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yeah m815: so are yougonnaeare ye gonnae keep this
gonnae like this it sgonnaebe totally fuckin shite f940:
gonnae leave he s nohgonnaeclean up he s noh
gonnae work for they werenaegonnaegive me eh money tae
you know i m notgonnaei m not gonnae moan
are you gonnae are yegonnaekeep this on next year
wae jilly he s nohgonnaeleave he s noh gonnae
och fuck i m nogonnaelike this it s gonnae
secrets what lies jilly yurgonnaelose me yur gonnae lose
yur gonnae lose me yurgonnaelose pat try talking noh
not gonnae i m notgonnaemoan about it you know
and the company i wasgonnaework for they werenae gonnae
clean up he s nohgonnaejilly he s mah brother
tell us we re nohgonnaelaugh if he dis it
money lee hope your nohgonnaestart aw that silly crazy
ok dimps he s nohgonnaetell us where he comes
dimps fuckin hell yi nohgonnaetell us where yi come
uve done what ah wisgonnaedae silence jilly now wur
pat shouts an whey sgonnaelook efter hur pause jilly
looking like a winner jillygonnaescare the shit oot suzy
telt yi ti say isgonnaestop mi silence jilly ah
so nothin ah say isgonnaestop yi jilly pat nothing
never comes bj when yigonnaetell jilly an pat the
real world lee when yigonnaetell jilly an pat what
large medical book stew thursgonnaebe trouble cammy aw wi
fuckin conspiracy gawn cammy dimpsygonnaebutton it pause stew yi
exit cammy dimps we regonnaefund oot fund oot the
silence cammy dimps mah mangonnaegee stew a shout dimps
sake how long s thisgonnaego oan cammy dimpsy boy
the fuck sake what sgonnaehappen ti us cammy it
ootside dimps kent ah wisgonnaehuv the cunt cammy stew
scottttttty cammy stew ur yougonnaejist sit there sit there
at arms length stew dimpsgonnaelet cammy share dimps and
on the phone pause cammygonnaemake ed a coffee tea
cammy ok ed mah mangonnaepit the big scissors doon
aye dimps cammy ur yougonnaesay something aboot cammy ah
tell you cammy an yurgonnaetell us why stew come
me disappearin cammy so edgonnaetell us why yur frightnin
me an robby hoo yurgonnaemairrie mi hoo yiv felt
me facing each other yurgonnaestop hiding in your corner
dimps aw fuck it sgonnaebe aw this shite carin
the cool dimps steve sgonnaebe heard an not seen
be punished dimps ah mgonnaemake toothpicks oot that fuckin
dimps fuck sake he sgonnaetake an eppy steve beam
go captain fuckin sensible stewgonnaedae a stretch fur a
naw fuckin disclosin time thurgonnaedisclose stew struggles up kneels
mamma silence stew ah mgonnaecall this meetin ti an
laugh loudly stew if wurgonnaedae this mibi wi need
you stew really ah umgonnaelet this guy here git
that krista how s shegonnaehear it robby doon there
grave digger says it sgonnaerain della robby hands the
face robby awaw lori sgonnaetak a turn aw aw
robby bring lori he sgonnaetell us aw aboot the
walk talking your talk bjgonnaegees a clue pat silence
dive pat pat lee sgonnaehook mi back in bj
wae yi ur pat yougonnaestart oan aboot that crazy
yit pat gittin clean sgonnaetake aw your courage and
pat the truth when yigonnaetell yursell the truth lee
he tells yi he sgonnaegee yi the moon wi
ower here steve ah mgonnaeprove ti yi thit dolly
an we goes ur wegonnaeget somehin tae eat soon
on the ground bj yourgonnaeblaw a gasket oany meenit
long silence bj when yougonnaestart livin in the real
opponent s next move isgonnaebe lee opponent pause your
an lee s weakness isgonnaemeet mah strength an mibi
each other steve somebody sgonnaegit hurt hurt wi rough
magic wand steve steve yougonnaesay it wis uncle sandy
giein and hou we weregonnaegit tore in again birse
to pep him up somegonnaegit yirsel a ball an
an sealed wur park isgonnaeget up an goin in
ah jist kent wi wurgonnaehae occasion ti dance an
an then ed ah mgonnaetake yis oan a wee
that moment oan it wisgonnaebe in the script that
you he added ah mgonnaebe a daddy alec looked
re called i m nogonnaecall it a shithoose exactly
young boys so i mgonnaecall these things by what
feared o what ah mgonnaedae if this shite disnae
you m822: aye i mgonnaedig oot the foond m824:
the school and i mgonnaeframe it see that john
f640: [laugh] f638: i mgonnaeframe that [laugh] m608: [laugh]
mmhm m1048: erm i mgonnaego on friday i i
round that circle i mgonnaehave tae m999: i think
aye mmhm f1053: i mgonnaehave to cross them off
down i said i mgonnae[inaudible] and f1018: mm m1021:
wi them shrooms ah mgonnaekick yir heid in said
like definitely recordin i mgonnaem605: [laugh] m741: this is
after a bender ah mgonnaeneed a drink soon she
always go right i mgonnaeneed to sit down and
need that thought you wasgonnaedae some colouring m1090: [child noise]
m642: now what was hegonnaedae with it f643: and
we have the the ergonnaeno dae that eh er
us aw aboot the baggonnaeshow us what s in
ruled out etna ah wisnaegonnaespend aw ma holidays bein
the toddler ye re nogonnaeca him the bairn f1054:
batter somebody if you regonnaehit them f1054: so it
dandelion f1054: no i wasgonnaesay do your bairns eh
the bed what were yougonnaesay f1054: mmhm f1143: dandelion
f1054: what else where yougonnaesay gordon mentioned that too
but i don t likegonnaeah ve went youse it
you playin at at wasgonnaesay big brother bit playin
ehm oh gosh i wasgonnaesay somethin there yes grandfather
the cherry [inaudible] i wasgonnaesay the cherry blossom festival
want something you ll saygonnaeyou give me that gie
or twenty you re nogonnaeca him the toddler ye
mmhm mmhm m842: ye regonnaeget mair oot o them
that doon we re stillgonnaehae a bit tae live
boys isobel an they regonnaehave another boy so that
just says that we regonnaehave kids so that was
again no they re nevergonnaekeep me down i get
m608: mmhm m194: they regonnaeopen them before ye should
no f940: we re nogonnaestert singin songs now m941:
you know they re notgonnaework but they ve had
s i mean it sgonnaebe years and it would
that at all i meangonnaec- i mean how can
m816: [laugh] where s thatgonnaego know what i mean
ago and eh i wasgonnaecome back and do an
me as if someone sgonnaecome in the back o
f1089: no it s finegonnaecome off the table please
me redundant and i wasgonnaem815: yeah m816: come back
s gon- what are yegonnaedo m608: mmhm m194: they
ve run but it wasgonnaehit this rope [laugh] m608:
each other some stuff sgonnaebe harder ti take ti
m642: eh f643: he wasgonnaetake that money for rent
tae er we weren tgonnaego but we ended up
goin tae tae [inaudible] weregonnaeused to go under the
gonna hae tae mummy sgonnaehae tae buy some tinsel
one now guys are yougonnaeget any good stories in
lot o it s naegonnaeget kinna passed on an
it s och it sgonnaeget worse [laugh] later on
right which one are yegonnaemake for mummy now yeah
only it that s nogonnaemake you feel any younger
was absolutely my mother wasgonnaethump me because i learned
you thought up i wasgonnaemarry angus mcvicar f632: mmhm
work m824: an father sgonnaedig it out an then
ma ma nephew who likesgonnaecrease himself he said managed
fit a shame he sgonnaedie by droonin f1041: [laugh]
f643: and what was hegonnaedo with it m642: [laugh]
though he s brave fearlessgonnaemeet the big sleep heid
o the countryside he sgonnaeswop it fur a trike
that why yir girlfriend wisgonnaescram a while back check
okay i know what sgonnaehappen here and it s
isn t it it sgonnaebe like a f813: yeah
ve gotta be it sgonnaebe like that isn t
o a fight she sgonnaeblaw a fuse oany meenit
watters huv broke she sgonnaehuv a wean help anen
wis ayeweys mait ye nogonnaeeat yer mait ellen it
an that hunderd pound wasgonnaebe mine so came the
an so they weren tgonnaecaw it the potato carrot
like that or are yougonnaedo something about it up
game like if you weregonnaeplay a game yeah but
it all planned it wasgonnaebe a two room and
the erm forum i wasgonnaesuggest that we started writing
bairn worried seek it wisnaegonnaebe a laddie auld man
in january an it isgonnaebe aa ready for the

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