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time i spent on agolfcourse was when we camped
been m815: camped on agolfcourse yeah m816: popular hope
m816: you camped on agolfcourse you d have been
same in golf the oldgolfballs were called gutties because
his whole summer in thegolfclub doon the golf course
the golf club doon thegolfcourse and played away so
m trying to say thegolfcourse f1121: the golf course
cute f1121: there s thegolfcourse look f1122: aye golf
golf course look f1122: ayegolfcourse mum we have to
the golf course f1121: thegolfcourse right up this way
did you trade in thegolff1155: the golf yeah f1154:
ve got the same ingolfthe old golf balls were
in the golf f1155: thegolfyeah f1154: ah f1155: yeah
yeah but the [inaudible] f1054: golfballs can be that m1015:
week and they d hitgolfballs from one end of
wasn t unusual to findgolfballs in your room in
inch ehm an gettin thegolfballs [laugh] f1026: oh yeah
taking to promote nairn sgolfclubs as part of this
go out there wi theirgolfclubs at the weekend or
ve borrowed a set ofgolfclubs however and i m
aye an a set ogolfclubs tae practice wi in
of woody nature trails agolfcourse an artificial lake 15
tae let fowk see thegolfcourse an jonsar tried tae
ower their man s favouritegolfcourse an things like that
thinking of like the greenockgolfcourse but i m talking
summer serves as the mactaquacgolfcourse driving range that was
we could go in thegolfcourse f1121: mmhm f1122: can
go down to see thegolfcourse f1121: okay then just
to go in the thegolfcourse f1121: okay you ve
careful we re past thegolfcourse f1121: uh huh is
story to include the newgolfcourse i expect tom [censored: surname]
mmhm m815: there s agolfcourse kinna near like where
have to go to thegolfcourse look there s another
m talking about the gourockgolfcourse m816: aye m815: yeah
a tent up on thegolfcourse m816: mmhm m815: can
m815: yeah off to thegolfcourse m816: yeah we never
victoria park a racecourse agolfcourse neat rows of bungalows
bar an on tae thegolfcourse now don t come
he caught me on thegolfcourse one day f963: mm
very kenspekkil figure on thegolfcourse these days or there
of a tent on thegolfcourse took himself to innermessan
m816: and there s agolfcourse up there m815: there
t tell you where thegolfcourse was in case they
hill f963: corner of thegolfcourse you know is it
we was walking over thegolfcourse you saw water up
tee f1122: it s agolftee f1121: mmhm f1122: mum
s broken it s agolftee f1122: it s a
like to watch them playinggolff1121: will we f1122: and
want to watch them playinggolff1122: mmhm f1121: mmhm f1122:
onybody fae oor class playinggolfon the moon or even
look there s somebody playinggolfthere f1122: [inaudible] and there
a grip on yourself playinggolfwith my flesh crawling buzzcocks
not there s people playinggolfyou see wow go on
school a member of thegolfclub and in the masons
recite at st meddan sgolfclub annual dinner monreith we
f1121: mmhm there s thegolfclub have you been in
enjoyed the hospitality of thegolfclub the smfpc the tayside
d ye d ye playgolfno m816: no m815: no
attract major sporting events promotegolfinternationally and make sure that
doing to promote women sgolfs1o 4877 3 10 pm
visit nairn to promote itsgolftourism strategy and what steps
hoose fester an fest thegolfmatch are you a member
jonsar eck noticed at thegolfmatch hid started again he
in 2000 01 on promotinggolftourism by the scottish executive
in the context of thegolftourism strategy will visitscotland support
andy farquhar him that playedgolfwi alistair when he was
he simultaneously met and playedgolfwith thomas huxley and clerk
that and watch him thegolfthe f1121: we could f1122:
made awa tae watch thegolfp s the welsh lad
treatment work can i playgolfcan i bowl can i
eck hid tried tae playgolfnae affa weel an thocht
gae up tae hazleheid ogolftae play a roon as
gae up tae hazleheid ogolftae play a roon as
burn syne roon be egolfcoorse an back it taks
the scottish women s opengolfchampionship mike watson that issue
anyway keep up the swimminggolffencing respectively hope everybody s
missile an old chewed upgolfball then appeared in sight
dad has sent over agolfmagazine book and set of
a meeting with visitscotland sgolfpromotions unit this week on
supply can hide echo foxtrotgolfhotel dante d reinvent his
they d a sort ofgolfsection in there and he
of the discord within thegolfsector over the etourism joint
an awfu man for thegolfthere s naethin awfu in
tae see the british amateurgolfchampionship he thocht it wid
the world again the weegolfba och me a m
on his trouser buckle nogolftonight mop up that stain
that ye just fired thegolfball straight in the school
to get a game ofgolfin soon i ve found
day funeral baldy heids likegolfbaas wytin the final putter
o oaps bauldy heids likegolfbaas wytin the knell o
she had to trade thegolfin and then like she
am meeting representatives of agolfpromotions agency to hear their
aboot the rugby an thegolfwe get the cauld oo
drawing office in the stranraergolfclubhouse he also recalls pitching
and snooker not to mentiongolfin cooncil hoose an stately
goods for sale tents sellingolfgear bit toilets ey were
leids words the likes ogolfclan caddie glamour blackmail whisky
ask the scottish executive whethergolfcourses are envisaged as being
hitting top form at thegolfespecially against woody i wish
a diversity of sports fromgolfto outdoor activities and continue

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