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of ciggies and her brightgoldenlighter behind that jar on
of ciggies and her brightgoldenlighter i reach out for
saw mummy putting her brightgoldenpacket of ciggies and her
can see mummy s brightgoldenpacket of ciggies and her
round that oak hangs agoldenchain a golden chain round
round that oak hangs agoldenchain a green cat a
round that oak hangs agoldenchain a green chain around
round that oak hangs agoldenchain olga ye r dowie
hangs a golden chain agoldenchain round that oak ai
to blur and drown sevengoldenbowls on a white table
a long white table sevengoldenbowls the first holds passion
the fair together all thegoldengoldfish circled their bowls as
around for mummy s brightgoldenlighter and i find it
the princess and her brightgoldenball and we know already
really hurting mummy s brightgoldenciggie packet is lying on
on ice yeah yeah maureengoldeni remember maureen golden the
translated as golden valley orgoldenshell the latter is my
maureen golden i remember maureengoldenthe first time i ever
and can be translated asgoldenvalley or golden shell the
the pencil stamped braemar ingoldenletters ran a red light
a red pencil braemar ingoldenletters stamped on its side
the surface by a largegoldendisc one of our group
ochre ridge of teix turnedgoldenred as if its surface
prime subtendent then by thegoldenrule [laugh] [audience laugh] we find
prime subtendent then by thegoldenrule we find that the
med onions quartered sauté untilgoldenbrown 1 cup skim milk
½ cup treacle ½ cupgoldensyrup ¼ cup cooking sherry
rich symbolic wall paintings showedgoldenhaloed saintly figures and the
covered pan until crisp andgoldenreduction demi glâce rich carefully
at least in edinburgh agoldenage of modern scottish letters
place under hot grill tillgoldenbrown bubbling cut into wedges
from uncle dod at skenegoldenbrown eggs from cousin belle
in 1 oz butter tillgoldenbrown place in cass brown
cover pan thinly cook untilgoldenbrown turn roll up in
she is shown as agoldencow covered with stars over
potato made eyes at agoldendelicious the chilli turned red
public utilities we forsake thisgoldenopportunity at our peril 10
houses today we have agoldenopportunity for the executive and
the case there is agoldenopportunity on which i am
propose we will miss agoldenopportunity to put scotland at
decline and fall innermessan sgoldenage ended abruptly for around
dried black olives mixed withgoldenleaf fall at my feet
strings his harp with hergoldenhair and later harps at
girl in the yellow bikinigoldenhair cascading down her back
with nightmares found amigo hisgoldenhair luminous as a god
almost predictably has hair likegoldenthreads and lily white skin
ambition was to create agoldenage there was in contemporary
it is today [note: eight pages of illustrations here in original] thegoldenage while innermessan then had
a large needle with agoldenthread in his hand enter
until filling is set andgoldenchinese ham and pea omelette
for 10 minutes until palegoldenin colour cut meat into
composed almost entirely of smallgoldentips which are the extreme
glimpsed black domes surrounding onegoldendome one of the many
the desert s thighs aregoldendust a black handbag floats
lie down stew white surfgoldensand palm trees cool breeze
lumps of sugar for mygoldenblend coffee small luxuries in
how the notes sped likegoldenminnows to each nook the
blackie sang tae spill hisgoldennotes in silence that ensued
there another walled world ofgoldenfairy tale cathedrals european palaces
won him the world championshipgoldenspurtle trophy a fower times
on her temples like agoldenfleece queen elizabeth may have
on the occasion of hergoldenjubilee the motion was agreed
day shining a shower ofgoldenrain alive in her youth
huge log fire a fragrantgoldenraquel drawing me to her
changes into them all brazenlygoldenthen she pulls on her
precious mine their minds forgoldenglancing words rows of words
north south the next isgoldenhere the lotus grows the
well they re celebratin theirgoldenweddin next year actually i
30 pm motion on thegoldenjubilee 4 00 pm executive
400ºf 30 35 mins puffygoldenon top avocado soup 1
like wheel spokes shaking theirgoldenmanes like bursts of sun
tae new zealand for theirgoldenweddin so that would be
sons and daughters sing theirgoldenwedding song strewing myrtle branches
iris to the core itsgoldenpetals transported me beyond cortez
which in its heyday boastedgoldenrepresentations of birds animals and
painted crook and flail mygoldenba bird serpent amulet my
unkillable i am wearing mygoldenmask but where is my
sacred lake the water wasgoldenand the mountains on one
is the girl from thegoldencity she has lovers one
all directions and one wholegoldenshoulder showing through the rent
the serried summits like thegoldenlance the cloudy champion thundering
from two different earts nogoldenevenings in september and now
mill that falls in agoldenheap dropping from the mouth
is lucifer cast from hisgoldenthrone fox could lie here
was carted off on agoldenchair the crowds made to
they reckon they could thegoldenearring would pay for whatever
up apparently to kiss thegoldencoffin of a saint outside
easier dealt with than thegoldenhead 28 a certain amount
of being welded to agoldenland of promise although it
haunches in chains opposing agoldenlion rampant both were clawing
waist band revealing a smoothgoldenskin and a muscly shoulder
re completed to a littlegoldentopped church that we d
lovely see woodcock on roadgoldencoloured good tea in peebles
phantom fields of corn swayinggoldenon the parking lots of
frozen loch shimmers beautiful withgoldensun in the woods deer
of silver birches glorious ingoldenautumn colours and despite signs
lined the fortress walls andgoldeneffigies of the incan totems
sweet imaginings profound humanities andgoldenlegends forms heroic beauties tripping
fox hounds and retrievers aregoldenoldies in the popularity stakes
dim fairy lit chandeliers andgoldenornamentation some people were obviously
baksheesh canopic jar sphinxes andgoldenpharoahs donkeys the peasants car
market and kerrs pink andgoldenwonder for home consumption [note: photo: 'milking at pitcarles, 1972.']
high in royal anna sgoldendays hard was the task
morisa toreza 14 opposite thegoldendomes we shopped briefly in
street deukin atween cars ingoldensquare an taakin the steps
m1014: unidentified the the thegoldenearring would be for buryin
return of the jedi thegoldenera was of course your
or tak da mödow sgoldenfooth an mak hit maet
richt strong neck an esgoldenglowin e en fin it

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