] i m nowgoingto try to forget that
same one as i mgoingto try with the the
to i m not evengoingto try working at home
i m i m nogoingto use the word but
so and hopefully i mgoingto vancouver next year so
maxim was if i mgoingto wear a beard i
twat f809: i m nevergoingto work in a call
got them cause i mgoingto write a letter to
the novel now i mgoingto write a novel that
one s finished i mgoingto write about [exhale] why
way so if i mgoingto write anything i must
see the governor i mgoingto write to our m
until march 1982 i mgoingto write to their representative
my ains [?]my things are sorted[/?] i mgoingto you pick yours next
of october again i mgoingtomorrow into wigan to book
m1090: [pages turning] i m notgoingtoo fast buzz lightyear f1089:
cold f1122: aye i mgoingtouch f1121: oh your feet
be right back i mgoingunder the bed and see
[inaudible] [laugh] m642: i mgoingup like m608: [laugh] f641:
mmhm f606: well i mgoingup there in two weeks
i m supposed to begoingwith a group from the
[censored: forename] s m1098: i mgoingwith [censored: forename] s [inaudible] he
be wearing where are theygoingare they going away to
and is this the lambgoingaway back to his house
s taking his time aboutgoingaway even when you tell
her suitcase cause she sgoingaway her holidays f1114: yes
about eight when we startedgoingaway in in winter f1149:
play play doh dad sgoingaway in the car dad
yes [inaudible] car f1113: shegoingaway in the car f1114:
away in the car dadgoingaway in the car mm
mamma f1109: is the vangoingaway m1110: van going to
on his coat he sgoingaway outside f1114: yes yes
going to do are theygoingaway over beside the bubbles
f1109: oh the parcels isgoingaway over to this side
at the other was agoingaway present from bill two
packing their cases they regoingaway their holiday fimbles baby
aeroplanes f1113: lots o aeroplanesgoingaway their holidays aeroplanes going
uh huh m1110: mam f1109: goingaway their holidays cause the
going away their holidays aeroplanesgoingaway their holidays f1114: yes
see the fimbles are maybegoingaway their holidays wait till
a party or are theygoingaway to a dancing class
are they going are theygoingaway to a party or
dancing kit if they regoingaway to b- are they
shoes and she s notgoingaway to ballet just now
bookie li- listen mummy sgoingaway to get your milk
steam clouds cause he sgoingaway to go fast m1092:
yes yes f1113: he sgoingaway to see the caterpillar
and aboot the little lambgoingaway to the school but
going drivin car [exhale] f1113: goingaway to the seaside f1114:
s that f1113: they regoingaway to the seaside f1114:
s that f1113: they regoingaway to the seaside for
a little bird they regoingaway to the seaside for
is goin there f1113: yougoingaway to your bed [laugh]
can be sure of notgoingaway with an empty stomach
feet away from the bikesgoingby m608: [laugh] m642: and
blow away f1113: what sgoingto blow away f1114: this
wondered if you were justgoingto drive away and leave
to look up wasn tgoingto get away with playing
addressed problems that were notgoingto go away such as
i decided we were actuallygoingto have to run away
van going away m1110: vangoingto [inaudible] goes [inaudible] f1109:
was i was from stationarygoingto move away and there
okay m805: i ve justgoingto put them away m804:
it away m1090: we regoingto we re going to
sort of if you startgoingup maryhill road away to
f718: uh huh m734: bygoingafter them they re losing
my armchair so we regoingalong and at one point
hour and as they regoingalong the straight before the
that s where you regoingand eh the next day
is to keep a liegoingand how satisfying they re
at and where you regoingand it makes no sense
they know where they regoingand that s good i
yes yes and you regoingand then you go oh
ken i think they regoingawa leaving that poor dog
just leave it we regoingawa to get our teeth
brushed and then we regoingawa to playgroup and then
right yeah f947: we regoingback a while now f746:
f1150: yeah if you regoingback then it s it
there f1121: we re notgoingback there [inaudible] f1122: oh
engulfs me you re notgoingback to that place ever
and you know they regoingback to their kind of
f1121: oh we re notgoingback up that way f1122:
direction in which we regoingbut at the con- the
of summer so we regoingby and i go hey
re accelerating and they regoingby us about a hundred
that hill and they regoingby us about a hundred
d you think you regoingdanny must be all the
work out how we regoingdo that and then f641:
f1121: o- okay we regoingdoon in a wee whilie
f1113: you re tired wigoingdoon the big yellow chute
a left cause we regoingdown south into north yorkshire
i see when we regoingdown the lane i think
and in fact we regoingdown to wales erm in
afford a round you regoingdutch ring up excuse yourself
going park then we regoingerm wha- we re going
shot and then we regoingf1136: i have gone on
quite sure where you regoingf963: mm mm m762: where
fast mmhm f1089: you regoingfast are you [sound of water running] are
s because you re notgoingfast enough m1055: [laugh] m1007:
anyway this flat you regoinghoping to get it s
on but if you regoingin as a writer erm
in the gate we regoingin [exhale] [inaudible] mum [inaudible]
the gate f1136: we regoingin the gate we re
weeks f890: oh you regoingin two weeks f606: so
is erm going into itgoinginto what you re stuck
with the way they regoingmy final presentation is a
with them whatsoever they regoingnowhere they never open a
f66: just suddenly you regoingokay i know what s
off and you re stillgoingon about the ashtray sadie
uh huh f1135: we regoingon it fast f1136: i
some some consciou- subconscious thinggoingon that you re constructing
get [censored: forename] cause we regoingon to elgin m1096: [child noise]
in hours we regoingout around 11pm to celebrate
even if you re notgoingout f826: really m827: aye
said that you re notgoingoutside like that f1103: mm
re going park and wegoingpaper shop get [inaudible] f1135:
going erm wha- we regoingpark and we going paper
the mornings when you regoingplaces so you smell lovely
okay and so we regoinground like this and it
aye m642: as it sgoinground so you re waiting
was like [censored: forename] we regoingshopping okay [laugh] what he
feet look where you regoingshouted mrs mccoll as katie
we re going we regoingsomewhere really good mummy okay
like one day we regoingteachers are that are teaching
that way f1135: you regoingthat way f1136: no you
mmhm f958: so he sgoingthere and then we re
year yes so we regoingthis year f1054: okay good
the tasks that we regoingto ask them to do
to hear that you regoingto aunt anne s for
it might mean you regoingto be a-a- an old
do you think you regoingto be able to do
box f1113: oh they regoingto be busy little pigs
australia i think you regoingto be disappointed [laugh] f806:
and it says you regoingto be he for het
thing but we re alsogoingto be linking with hillhead
an area that we regoingto be looking at eh
baby annabel things you regoingto be losing them are
design erm a- we regoingto be phasing in er
re you re almost inevitablygoingto be slightly over the
bit f814: because you regoingto be so close to
the key drivers they regoingto be the [cough] the
four capacities cause they regoingto be the key drivers
so even although you regoingto be thing and superboy
they re v- they regoingto be very important because
it depends what they regoingto be wearing where are
to so- you re notgoingto believe this [laugh] because
the engine and they regoingto build up the fire
shoe on if you regoingto [?]by[/?] school f1103: are
that next time we regoingto [censored: forename] s m1128: i
of [censored: placename] and you regoingto [censored: placename] there s like
of pretty much we regoingto change the world and
s mind you re notgoingto die mam not for
is that what they regoingto do are they going
the other but we regoingto do everything together aren
sixteen decide what you regoingto do f1037: that s
it m1098: fitt you regoingto do f1097: no leave
tell me what you regoingto do f1122: hey a
[click] [inhale] what we regoingto do now [video operator comments that a student has moved the video camera] steady
cleared okay now we regoingto draw a little house
your hand if you regoingto draw around your handprint
mm m762: if you regoingto draw up key books
no no we re notgoingto eat the ducks they
the car fann we regoingto elgin will that be
watch now or you regoingto fall [inaudible] this one
it f1105: no you regoingto fall into the bath
watch now or you regoingto fall m1096: and they
dae it f1131: you regoingto feed them are ye
glad that they re actuallygoingto finish it though it
advent calendar and we regoingto get a christmas tree
band no- you re notgoingto get any respect that
same not if you regoingto get in my way
it s all you regoingto get oh oh oh
spoon clean how re wegoingto get the chocolate off
crap and they re notgoingto get the money back
her well oh they regoingto get together that s
right and who re wegoingto gie the crispies to
any flowers but we regoingto go and buy some
f1135: no they re notgoingto go f1136: right we
uh huh m734: they regoingto go for them even
it f1101: aye we regoingto go hame noo f1102:
f963: yeah if they regoingto go in to the
thingies and then we regoingto go oot for a
that s running we regoingto go through to your
of the club we regoingto go through we re
fall m1096: and they regoingto grow and grow and
they re wondering what sgoingto happen what are they
to hatch f1113: they regoingto hatch are they f1114:
of words that we regoingto have a look at
look forward to you regoingto have to apologise to
time m608: [click] we regoingto have to call a
telling you now you regoingto have to go for
needs some exercise we regoingto have to impose that
their ball so we regoingto have to jump over
of thing so we regoingto have to look at
ll well inevitably we regoingto have to make use
that bit so we regoingto have to put it
to handle cause you regoingto have to turn it
mind it s we regoingto have we ll have
like that okay you regoingto help mam m1106: [inaudible]
live with boys they regoingto hit on you and
ve already addressed you regoingto include speech as well
you know you re notgoingto include you know erm
look after us we regoingto keep some of it
heid f1095: oh you regoingto kiss it better oh
well especially if you regoingto learn to play like
re leaving a we regoingto leave a square there
yeah [laugh] m762: we regoingto level everything you know
don t think you regoingto like this james but
it replenished we re notgoingto lionise you but today
three areas that we regoingto look at particularly in
the hospital so we regoingto m1096: el- f1095: right
match somebody think you regoingto match it f1130: it
at this think you regoingto match somebody think you
on it f1135: you regoingto pedal are you look
fact that they re obviouslygoingto pick this up much
be nice f1154: you regoingto pick your favourite one
think that we re agoingto pit oor energies intae
dear she lied we regoingto play a little game
s name and you regoingto point to it to
really chuffed that we regoingto prague this year f1025:
re going to we regoingto put [censored: forename] s stool
the box f1125: you regoingto put it in the
and see if they regoingto put like tons of
coming look and they regoingto put the fire out
won t it we regoingto put your hot water
re upping sticks you regoingto rangoon boys japs getting
old clydesdale bank is possiblygoingto re open as a
those characters how they regoingto resolve if they re
here maybe but you regoingto run as soon as
f1115: eh f1116: we regoingto [?]safeway[/?] wi dad f1115:
but i though you weregoingto san francisco you re
ve concluded what you regoingto say and eh that
the answers you re justgoingto say right okay this
aug 17 we re allgoingto see ann of green
s ray they re allgoingto see ray in the
clothes come on we regoingto see your little friend
and get dry you regoingto slip and fall and
mmhm f965: erm this isgoingto so- you re not
you know they re probablygoingto some if they were
really enjoy cause you regoingto spend like what two
let go you re notgoingto spill that filthy stuff
re not you re notgoingto start arguing f812: that
remember that dog i wasgoingto start walking they re
no coming they re justgoingto stay in italy [inaudible]
this school thought they regoingto steal all our teachers
their canadian address they regoingto stop mailing stuff to
after this and we regoingto study and then i
own times if we regoingto survive we must get
to go through we regoingto take a table and
santa comes what are yougoingto tell me you re
[laugh] i know we regoingto the chinese do you
white house we re alsogoingto the lincoln washington memorial
doing on thursday they regoingto the shopping to get
strawberry f1135: we re notgoingto the shops now there
sunday right tuesday they regoingto the swimming pool so
ve got [?]bullies[/?] they regoingto throw the [?]bully[/?] they
my f1121: right we regoingto tidy up you going
we f1121: mmhm we regoingto tidy up your bedroom
s the school you regoingto tomorrow and of course
worse worker you re eithergoingto try and squeeze as
thinking says mummy you regoingto try and wind him
f1037: anyway so you regoingto vancouver next year why
your bike [inaudible] are yougoingto wait until you re
in their midst we regoingto washington on wed and
yellow chute f1113: you regoingto what f1114: big yellow
answer somebody f1089: you regoingto what m1090: answer somebody
not yet you re notgoingto your bed yet when
up the steps we regoingup the steps f1135: uh
f1095: no we re justgoingup to make sure cause
their tails wiggling they regoingwag wag wag wiggle wiggle
be careful f1122: we regoingwe re going somewhere really
entrance here and you regoingyes yes yes and you
knock all the it sgoingall the people f1113: another
big tower look that sgoingdown the tower f1113: right
doin next well i wasgoingdownstairs to f1114: [inaudible] f1113:
their holidays f1114: it sgoingdrivin car [exhale] f1113: going
f1114: [inhale] where s [?]my moppie[/?]goingf1113: i don t know
the ladder and he sgoingf1114: sliding doon f1113: he
mess f1114: yes he sgoinghis [inaudible] f1113: mmhm f1114:
this this little pig isgoingin the farm f1113: oh
[inaudible] the little pig sgoingin there this o- f1113:
f1113: good girl yey f1114: goingmm there f1113: do you
eyes f1114: this this isgoingthere f1113: and this one
no f1114: this ain sgoingthere f1113: right this one
f1114: that that ain sgoingthere f1113: thank you another
thank you f1114: next onegoingthere f1113: thank you f1114:
f1114: the next one isgoingthere f1113: thank you f1114:
f1114: yes this next piecegoingthere f1113: that s good
this one f1114: no f1113: goingthere look and he s
thank you f1114: next onegoingthere mm f1113: thank you
[?]neh![/?] [laugh] this one sgoingthere [?]then this one[/?] f1113: what s
f1114: this little piggies isgoingthis this yes f1113: do
to baby school f1113: yougoingto baby school you want
s your teacher s namegoingto be f1114: red f1113:
the wall f1114: he sgoingto bed f1113: [?]going for[/?] his
school f1114: yes [censored: forename] sgoingto big school f1113: she
s ain i- f1113: yougoingto count mum s ones
f1113: ah lots are yougoingto count the clouds f1114:
f1113: that s clocks yougoingto count the numbers f1114:
[laugh] f1114: [inaudible] f1113: yougoingto cut it f1114: yes
f1113: now what are yougoingto do after tea time
[eating noises] f1113: what are yougoingto do f1114: um f1113:
[?]the things[/?] f1113: and are yougoingto do my hair nice
f1113: did it are yougoingto draw something f1114: i
f1113: i thought you wasgoingto draw this right mum
f1113: apples baby pom sgoingto eat apples oh look
[?]pipey[/?] oh f1113: she sgoingto get a bonny birthday
yes f1113: now are yougoingto get a clasp for
them f1113: far s naegoingto get them f1114: [censored: forename]
bobble f1113: oh right yougoingto go and pick them
swimming with dad f1113: yougoingto go swimming wi dad
with f1114: [inaudible] [censored: forename] sgoingto granny s f1113: [censored: forename]
that s enough is hegoingto hatch f1113: right there
f1113: that dory right yougoingto help me does that
mm mm f1113: are yougoingto help mum f1114: mm
go hide f1113: he sgoingto hide is he f1114:
make it f1113: are yougoingto make it right f1114:
f1113: there you go yougoingto make that eggie there
s that f1113: are yougoingto pack your suitcase for
f1113: you pick are yougoingto pick them out there
and billy f1113: mm yougoingto play something watch your
yes f1113: right are yougoingto play the marbles again
with [censored: forename] f1113: she sgoingto play wi [censored: forename] f1114:
she f1114: yes she sgoingto play with [censored: forename] f1113:
you go f1113: are yougoingto play with the toys
s it f1113: are yougoingto playschool f1114: yes there
that s bessie she sgoingto see the fimbles f1113:
doon here f1113: are yougoingto sit down there are
[inaudible] f1113: right who sgoingto start first f1114: [censored: forename]
uh huh f1113: are yougoingto stay inside and play
going to school f1113: yougoingto the school f1114: yes
yes [inaudible] f1113: are yougoingto walk up to school
f1113: mmhm where are yougoingtomorrow f1114: [exhale] on the
no f1114: that one sgoingtoo f1113: now we ve
to granny s f1113: [censored: forename]goingup to granny s is
s a suitcase f1113: forgoingyour holidays see the fimbles
looking out of the windowgoinga walk vs going for
knows exactly where he sgoingand what he s going
that thingy f1135: are yougoingare we going to the
going to go m1092: himgoingdown down down down down
keep going honestly just keepgoingf1077: uh huh just say
window going a walk vsgoingfor a walk such modest
[exhale] f718: no ju- keepgoinghonestly just keep going f1077:
think it often is ermgoinginto it going into what
it s going it sgoinginto the bubbles in the
going to say anyway aboutgoinginto town f813: we got
in bath f1091: it sgoingit s going into the
f1160: ehm and sometimes maybegoingov- going over it a
and sometimes maybe going ov-goingover it a little bit
fine going there we enjoyedgoingthere an it had a
an that was really finegoingthere we enjoyed going there
going to my bed vsgoingto bed looking out the
be going to would wasgoingto corbett 1997 48 therefore
going and what he sgoingto do and he smells
waves m1106: mum it sgoingto ge- it s going
going to ge- it sgoingto get old if it
field sure farr s hegoingto go m1092: him going
not going to her notgoingto go to ballet just
going to tidy up yougoingto help mummy tidy up
the skirt there her notgoingto her not going to
scottish accent or occasional scotticismsgoingto my bed vs going
minutes f814: what were yougoingto say anyway about going
are you going are wegoingto the park or are
year f965: see they weregoingto they were going to
also [censored: forename] [censored: forename] wasn tgoingto uni he was going
were going to they weregoingto whatever school whatever wherever
to intention will shall begoingto would was going to
going to uni he wasgoingtravelling for a year so
and er they they weregoingup er they were going
yeah i will are yougoingup here going to do
going up er they weregoingup to me er you
he goes f1114: it sgoingknock knock all the it
now very nice where yougoingout to a party f1114:
right no that one sgoingsquint look erm no f1114:
you see now there sgoingto be now f1114: [squeal]
i catched it are yougoingto catch it f1114: yes
else what else are yougoingto do at playschool f1114:
bike what else are yougoingto do f1114: and and
that ones what are wegoingto do f1114: [inhale] er
up to the shop yougoingto do that f1114: yes
that s it right yougoingto draw a caterpillar f1114:
hair nice today am igoingto have nice hair f1114:
there what else are yougoingto play with draw f1114:
okay then who are yougoingto play with f1114: [inaudible]
and [censored: forename] s up yougoingto play with him f1114:
a mummy f1114: it sgoingyes [laugh] it s gonna
lines of thought i wasgoingalong at the same time
before i thought you weregoingback to work mum mum
when you said you weregoinghome i thought oh i
letter until he thought ofgoinginto the bar and putting
injured maybe the thought ofgoinginto town tonight and giving
felt no need to getgoingno thought of unpaid bills
who have not thought aboutgoingon it i remind members
police thought that something wasgoingon on the land they
[laugh] f814: the thought ofgoingthrough m811: i know f813:
i thought that you weregoingto ask margo macdonald a
year mr paterson i wasgoingto ask whether you thought
no i thought you wasgoingto be a hairdresser there
they obviously thought it wasgoingto be cyclone whereas i
it when everything else wasgoingto be kinda she thought
we thought that we weregoingto be late for school
and he thought it wasgoingto be the conductor in
again as those are allgoingto be thought out once
f1133: i thought you wasgoingto colour in the flooer
and he thought i wasgoingto crunch him but i
i thought how am igoingto follow this you know
thought you was we wasgoingto go doon to help
know what they thought wasgoingto happen to them because
present had thought they weregoingto hear ray bradbury they
[censored: surname] i thought she wasgoingto kill me i went
excited at the thought ofgoingto montrose or aberdeen but
i thought you were justgoingto pick up the bits
i thought he was justgoingto rant at the supervisor
that i thought it wasgoingto ring for ever what
oh i thought you weregoingto say [censored: forename] [censored: surname] i
know actually really thought aboutgoingto scandinavia before f1149: uh
thought the catherine wheel wasgoingto sputter when your lips
thought that mr sheridan wasgoingto tell me what my
her i thought we weregoingto the hospital to see
that he thought twice aboutgoingto war unlike many of
do you see the worldgoingin the next twenty five
and maureen his wife aregoingon holiday to florida next
my next question i wasgoingto ask what involvement the
mackay my next question wasgoingto be about the scientific
know next year is isgoingto be so difficult f807:
in turn which genre isgoingto be turned up next
next week if we aregoingto do anything about the
and which one are yougoingto do next f1126: this
programme of what they aregoingto do next our employers
[censored: forename] right fitt are yougoingto do next the hens
fire engine right whit yegoingto do next this ain
year is what we aregoingto do next we should
coming out next are yougoingto finish this cause it
you never knew what wasgoingto happen next it really
moment and i ll begoingto london next week then
that next week he wasgoingto pack in his simpering
the boy and the girlgoingto school next that s
next max and ruby yougoingto sing it max and
next week my mum sgoingto want to go christmas
all travelled together you knowgoingand coming home and that
be animal musicians accompany hengoinghome and having a sleep
it in my head likegoinghome and then the whole
sunshine and was astonished ongoinghome at lunchtime to hear
held up car breaks downgoinghome but we make it
felt like bailing out andgoinghome damn that toothlock doddy
yeah you always call itgoinghome i always do anyway
crosses the stage as thoughgoinghome in pain and is
not for christmas he sgoinghome like he lives in
and weld stones forever thengoinghome planting my feet in
in the maggie hugh isgoinghome to new zealand for
with a single room isgoinghome to new zealand for
both knew that i wasgoinghome to scotland and granma
one of the single mengoinghome to the deep in
the hill he d begoinghome when other folk were
where s the fun ingoinghome where s the john
if lily and him aregoingto be at home around
street if he was notgoingto be home he would
warning you somebody else isgoingto have to stay home
home at christmas are yougoingto spend christmas out there
comes home and he sgoingto write for the whole
old men [?]there all day[/?] are yougoingup home for christmas or
things that we can getgoinga lot of national work
and their ability to getgoingand to sustain the increasing
am keen to get itgoingas soon as possible so
get to to rome stationgoingback to erm m608: oh
nae a monster aye rightgoingdown to get your chips
ll get f1135: right yougoingfor a walk or what
f963: you get a dialoguegoingfrom one person writing f965:
then f1126: i canna getgoinghow about this one a
of raw wool and getgoingideas were coming for new
beasties get in oops f1126: going[inaudible] [child noises] f1125: now we
good fun to get somethinggoingmy presents haven t arrived
you get loads of peoplegoingno no no no no
can write when you getgoingon the type writer much
more details about what isgoingon they should get in
that to get the firegoingsee m1092: [inaudible] f1091: press
woken up f1125: mm keepgoingthen f1126: i canna get
get there she would begoingthrough four countries in each
f812: quite an experience justgoingto clarks to get the
f1089: mmhm m1090: it sgoingto fall down get out
your [censored: forename] too [censored: forename] sgoingto get a baby f1118:
nor that he was justgoingto get a dish o
in the park you weregoingto get a great seat
[laugh] m1007: dwelly s isgoingto get a hammering f1009:
him f1091: mmhm is hegoingto get a wash is
f1122: aye how are wegoingto get across f1121: that
ipods erm so are yougoingto get an ipod that
to you you weren tgoingto get any worth- worth-
judgment that we are notgoingto get anybody the convener
m- her other friend weregoingto get camping tickets do
f1122: the seaside how wegoingto get how we this
couple of days they aregoingto get in touch with
areas because we are notgoingto get into another discussion
cap market support i amgoingto get into difficulties because
past week if we aregoingto get involved in a
and some people weren tgoingto get it and i
after the game youse aregoingto get it etcetera etcetera
scenario that they were notgoingto get it right whereas
s girlfriend edna they aregoingto get married in the
the road but they aregoingto get married up here
miller that they were notgoingto get much more than
concern that they were notgoingto get much more than
july that they were notgoingto get much more than
small flats it was notgoingto get out of the
ah a tune noo yougoingto get out the farmer
[censored: forename] was determined i wasgoingto get over this fear
guv exactly how was hegoingto get rid of me
telly so fitt s crackergoingto get the night carrots
of the hollering someone wasgoingto get their ass kicked
and find ye are theygoingto get them is aa
then f1122: how are wegoingto get to the se-
one way this horse isgoingto get up and you
for sure that it wasgoingto get up on the
rain f1091: he s notgoingto get wet cause he
boswell he knew he wasgoingto have to get outside
he loathed scenes he wasgoingto have to get up
no doubt that he wasgoingto paris to get fr-
flat down you know beforegoingto the typist to get
6 friday we really getgoingtonight and have a good
get the old grey ladygoingwhile you dry yourself up
look we need to getgoingwith the jelly come and
to get wherever you weregoingyour lunch and s- you
along the roads several pairsgoingand coming would beat down
it again and i wasgoingback down the road saying
spending on public services isgoingdown and is below the
really good fun at leastgoingdown by that time my
f1154: oh got the gossipgoingdown f1155: [?]besides[/?] he got
[laugh] f643: [laugh] this isgoingdown for posterity they weren
pedalling all the time evengoingdown hill if you wanted
run of any 5 notesgoingdown in scale slowly holding
f807: yeah maybe f806: forgoingdown south f807: yeah maybe
be appropriate why are yougoingdown that line of regulation
beginning to show signs ofgoingdown the brae eight hutches
f1122: we have to keepgoingdown the lane have we
rolled out over three yearsgoingdown the number of occupants
s maybe it would begoingdown the road and it
see his or her livelihoodgoingdown the tubes it will
comes over look it sgoingdown there and it s
questions i ask kind ofgoingdown these kind of routes
make a special point ofgoingdown to edinburgh i really
festival and feeling disoriented beforegoingdown to floor two and
oh okay m1163: and ermgoingdown to motherwell station and
bilsland drive and that sgoingdown towards like actual ruchill
the older age group isgoingdown when the fact is
coming down the stairs andgoingout behind them beth locks
roaring bundle on the futongoingout through the door down
down there and it sgoingout to sea can you
it was m944: this wasgoingsomewhere before we went down
push it down is itgoingto come oot there it
the detail that he wasgoingto go down this road
f641: mmhm f643: and alsogoingto jumble sales down here
right you cuddle down yougoingto say night night mum
not carrying the coffin sgoingup and down like it
sperm destined for mooning cowsgoingup and down on a
funny expression coming down andgoingup f1159: mmhm f746: uh
it is a case ofgoingup hill and down dale
local authorities throughout scotland aregoingup hills and down dales
you keep is this doggiegoingback in f1122: aye h-
second f1122: why are wegoingcan i see when we
f1121: [inaudible] where are yougoinghear the birdies [censored: forename] f1122:
s f1121: right f1122: notgoing[inaudible] [?]the ball[/?] f1121: right what
f1122: how is the dishiesgoingon mum f1121: oh they
f1121: okay where are wegoingour walk f1122: how about
go f1122: why are wegoingover to the cooker f1121:
when you cough f1122: thisgoingto be the yummiest chocolate
it f1121: what are yougoingto do f1122: creep to
[?]say this[/?] f1121: what are yougoingto do f1122: this this
f1122: [noise from toy computer] f1121: are yougoingto gie [censored: forename] a shottie
there f1122: is it notgoingto hit us f1121: no
so fitt colour are yougoingto make first f1122: hm
of these f1121: are yougoingto manage that f1122: aye
f1122: oh are we justgoingto put the plates on
f1121: [inaudible] what was yougoingto say f1122: look up
day f1122: okay f1121: yougoingto tell mrs [censored: surname] open
the park f1122: are wegoingto the park f1121: mmhm
f1122: bubble that was bubblesgoingup my n- my [?]ear[/?]
time at the universitetskaya beforegoingacross to [censored: forename] s to
me [censored: forename] and [censored: forename] sgoingm1108: why f1107: well cause
f1125: somebody for [censored: forename] keepgoingoh well done oof i
and prepare some lessons beforegoingover to see [censored: forename] [censored: forename]
to do some russian beforegoingover to see [censored: forename] spent
a minute cause [censored: forename] sgoingto be out the school
haven t cause [censored: forename] sgoingto be the school will
oot [censored: forename] s claes forgoingto granny s right you
heating yeah it s naegoingto move [censored: forename] if you
where you and [censored: forename] sgoingto sit right m1096: okay
school with mum [censored: forename] yougoingto walk up to school

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