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fly dragon fly dragon gonegonedragon fly high dragonfly drag
dragon fly dragon fly dragongonegone dragon fly high dragonfly
breath splutter dragon flame hissgoneout death of a fox
i think they ve aagonedoon the chute f1116: i
f1116: farr s the duckgonef1115: does it maitter f1116:
f1116: where s the duckgonef1115: find him f1116: there
f1116: where s the duckgonef1115: it s there mm
f1116: farr s the duckgonef1115: no fitt aboot him
f1116: where s the duckgonef1115: that s a frog
oh farr s the dogsgonef1116: i don t know
and where s his mumgonef1116: in the hoose [inaudible]
them is aa the puppiesgonenoo f1116: [inaudible] chute f1115:
f1116: where s the duckgonethere he goes farr s
to pupils where they havegonewrong and how to improve
able to discuss what hasgonewrong and report on that
areas where systems might havegonewrong and to get them
emigration as in the poemgonewrong but in the back
to see where we havegonewrong elaine thomson do electronics
cheap because an order hadgonewrong f606: mmhm m691: well
inclined to say something hasgonewrong in my school with
if struck carolanne something sgonewrong it should be susan
say to them you havegonewrong on this aspect and
howlers where the structure hasgonewrong the following show difficulties
the things that might havegonewrong to see for ourselves
conclusions about what might havegonewrong we have worked through
should have gone could havegoneand was expected to go
[?]and[/?] f943: gone he sgoneback home for a mid
far as it should havegonecould have gone and was
large extent that link hasgonef606: gone [laugh] yeah f1067:
he s m944: [?]and[/?] f943: gonehe s gone back home
that link has gone f606: gone[laugh] yeah f1067: it s
t it that people havegonethrough peoples have gone through
have gone through peoples havegonethrough you know erm f963:
through the scheme and havinggonedown that road will be
east lothian council area havegoneinto jobs through the new
coming through pause he sgonestraight up the stair i
as my youngest daughter hasgonethrough a calamity jane phase
or restaurant it will havegonethrough a stringent process to
process ben wallace i havegonethrough all of them except
but now it has allgonethrough all they have to
such as this has beengonethrough and checked by so
all the processes have beengonethrough and that we will
procedures that it could havegonethrough it complained in the
long and hard and havegonethrough many hoops for angus
and other countries have nowgonethrough solar energy and wind
and until the matter hadgonethrough the courts it was
er with students who havegonethrough the entire system and
mcnulty many abbeyfield homes havegonethrough the licensing process we
indicated that scapa had notgonethrough the procedures that it
names because they had notgonethrough the whole judicial process
penilee secondary school he hasgonethrough the whole mainstream education
i think that s usgonethrough through all the words
of strife it s actuallygonethrough to get where it
homeless they would have justgonethrough what used to be
first stage 2 that hasgonethrough without a vote the
one knew where she hadgonea considerable time passed then
[censored: forename] f1113: where s dadgoneaway in the car f1114:
knows where they might havegonecertainly not down the slovenly
out where the boat hadgonedown f746: were the sailors
[laugh] where s my socksgonef1113: dearie me sneezy sneezy
where s my boohbah sgonef1113: eh i m getting
f1114: where s my [?]pipie[/?]gonef1113: i ve got it
f1114: [inhale] where s themgonef1113: they fell down remember
we go where s [censored: forename]gonef1114: mm in the school
flowers f1113: where s [censored: forename]gonef1114: wh- where s [censored: forename]
mm f1089: where s itgonei don t know where
existing activity where people havegoneinto the countryside to do
t know where it sgonem1090: and this this [?]we had in this store[/?]
oh where s your sockgonem1092: no me want it
water where s the watergonem1094: where s the water
it go where s itgonemm f1089: where s it
[inaudible] f1113: where s [censored: forename]goneshe away to granny s
yuck where s your spidergonethat was on the wall
where have all the flowersgonethe tradition of the bēot
our taxes where have theygonethey have been wasted by
purse wondering where he hadgonewhy not billy slumped off
care and the executive havegonea long way in delivering
or design the executive hasgonea long way to implementing
and home affairs committee hasgonea long way towards ensuring
scything of crops are longgonean maybe gweed reddance ye
the ghost of a longgoneashtray the trip begins the
year i ll be longgonecarolanne to agnes why haven
hubcaps and numberplates of longgonecars flattened out baked bean
friends she had are longgonehe s in custody the
his wrists and alba longgonehe was in back of
gar them go a longgonekitchen chore was the equivalent
the problems at barlinnie havegoneon for long enough and
punishment an torture ur longgoneower an done wi thurs
boards the real anes longgonestarin intae it beyond oorsels
oot you ll be longgonezeb look you in bred
lazily back since stacy sgoneand i ve had no
years ago i haven tgoneback in ever since erm
church erm and i vegoneback since i ve left
companies have closed down orgoneinto liquidation since the scottish
going and i haven tgoneregularly f641: mmhm f639: since
hundred years and more havegonesince robert died in vain
1900 years has passed andgonesince that but we read
know that since she sgoneto live in france and
but the prices here havegoneup greatly since we got
in which the vote hasgoneagainst the predictions that might
not know whether that hasgoneahead in view of the
who was mentioned has notgonealone he took a young
and the transit shed havegoneand school sidings has become
that the executive has notgoneas far as it should
after all the bunting hasgoneback in the box it
reading lesson miss wood hasgoneback to her desk and
and everyone but andy hasgoneback to them they are
a shop owner who hasgonebankrupt and whose property is
i see laker airways hasgonebust i feel sorry for
when aw wi hate hasgonecammy pause ur wi back
know if he has reallygonecatatonic mummy said nearly i
of smokers 26 million hasgonedirectly into public health work
of cigarettes in norway hasgonedown and that that explains
past two years has probablygonedown by 40 to 45
a scheme the executive hasgonedown that road but what
scheme which has not yetgonefar down the line and
western europe the organisation hasgonefrom strength to strength the
to the executive which hasgonefurther than others before it
my muscular narrative style hasgonei m describing nothing but
i think that culture hasgonei think that culture s
spreadin but that has justgonein in our family as
a lot of effort hasgoneinto ensuring that the icc
that other additional funding hasgoneinto ensuring that voluntary organisations
to the funding that hasgoneinto fife the level of
that substantial increased investment hasgoneinto tayside as it has
years of preparation which hasgoneinto the creation of the
and scottish taxpayers money hasgoneinto them is your message
in his adversity timon hasgonemad and thinks flavius is
has she left or justgoneoff on holiday or just
but ehm as time hasgoneon and certainly even while
[note: photo: 'telegram from ray to mr and mrs gray notifying them of leslie's death on 8th february 1935.'] however as time hasgoneon attitudes have changed and
we want from what hasgoneon in the former yugoslavia
effective treatment and she hasgoneon to become a doctor
walking aid the poetry hasgoneone day i ll quietly
you know the generalist hasgoneout of f963: mmhm m762:
in scotland eh scots hasgoneout of fashion amongst the
a time when scots hasgoneout of fashion even in
that though widely known hasgoneout of standard english usage
of concern a letter hasgoneout to inform tenants in
of the literature that hasgoneout to the public has
from the way it hasgoneover the past six months
in will dae carolanne hasgoneover to the table and
development agencies the executive hasgoneover to three year funding
of that additional funding hasgonerightly into the development of
mcnulty the convener des hasgoneso we cannot ask him
but the bridging girders havegonethe single track has been
as soon as he sgonethey start again andy has
of waiting dissipates carolanne hasgoneto close the livingroom door
the nof money that hasgoneto local authorities the rationale
a few absent who hasgoneto swell the great majority
scottish arts council that hasgoneto the national companies scottish
the drops all all hasgoneto wrack businesses brides lives
landlords are here today andgonetomorrow the scheme has struggled
challenging target the bill hasgonetoo far it should specify
has received to spend hasgoneup and up but what
a social rented house hasgoneup from 59 000 to
indicated that the number hasgoneup she will be aware
to vegas you see hasgonewest and it s arguably
disadvantages this 4 hour communistgonewith the wind has been
48 3 181 lots hadgone41 7 71 lots were
one of my tooth hadgonea bit ba- my teeth
bit ba- my teeth hadgonea bit bad so that
now that the sunshine hadgonea prospect of my sexiness
who had left university andgoneabroad they had not appreciated
that no local council hadgoneagainst an ombudsman s decision
partly because i just hadgoneahead and turned [laugh] up
was blue and it hadgoneand m642: no the bairn
and my father had ehgoneback he had eh i
oblivious to all that hadgonebefore there s a new
better john if i hadgonebut at that time ye
in 2000 the scots hadgonebut the name deeside remains
seen apparition that had justgoneby bicycles were fairly common
anyway went back it hadgonef1038: [laugh] aw f1037: [laugh]
he thought they had justgonefor a holiday and at
lovely bike and we hadgonefrom eh keswick onto the
worried city centre prices hadgonehaywire but he once the
teacher who died she hadgonehome to peterhead and had
itself my partner would begonei had pleaded with him
to say gonzalo too hadgonei rang the number the
f963: mm f965: he hadgonei think he had maybe
the neighbours erm that hadgoneinto to labour too quick
outside nearby belfast but hadgonejust after ten o clock
in those days she hadgonenaked that had been a
the left her chin hadgonenumb ned from autocad tried
lot that although i hadgoneoff on holiday with the
chris s husband ewan hadgoneoff to join the army
that all of it hadgoneon commission and bank charges
staff room uk papers hadgoneon sale in the kiosk
discovered certificates that had notgoneout for the reasons that
indeed the uk government hadgoneout of its way to
f965: the kids that hadgoneout to work and i
sooner had last months newslettergoneout with me suggesting that
opposed to certificates that hadgoneout with missing data ron
same restaurants they had evengoneout with the same boy
that the other girl hadgoneover the budget for the
at the spot i hadgoneover they told me that
when a picnic bus hadgonepast because of the streamers
back to ballindean he hadgonequietly enough and ann herself
of oak the pits havegonesteel s had a blitz
dr fairweather but he hadgoneto a confinement in fettercairn
arrived dad and mum hadgoneto bed and there was
thought i had died andgoneto heaven because it was
in his hand so hadgoneto montrose to have it
ironic that alice knight hadgoneto scotland of all places
extraordinary that alice knight hadgoneto scotland to recover wholeness
i think my mother hadgoneto that church once or
in arran but which hadgoneto the aid of the
the night her mother hadgoneto the box bed set
who was my gran hadgoneto the pictures they d
old and ehm i hadgoneto the ponds to get
mum [sniff] eh i hadgoneto the school glebelands which
spectacular after graduating he hadgoneto work in the graphics
even realise that it hadgonetwelve m816: who was it
d the great mother hadgoneunderground again an outcast eventually
done the tour m815: [laugh]goneup and and had a
a bit and we hadgoneup the road and we
studio after the children hadgonewe stayed in it longer
do you think it sgoneabout as far as it
far many a boat hedgoneafore he got eh oars
absolute guarantee but we havegoneas far down that road
ladders he said you havegonedown as far as it
expecting that before they vegonefar something hilarious or fascinating
lips alec was really fargonepractically paralytic eyes glassy and
her she s too fargoneto know simon chisholm shifted
it hasn t got th-gonevery far so far it
exams michael russell you havegonea step ahead of me
my dad er must havegoneabroad then or shortly after
two computer systems would havegoneahead but not in hot
like cornish and manx havegonealong with john hume i
your turn m1094: i vegonealready f1093: oh have you
f640: probably wouldn t havegoneand done it ehm he
and then she d havegoneback come on you did
welcomed by many who havegonebefore and in my turn
dynasties and blocs that havegonebefore it is not an
f640: so i must havegonebefore that must have been
to the folk who havegonebefore us they give shape
to claim that we havegonebeyond what is being done
you d have to havegoneby bus f641: uh huh
that he d probably havegonedown on his knees to
our sportsmen and women havegoneforth to the scottish mainland
minister and the executive havegonefurther than their colleagues in
course the fund could havegonefurther to ensure that the
hot for tea they havegonegladys sits in neil s
fish around our shores havegonegutted by factory ships no
people in the maggie havegonehome for the week the
think i might even havegonein break or something and
and and folk that havegonein liz niven eh these
happy now that we havegoneinto colour print this is
of the crop would havegoneinto its production ait ate
i how many have thengoneinto sustained unsubsidised employment and
house you may not havegoneinto that with them nick
of work that must havegoneinto the bill dealing with
in marketplaces that people havegoneinto the business of smuggling
profession too few resources havegoneinto training people how to
and tea mugs have allgoneit is in fact a
circus lilian james have yougonenutty do you think i
personal the argument might havegoneon but for a sudden
re going f1136: i havegoneon that bit f1135: come
nice some flu victims havegoneon to contract bronchitis and
quite accurate she might havegoneon to say that i
but as the years havegoneon with the children you
amazingly glasgow s junkies havegoneone better than mother nature
gaelic place names which havegoneout of use despite the
therefore appropriate the lawyers havegoneover this document with a
m999: aye f1053: have wegoneround that circle i m
and fire station have alsogonerubble bank sidings have been
mr baseball cap must havegoneseveral weeks without a bowel
craigie while this may havegonesome way to securing the
for the voluntary sector havegonesome way toward ensuring that
the national cultural strategy havegonesome way toward promoting the
d think she could havegonetae him efterwards onywye she
sixth that seems to havegonethat point is over but
of lice whereas we havegonethe other way by erring
to me not to havegonethe whole way there between
auld soad you should havegonethere years ago while fiona
think he wouldn t havegoneto a church and stood
s grandmother and aunt havegoneto a festival in inca
now that the fish havegoneto a large extent that
bedtime toots i should havegoneto bed as usual an
would have loved to havegoneto boarding school when i
in the cases that havegoneto court that issue should
john jenny and me havegoneto stay at my mother
i say i must havegoneto that s- lochside sunday
the main bits would havegoneto the pig s owner
supply chains and have proactivelygoneto the small and medium
or not it might havegoneto their researcher should stand
in which posts have traditionallygoneto young people such as
birthday card and letter havegonetogether with their envelopes evie
for the clerks we havegoneup a learning curve with
is why business rates havegoneup and that is why
his blood pressure might havegoneup slightly but never once
silence zeb we should havegoneup to the house anyone
thousand copies may already havegonewe re not quite sure
blame her she should havegonewith her herself the house
they might not otherwise havegoneyou know erm f963: mm
have f963: right mm m762: goneyou know tha-tha- that kind
god they ve been angonean done it noo a
a file noo he sgonean got the sack fur
caps aboot silver darlins nowgonean noo whaur are thae
bi noo near echt monthgoneane o the baby boom
say noo whaur s itgonegeraff ah said get oot
mind me f960: dey regonenoo so f961: sister and
molly s noo she sgonetae join the folies she
like aw whit [laugh] [?]furra[/?]goneback to c d erm
mary waited till they dgonebefore going to the bedroom
god i wish i dgonebefore i left the pub
ah wish we d nivirgonedoon tae glesga its dirt
time we d traversed itgonedown the stairs and reached
f606: mmhm cause you dgonef828: cause you d an
wi er she d agonefor em jist a richt
nil at parkhead he dgonefor months without a girlfriend
sort of it it sgonefrom what you d f606:
and they said they dgonefurther north than us and
builders wlho d sweated cursedgonehome and kicked their wives
the doctor i d evidentlygoneinto the doctor got into
braking even if she dgoneoff the road she surely
they d passed their examsgoneon to university and served
s good and they dgoneout for their tea and
not him then he dgoneout she was alone in
on his own he dgoneready to enjoy a good
re okay if you dgoneto particularly amongst the men
the men if you dgoneto robert gordon s school
to the pictures they dgoneto see a film and
english village if you dgoneto the butcher f965: mm
about a meeting he dgoneto to publicise the erection
expensive painting erm it sgoneinto a junk shop now
know y-y-y- it ha- justgoneinto another culture completely that
into a car he sgoneoh dear there he is
carolanne gordon but she sgonehome agnes trying to correct
the credits of frasier andgonehome not tonight stranger thought
one s dropped out andgonehome so it s kinda
she noticed was over andgoneshe could drive home now
dollar plump europeans brandish tipsgoneare the days of tie
an on fairmin in daysgoneby brocht up the wird
were lucky enough in daysgoneby to get a bit
mean in in the daysgoneby when the toilet was
conclude my reminiscence of bygonedays by bringing to your
to preserve memories of daysgonepast as well as the
you but that days aregoneweel here s anither o
wait until the queue sgonedown [laugh] f812: no i
rooms the gold is allgoneof course melted down by
go oh sod this andgoneback in [laugh] m941: [laugh]
the pen so i vegoneback to the top [laugh]
never come back he sgonefor good and deana with
his mind earlier on wasgonehe lay back against the
help you silence bessie tearsgoneher spirit back if you
look the quicker i mgonethe sooner i m back
every speck o dirt wasgonethen athing was pit back
coming back maybe she sgoneto tell the rector about
richt they ve been angonean done it this wis
whit they ve been angonean dune angel och hoity
heart my friend jacks nowgoneforever because i ve got
m trying to i vegonei m sorry i i
i raced outside it wasgonei ve been told the
i ve got peeved m1019: goneoff at the deep end
this past week i vegoneoff the meal plan when
f631: [laugh] f634: she sgoneoh god we ve got
canna see myself i vegoneoh my car there my
sorry i i ve justgoneon them er drunk stotious
was interested i ve alsogoneonto the waiting list for
house f1018: well they vegoneposh if they ve got
the place f1018: you vegoneposh [laugh] well it s
in school till they vegonesadie runnin an hidin gordon
because i ve i vegoneso many times and i
aye we know that totallygoneupstairs carolanne you ve got
sense too often in yearsgoneby and when i was
establishment momentarily moustache and allgonei feel five years younger
and a half years justgonetwo and a half years
well is is another onegoneoff at the deep end
morag mac your favourite ewegoneoff her feed is not
m1106 : right now it sgoneoff [inaudible] f1105: pop it
the school which is nowgonef965: that s right yeah
so the school roll sgoneup then m845: it certainly
on then the water sgoneoot you come before you
with the way it sgonem1007: yes m1008: math dha
i thought [inaudible] he sgoneone way or another we
preast fy fy all isgone[click] [inhale] now if you
used the nicht is neirgonehey now the day dawis
community living which is nowgonei-i- i wish we could
animals and insects most isgonenow one of the acts
is now the merry partygonethen there were the old
m762: powerful but she sgoneand and so erm and
other plays that haven tgoneanywhere erm and i think
m1036: it hasn t reallygoneby the normal erm sort
er but it s reallygoneup market erm and the
for them with the sessiongonea general clamour broke out
the man wish the bubblegonehe reached out his hand
sleep chimneypots with the firegoneout the mathematician the rich
s [?]waiting[/?] oh it sgoneall over the floor m1094:
a generation will be quitegoneagain my lords i will
ma ma he announces jobbiegonebiccy time my hands are
i ca- my mind sgoneblank i cannae think o
right m1096: okay mine sgonemy my seat oh right
suppose you know it sgonehalf past eight she remarked
o her umbrella she wisgonejonsar eck aye thocht he
thought that she was furthergonethan she actually was with
like me but she sgoneup she stays in inveresk
the list [inaudible] f940: angonemm i got a free
f1089: mm m1090: it sgone[sucks air though teeth] [sucks air through teeth] [child noise] f1089: [cough]
fire [sucking air through teeth] [toy noise] it sgone[toy noise] [toy siren noise] f1089: mm m1090:
m608: [laugh] m642: john sgoneahead of me and i
a minutie that ain sgoneall lopsided isn t it
that that s kind ofgonealong with irish immigration as
dad ah well carole sgoneand coursework s finished mark
there f1131: no it sgoneawa it was lookin at
about today but it sgoneaway f809: [cough] [sniff] f810:
with the greigs mark sgoneaway this weekend to dunblane
manage without you he sgonebeaumont aye but he s
i think that culture sgonebecause people are well i
in ehm f1124: it sgoneblack f1123: water and it
a-a- aifter yer mind sgoneblank aye f1011: oh thingabe
like basically the company sgonebust and everyone s lost
m1090: [inaudible] the fire sgonef1089: is it farr was
s davy they re awgonef606: uh huh m691: aye
and that will be himgonefor good unless there s
rises the central heating sgoneif this was british we
36 hours then it sgonein the late 70s you
fish f1129: aye it sgonein there that s farr
s me the idiot sgone[laugh] [inhale] you can take
siller that that s athingonelike [laugh] f1053: an how
[laugh] f1105: farr s froggonemr frog m1106: [laugh] f1105:
that s a girl ohgoneon the floor right this
and that s it sgonesorry f1054: no worries at
an trepidation oor freedom sgonetaxes fines torture and imprisonment
this computer s crashed quitegonethank you kieren for observing
you something and it sgonethe postage here isn t
one time he s slightlygoneto seed but you know
at the time it sgonetwelve an you never tellt
[laugh] all the water sgoneuh huh f689: a banquet
and m815: so everybody sgoneup to dublin m816: they
the [?]lucks[/?] the lintie sgonewhite flashin jewels when sunlight
hoose because cause dat wasgonef960: yeah well dat was
peachy f1124: [laugh] the whitegoneall peachy i see that
enters her exaggerated painful hobblegoneagnes nae smalls then sadie
there then pop they regonereplaced by other bubbles the
and then it would begoneyeah m816: and it would
you an when they wurgoneso wur we ah wisnae
company but that unconscious androidgoneaway to wherever sleeping androids
sculptor dupré but salvador wasgoneby the following january to
but by [?]mid-afternoon[/?] it wasgonef807: [exhale] can t believe
not be here today andgonetomorrow but will be part
agreed but it wis juistgonetwal o clock the nicht
me for when he wasgoneand one of those was
we do here so havinggonefrom just you know i
not exactly alone with aligonewhy don t you just
em look see the sausagesgonebrown you dress up at
wakes up and finds megonepreferably with that baby bawling
will be quiet with algonei hope you re getting
and with that speccy wasgonemr frizz shook his head
skyis the nicht is neirgonethe fieldis owerflowis with gowans
of life when these aregonethe vocabularies that go with
quadrant glasgow g12 february 2005gonewith the blink of an
go went went go wentgoneand scots lexis was also
gae v go gaen vgonegairden n garden gait n
quite so easy in timesgoneby to learn simpler phrases
i was really sort ofgonei would be so careful
the last factory in bermondseygoneso theres very little work
once a year and isgoneagain after an hour it
8 bulb for number plategonei break it taking it
i looked again it wasgonei ran i unzipped the
the main road an wisgoneit wisnae a bad decision
tae say da age wisgonewhaur men hedd vynd tae
pack loads o pants andgoneand stand ootside the front
small moons symbolising the yeargoneby and the months ahead
the youngsters eg gaen englishgonefor geen and rid english
sure the contents hadn tgonewoody and unfit for drinking
that reeks of control freakerygonemad although the scottish compact
to administer the funding havinggoneto that length why does
sittin rooms m1020: [inaudible] yougoneposh there are only two
fine exercisy state baynes isgoneto london if you see
such as biccy following jobbiegoneexist to be obeyed open
the deacon blue hit realgonekid in which ricky ross
the throes of examinations havinggoneon a lourney for one
cheerio an the bobby wisgoneas jonsar eck backed his
phrase going a begging orgonea missing or going a
together tint is lost orgonebeyond recall oors aither is
glimmer or flicker tint isgoneor lost sweven is a
minutes the british empire isgoneapart from some small dependencies
rottin ower there thur baithegonebaithe pit in the earth
quine is girl gane isgonecra is crow doos are
sniffs lamp posts of peegonedry blossom like froth from
pursuis the nicht is neirgonethis poem exemplifies the scots

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