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actually that would probably begooda good idea because i
the idea that new isgoodactually new is good is
i know [laugh] m1048: howgoodan idea s that [laugh]
a good idea [censored: forename] [inaudible]good[child noises] [inaudible] [?]me open box, this one, this one[/?] f1091: this
i think it s agoodidea a wee trial run
mmhm mmhm f965: with agoodidea and a bad idea
f1111: that would be agoodidea and granny s got
suite from tomas graves agoodidea and i m giving
control areas it is agoodidea and i understand the
dishes okay that s agoodidea and then th- can
said heh that s agoodidea and they swung round
so that is a verygoodidea and would ventilate the
the evaluation paper is agoodidea as it will provide
would probably be good agoodidea because i think i
idea [censored: forename] that s agoodidea [censored: forename] [inaudible] good [child noises]
uh huh monkey one thatgoodidea [censored: forename] that s a
not that have been agoodidea craig russell to some
says yes that is agoodidea everyone will be happy
it s comfier m1092: ayegoodidea f1091: good idea m1092:
f1091: good idea m1092: agoodidea f1091: mmhm m1092: mm
in ponyville is that agoodidea f1103: aye f1104: i
nice door that s agoodidea f1112: a big one
huh f1111: that s agoodidea f1112: and i m
f1111: would that be agoodidea f1112: no no cause
wash would that be agoodidea f1112: no what about
s fine that s agoodidea f1112: put on some
idea f1117: is that agoodidea f1118: sh aa done
then f1121: is that agoodidea f1122: aye we could
be nice that s agoodidea f1155: [cough] wait a
and everything it was agoodidea f643: aye and lived
f963: right that s agoodidea f965: or they could
f1117: will that be agoodidea fitt dae you want
the convener it is agoodidea for parliament to be
it would be an extremelygoodidea for the executive to
you think it s agoodidea for the scottish parliament
caravans m642: he d agoodidea he bought his big
thought that that was agoodidea helen eadie i agree
mam i ve got agoodidea how about if you
and oh that s agoodidea i just go back
not it s not agoodidea i think er but
that it would be agoodidea if it were titled
set standard would be agoodidea if local authorities are
minutes it would be agoodidea if simon watkins and
with that it is agoodidea in addition i wonder
go away that s agoodidea isn t it okay
out but it s agoodidea it couldna be better
mmhm m017: necessarily be agoodidea it s putting the
think it s a verygoodidea [laugh] f1038: [laugh] why
listen i ve got agoodidea listen listen to mam
m1092: aye good idea f1091: goodidea m1092: a good idea
that sound is that agoodidea m1092: mm play play
you think it s agoodidea m1098: aye f1097: are
[inaudible] m804: is that agoodidea m805: yeah how re
that s a g- verygoodidea m954: er well it
hey mum i have agoodidea maybe at the p-
february 7th 1941 gives agoodidea of the activities that
study will give us agoodidea of the impact of
usefully but regrettably a prettygoodidea of what kind of
that ain can t yougoodidea okay f1130: mum what
this time that s agoodidea okay you can help
f1091: oh that s agoodidea right pop that ain
you think this is agoodidea should er the local
not to be such agoodidea since the metaphors were
exam will have a reasonablygoodidea that a question of
thought it would be agoodidea that you had your
we all believe is agoodidea the acid test for
the recommendation seems like agoodidea the convener are members
[censored: surname] this is nae agoodidea the day is it
was to have quite agoodidea the teacher would be
celebrating the millennium was agoodidea there seemed to be
t it wasn t agoodidea to be just in
you think it s agoodidea to choose your f950:
maybe maybe it s agoodidea to give the choice
not seem to be agoodidea to go to the
you think this is agoodidea to publish something like
that it would be agoodidea to return the scripts
it would necessarily be agoodidea to sort of eh
you think it s agoodidea to to publish something
you think it s agoodidea to use scots in
f1111: that would be agoodidea too wouldn t it
you think it s agoodidea uh huh okay do
fi- that would be agoodidea would it aye m1132:
her that would be agoodidea wouldn t it f1112:
yeah ah dat s agoodidea yeah i suppose right
that a person was agoodmarksman i have no idea
idea that authenticity s agoodthing i wanna forget authenticity
research into that suggests thatgoodand bad practice exist some
role in the promotion ofgoodemployment practice mr quinan in
could have embedded itself ingoodemployment practice one of the
efficient ways of working andgoodenvironmental practice it will be
however i point out thatgoodexamples and best practice have
sen spectrum these have promotedgoodpractice and delivered benefits through
fairly extensive work plan ofgoodpractice and guidance to allow
facilitate the sharing of ideasgoodpractice and information about volunteering
main intention is to sharegoodpractice and information to improve
i always welcome examples ofgoodpractice and like to see
recognises that it is bothgoodpractice and polite to respond
forum events designed to spreadgoodpractice and share information and
that local authorities exchange ideasgoodpractice and training across local
take erm examples of ourgoodpractice and try and implement
the exchange of information aboutgoodpractice as referred to on
their role is to promotegoodpractice at all levels of
scottish higher education institutions andgoodpractice benchmarks shefc 1999 3
exchanges of information experience andgoodpractice between member states and
the executive does not producegoodpractice clinical guidelines directly among
would be encouraged to developgoodpractice disseminate such information and
that we could actually takegoodpractice from er i also
them to comply with thegoodpractice guidance for adult hearing
at the potential of introducinggoodpractice guidance for allotment management
nhs boards adhere to thegoodpractice guidance issued to them
publication of the compact andgoodpractice guidance with training seminars
at a meeting in novembergoodpractice guide to consultation in
a basis for preparing agoodpractice guide to the management
could build up confidence aroundgoodpractice i emphasise that the
the committee commissioned research ongoodpractice in consulting with children
development and increased implementation ofgoodpractice in local government including
by waiting time guarantees spreadgoodpractice in service redesign among
among local authorities there isgoodpractice in some areas but
play kirkshaws an example ofgoodpractice in the constituency of
intends to recognise and promotegoodpractice in the education of
bow tie for press photographergoodpractice just the same thursday
overcome through the adoption ofgoodpractice measures work on the
there must be benchmarking andgoodpractice must be shared in
agree that the communication ofgoodpractice must be supported perhaps
there is a lot ofgoodpractice out there there s
like to create some modelgoodpractice policies and procedures for
develop owner support groups andgoodpractice reform tenement law and
there are any examples ofgoodpractice scottish data has to
a view to establishing similargoodpractice supported by dorothy grace
further notes the examples ofgoodpractice that indicate a direct
expertise and draw upon thegoodpractice that s out there
and is seen as summarisinggoodpractice the executive has taken
management and to roll outgoodpractice the letter continues much
english had begun to disseminategoodpractice through publications and projects
to that end we promotegoodpractice through publications training and
harassment and the sharing ofgoodpractice to assist the integration
nwtf provides a code ofgoodpractice to promote the efficient
it would seem to begoodpractice to use this method
process that seeks to identifygoodpractice we have a system
inquiry handlers or promoters ofgoodpractice we have an opportunity
2001 june 2003 examples ofgoodpractice were also provided the
working towards and then exemplifygoodpractice whether it s in
sharing of best practice andgoodprojects so that we do
and lays down regulations forgoodrhyming practice he does not
have best practice that createsgoodstandards throughout scotland des mcnulty
joint submissions were based ongoodtendering practice in the public
country style c d verygoodbut pestered by spastic girl
and i never will liliangoodfor you my girl martha
year though and i wasgoodfriends with a girl that
skye nuns behave like agoodgirl and beware of the
number six f1122: six f1121: goodgirl and five f1122: [laugh]
there f1113: that s agoodgirl and that one here
two pieces that s itgoodgirl and you can stick
are you singing to mumgoodgirl are you thirsty f1114:
all by myself f832: ohgoodgirl [censored: forename] f833: thanks [censored: forename]
f1103: aye that was agoodgirl f1104: mm f1103: helping
your nose that s agoodgirl f1112: [exhale] f1111: well
now f1111: that s agoodgirl f1112: i m going
now darling f1112: pass f1111: goodgirl f1112: mm [?]oh my[/?] we
up [inaudible] that s agoodgirl f1114: ah f1113: now
as well that s itgoodgirl f1114: and again f1113:
[inaudible] f1113: that s agoodgirl f1114: and we get
the elephant right [inaudible] lookgoodgirl f1114: [exhale] f1113: the
your seat that s agoodgirl f1114: [inaudible] i no
pop it in the drawergoodgirl f1114: [inhale] look at
another one f1114: m- f1113: goodgirl f1114: that s it
you did that s agoodgirl f1114: what s that
box f1121: that s agoodgirl f1122: back in the
you ve been such agoodgirl f1122: by helping you
that f1122: six f1121: mmgoodgirl f1122: five four three
then well that s agoodgirl f1122: i like them
very good that s agoodgirl f1122: i ll give
over f1121: that s itgoodgirl f1122: noo i m
here f1121: that s rightgoodgirl f1122: now we could
together f1125: that s itgoodgirl f1126: one all together
sit ower here be agoodgirl f1126: sit over f1125:
mmhm f1141: that s agoodgirl f1142: i say please
okay you ve been agoodgirl haven t you are
there oh that s agoodgirl here you go rub
you ve to be agoodgirl it s efter we
see now that s agoodgirl let me check your-
it in that s agoodgirl let me see have
okay f1133: that s agoodgirl [long period of silence and background noise] f1134: that says
other one f1114: yes f1113: goodgirl make sure they re
s good that s agoodgirl now we ll put
that that s the waygoodgirl now who s this
three did you get thatgoodgirl now you hide it
f1113: mm that s agoodgirl oh good toast mm
mm one foot up f1113: goodgirl one foot up another
okay f1113: that s agoodgirl pop it in the
that okay that s agoodgirl right here we go
sit over f1125: be agoodgirl right i ve got
that now right away pausegoodgirl tell david i love
in that s right seegoodgirl that s it ah
back and howl what agoodgirl the nurse said no
f1121: have you got itgoodgirl three f1122: e- [censored: forename]
no no f1113: this waygoodgirl through in [censored: forename] s
blue make f1122: purple f1121: goodgirl [toy says 'well done'] what does yellow
hands take off your topgoodgirl up eh are you
she can be a rightgoodgirl when you want to
the last one s f1113: goodgirl yey f1114: going mm
hard in oh what agoodgirl you are f1122: mummy
mm f1113: that s agoodgirl you can sit round
[sob] f1139: that s agoodgirl you want to lick
them down that s agoodgirl you you get out
it back today f1121: verygoodthat s a good girl
my baking f1121: that sgoodthat s a good girl
girl f1122: mm these looksgoodto touch f1121: are they
s a good girl ohgoodtoast mm f1114: yes i
lousy f1054: that s agoodane f1143: john last week
babe f1054: that s agoodane that s a good
f1011: mmhm mmhm f1054: yeahgoodane uh huh ehm what
going this year f1054: okaygoodany other words for pleased
know er decipher them f1054: goodanybody else got a new
but they re nae asgoodas jimmies mmhm f1054: yeah
the word clobber you knowgoodclobber m1022: [inaudible] f1054: good
comes fae stupid fu f1054: goodcolin m1016: just i ve
as as kenny said f1054: goodcolin words for ugly m1016:
scunnered is quite suitable f1054: gooddo you have any different
cats an dugs dugs f1054: gooddugs f1143: i d say
as well aye pal f1054: goodeh baby m1022: bairn f1054:
at school f1054: mmhm okaygoodeh trousers f1025: mmhm f1027:
[inaudible] f1054: yeah that sgoodehm let s see now
lovely game f1043: [laugh] f1054: goodehm let s think noo
it s a burnie f1054: goodehm long soft seat in
f1054: ahead o himself ohgoodehm [scanning list] mother f1143: mum
it is ye ken f1054: goodehm so we ve done
good clobber m1022: [inaudible] f1054: goodehm trousers trousers m1020: breeks
lot feelin poorly f1054: mmhmgoodehm [tut] let s see
f1006: couch yes f1054: okaygoodehm [tut] main room of
would use that f1054: okaygoodehm unwell f1006: ill feeling
mmhm yeah f1054: mm [inhale]goodehm what aboot er what
aye f1054: okay that sgoodehm what aboot female partner
temperamental f1054: fine that sgoodehm what aboot rich m1015:
mm m1004: just aye f1054: goodehm what about pleased opposite
rollin in it f1054: okaygoodehm what about the opposite
a nippy day f1054: goodgoodehm what s next annoyed
teach me how to speakgoodenglish f1054: mm m1021: when
talked aboot a swell f1054: gooder let me see er
[laugh] f1054: [laugh] that sgooderm any other words for
asked me that incidentally f1054: gooderm oh it s yeah
bairn for us mmhm f1054: gooderm oh let s see
i put lavvy aye f1054: gooderm what about f1018: yes
i said before f1054: okaygooderm what about insane f1018:
there she s pretty f1054: gooderm what about lacking money
here broke stony broke f1054: gooderm what about oh gosh
ve got down sofae f1054: gooderm what about the main
we called him f1054: okaygooderm what about the word
good m1012: great m1010: verygoodf1011: [laugh] f1054: [laugh] oh
f1011: aye [laugh] f1054: [inaudible]goodf1011: somebody pitten matchsticks at
copie divi [laugh] f1054: verygoodf1043: [laugh] f1054: spikkin o
honestly dinnae ken m1012: mmgoodf1054: that s good [inaudible]
your trouser f1054: that sgoodf1143: but then goin for
f1143: starvation f1054: that sgoodf1145: or nippy it s
an you know f1054: mmhmgoodf1145: take the strunts take
is f1043: mmhm mmhm f1040: goodfreens f1054: so no d
s a nippy day f1054: goodgood ehm what s next
in the puddin club f1054: goodgood jimmy m1020: and er
in the puddin club f1054: goodgood ones m1016: i ve
f1024: [laugh] f1054: totally unanimousgoodgrandma grandmother f1023: i f1025:
s the f1054: that sgoodhow are we doin wi
pawed f1054: interestin that sgoodi like that story m1015:
oh f1054: what aboot f1043: goodi ve got doon hae
cuckoo [laugh] f1054: that sgood[inaudible] f1143: and i d
mm good f1054: that sgood[inaudible] ian do you want
m1010: [inaudible] m1013: that sgoodisn t it [inaudible] f1054:
the puddin club f1054: goodgoodjimmy m1020: and er m1022:
oh aye f1054: yeah agoodleveller aren t they [inaudible]
getting personal section f1005: ehmgoodlookin f1006: bonny bonny f1054:
hard f1006: thump thump f1054: goodm1004: blooter f1006: [laugh] f1054:
sulkin f1054: that s quitegoodm1004: in the sulk takin
o my faither s f1054: goodm1012: caed wet day which
bog afore yes aye f1054: goodm1013: an the nav- the
stony broke f1054: that sgoodm1015: this is the nap
m1017: just the same f1054: goodm1015: ye were talkin andrew
ehm comin down hard f1054: goodm1016: i ve just got
eh daft an loopy f1054: goodm1017: i ve just got
the young yin f1054: mmhmgoodm1017: just the same f1054:
truant skivin or dodgin f1054: goodm1020: aye m1021: aye actually
f1018: gled or glad f1054: goodm1022: cold f1054: cold cold
f1054: that s a realgoodmix o the old an
like you know f1054: verygoodokey doke now is there
aye have ye no f1054: goodone an i ve not
f1054: good that s agoodone anything you thought of
[laugh] f1054: that s agoodone do you think you
[laugh] f1054: that s agoodone f1005: pure rotten m1004:
aye minted that s agoodone f1006: no f1054: [inaudible]
dear f1054: cludgie s agoodone f1006: that s an
a fart [laugh] m1004: ayegoodone f1054: and n- now
[laugh] m1004: that s agoodone f1054: [inaudible] f1005: that
crieff f1143: that s agoodone f1054: mm uh huh
f1054: oh that s agoodone f1143: are you winch-
click f1054: that s agoodone f1145: i don t
f1054: yeah that s agoodone i mean er tae
seeck f1054: that s anothergoodone i think m1019: is
know f1054: that s agoodone [inaudible] [inaudible] f1145: or
thingabe f1054: that s agoodone is it thingabe or
f1054: aye that s agoodone jimmy yeah erm what
[laugh] f1054: that is agoodone like a dog on
toss f1054: that s agoodone m1004: chuck fling f1005:
f1054: ah that s agoodone m1004: i don t
f1054: oh that s agoodone m1004: it is yes
loaded f1054: that s agoodone m1004: rollin in it
f1054: oh that s agoodone m1004: [someone else in room says 'flash'] flash [laugh]
re f1054: that s agoodone m1014: if someone s
got f1054: that s agoodone m1015: mmhm i ve
f1054: yeah that s agoodone m1015: yeah all these
that s aw mine f1054: goodone m1016: i just use
[laugh] f1054: that s agoodone m1020: aye an expression
aye f1054: that s agoodone m1020: aye er someone
newt m1019: that s agoodone m1021: bevvied aye f1054:
is f1054: that s greatgoodone okay eh words for
[laugh] f1054: that is agoodone super f1143: mm mm
jimmy m1020: tell tale f1054: goodone that s a good
[laugh] f1054: drunk s agoodone we ve got so
s f1054: that s agoodone yeah f1143: oh yeah
would m1004: cludgie s agoodone yes f1054: folk actually
[laugh] f1018: [laugh] f1054: twogoodones jimmy yeah yeah that
m1017: roosed lowpin angry f1054: goodones m1015: rattled ye get
the puddin club f1054: goodgoodones m1016: i ve just
f1054: that s great verygoodpregnant f1144: expecting that was
stotious f1054: that s agoodrange you ve been thinkin
aye m1013: mmhm mmhm f1054: goodright intae the hoose ehm
just fifty twae f1054: verygoodright let s start off
sandshoes m1010: aye sandshoes f1054: goodright well gosh that s
mmhm f1054: it s agoodscots one isn t it
dour f1054: that s agoodscots word isn t it
the livy f1054: that sgoodso that s really a
yeah m1042: oh that sgoodtae hear f1041: mmhm f1054:
fair puggled f1054: puggled sgoodthat s a good one
the situation m1013: aye f1054: goodthat s a good one
[laugh] f1027: [laugh] f1054: drunkgoodthat s a good place
nice mmhm f1054: that sgoodthat s encouraging right so
tired f1054: yeah that sgoodthat- [laugh] [laugh] f1005: ehm
f1054: [laugh] it s agoodthing for you dave is
i f1054: ah got yegoodthinkin madge [laugh] f1025: i
f1027: uh huh yes f1054: goodthinkin you re absolutely right
m1017: couch settee sofa f1054: goodthree there m1015: mmhm mmhm
dog f1006: i was toogoodto play truant [laugh] f1054:
aye yes f1054: okay ehmgoodto rain heavily then f1011:
tain on okay f1054: verygoodvery good what aboot the
roosed ye ken f1054: verygoodvery good what aboot tired
the buff [laugh] yeah f1054: goodwhat aboot f1024: uh huh
aye uh huh f1054: okaygoodwhat aboot pregnant m1010: expectin
okay f1054: very good verygoodwhat aboot the opposite o
ken f1054: very good verygoodwhat aboot tired m1010: eh
ye had tae share f1054: goodwhat about a narrow walkway
mean f1006: just lovely f1054: goodwhat about attractive m1004: i
say baby mmhm f1054: okaygoodwhat about eh female partner
ve got plain jane f1054: goodwhat about the opposite wh-wh-
towtie f1143: mm f1054: yeahgoodword m1146: mmhm f1054: ehm
[laugh] f1054: that s agoodword yeah m1146: mingin f1144:
f1054: folk in peterhead hadgoodwords as well what aboot
well we- we re verygoodye know f1054: ehm f1144:
comin oot f1054: that sgoodyeah a lot of folk
was a bed settee f1054: goodyeah ehm what aboot mm
wobbly f1143: mmhm f1054: mmhmgoodyeah excellent what about to
very quickly indeed m1013: verygoodyeah f1054: now tell me
[?]jill![/?] f1144: oh [laugh] f1054: goodyeah f1145: my grannie would
neither [laugh] m1013: that sgoodyeah lovely f1054: that was
tell mm f1054: that sgoodyeah m1146: well the- there
f1054: one too many verygoodyeah oh is it what
pit aye f1006: [cough] f1054: goodyeah that s a nice
e g speaking discussion verygood15 and this contributes to
lyceum with mary alec verygooda fine production by scottish
my colleague gave a verygoodaccount of himself and i
glaury road to eup verygoodand a great feeling of
you know weren t verygoodand f746: mmhm f978: and
the intourist guides were verygoodand full of information though
student travel service is verygoodand i ll try to
that like aren t verygoodand i ve got no
icecream the icecream was verygoodand russians eat it in
tails behind them f1121: verygoodand what one s that
dae yours dimps very fuckingoodanswerin a question wi a
singing by the boys verygoodapril saturday 1 bad weather
done [censored: familiar form of forename] they are verygoodaren t they f1126: aye
there is apparently a verygoodarticle in holyrood magazine that
musical kiss me kate verygoodas usual excellent company saturday
because he wasn t verygoodat conversation said ricky 47
f960: yeah smirk is verygoodat da uh huh mm
m1070: i m not verygoodat drawin squirrels either i
no she s not verygoodat drawing and she can
cause daddy s not verygoodat drawing is he f1071:
do i m no verygoodat drawing squirrels at all
labourer which i wisna verygoodat i mind a certain
aware i wasn t verygoodat math m1055: [laugh] m1008:
baby i am not verygoodat saying sorry to mummy
and i wasn t verygoodat skipping and i liked
katie morag she s verygoodat sorting things out is
as good which wasnae verygoodat the best o times
were regarded as being verygoodat the skills required to
very good oh you regoodat this aren t you
[inaudible] oh it s verygoodbarbie you want in [inaudible]
er lallans is a verygoodbasis f718: mmhm m017: for
what is generally a verygoodbill which is supported throughout
9 consisting of yoghourt verygoodbread cold soft boiled eggs
the scottish research was verygoodbut did not have sufficient
would which literally means verygoodbut ehm the other person
green that s right verygoodbut i dinna think that
i did they were verygoodbut i had to stand
recovery period has been verygoodbut i still never mentioned
fuck all eddie aye verygoodbut i take your point
red wood he looks verygoodbut the truth is he
done f1122: [ha] f1121: verygoodcan you manage f1122: aye
18 rbc ladies concert verygoodcaroline back to aberdeen with
that they can two verygoodcases fell because there is
would move into the verygoodcategory in the very good
good category in the verygoodcategory the language should be
thursday liverpool philharmonic concert verygoodcatherine i enjoy it beautiful
seems likely to be agoodchange carole s very happy
be it georgie oh verygoodchrissie i ve never heard
well done that s verygoodclever is that that one
this has been a verygoodcommittee which has contributed a
any issues we have verygoodcommunication with teachers my parents
case makes him a verygoodcop but it means that
were very well pleased withgoodcountry butter eggs cheese and
9 funeral at 11am verygoodcrowd fine meal at queens
one you re a verygoodcutter now f1112: look at
stop he stops like agooddaddy horse i m very
party ma pa heps verygooddecember 8 sunday presentation by
s f1037: yes f1038: verygooddepartment but they chose there
string picture f1121: mm verygooddid the teacher say well
for my snowman f1121: verygooddo you know what that
pharmacy strategy is a verygooddocument if not one of
t think it was verygooddon t know [laugh] f746:
activity takes place to verygoodeffect perhaps it is always
think it would be verygoodeh fa tellt you that
another one f1115: one verygoodeh fitt s the cat
in a minute [laugh] verygoodehm m952: yeah [laugh] uh
oh buddhist meditation m816: quitegooder very good for calming
f1122: a triangle f1121: verygooderm right what s that
[inhale] you know one verygoodexample and this was actually
o charge an f606: verygoodf1039: we ve also got
m1070: is nana not verygoodf1071: no she s not
this ain f1113: oh verygoodf1114: that s his f1113:
mm this one rectangle verygoodf1122: a rectangle can i
called f1122: cubs f1121: verygoodf1122: and that s that
them put them f1121: verygoodf1122: back in the box
in the basin f1121: verygoodf1122: erm there s something
you are you re verygoodf1122: hope the fudge crispies
up f1121: that s verygoodf1122: i can t mix
it s the weekend verygoodf1122: look look i m
f1122: leaves f1121: leaf verygoodf1122: purple a flower f1121:
s sparkly and clean verygoodf1122: that s all sparkly
that s a leaf verygoodf1122: want to see this
plimsolls f1143: mmhm m1146: verygoodf1143: i is that right
huh f746: really f947: verygoodf1160: mmhm yeah f746: you
f810: yeah that s verygoodf809: that is pretty good
i think that s verygoodf902: i dinnae think if
but it s no verygoodf961: well it does it
and i wrote a verygoodfilm script for it and
another uh huh yeah verygoodfor braking with f718: yeah
m816: quite good er verygoodfor calming the mind [inaudible]
weel it-it-it- hit s verygoodfor gettin ony vehicles tae
for destressing you know verygoodfor that m815: yeah i
me that fish is verygoodfor the bones however i
[laugh] it s not verygood[?]form[/?] but they ve got
of the soundbites sound verygoodfree personal care is free
then finally a a verygoodfriend of mine said for
very much i have madegoodfriends across the political spectrum
seem to have some verygoodfriends to take you out
the wing of a verygoodgaelic teacher there and she
allocated to a category verygoodgood satisfactory unsatisfactory poor very
and hit s a verygoodhall hit seems to work
its regeneration is in verygoodhands the member makes an
she had a very verygoodhead knowledge of gaelic erm
very good you re agoodhelp tae mum today f1122:
not f1107: i said verygoodhey come and get [?]flowy[/?]
time and dat wis reallygoodhit wis very weel done
adddition there were some verygoodhockey results and the girls
off we were all verygoodi mean i f1026: truant
a mocker f965: ah verygoodi never heard that one
[laugh] m941: it was verygoodi thoroughly enjoyed myself f940:
game [?]then[/?] campfire all verygoodian does very well fr
i m gettin a verygoodimpression of you [inaudible] m1016:
f643: but she s verygoodin intuiting whether you actually
egg judgment it was verygoodin parts and could be
good job mum f1117: verygood[inaudible] [inaudible] f1118: i think
extension which isn t verygood[inaudible] m819: yes m818: [laugh]
it that s not verygoodis it f1071: no m1070:
f1121: yes you re verygoodis that what you re
london might do a verygoodjob but the scottish patient
it s not a verygoodjob f810: when mike went
mummy i m daein agoodjob mum f1117: very good
she will do a verygoodjob she will certainly add
council has done a verygoodjob unfortunately at a very
aye f010: it s verygoodland actually it s good
but i m not verygood[laugh] i just play open
here we had a verygoodlecture at the geographical society
and enormous though not verygoodlunch was usually salad soup
cup o tei [inaudible] awfugoodm1012: great m1010: very good
but nana s not verygoodm1070: is nana not very
good oh that s verygoodm1090: [rustling noise] f1089: colour it
s that nae look verygoodm1092: [?]cause it's not good[/?] no [inaudible] f1091:
and m1108: monsters f1107: verygoodm1108: very not f1107: i
the piggies that was verygoodm1110: and [censored: forename] has nane
of it f947: oh verygoodm1161: been in to speak
mmhm f643: it was verygoodm608: how do you find
cover design which is verygoodm608: it is it s
[laugh] this is like verygoodmammy this wasn t [inaudible]
scouts by fr leonard verygoodman a real success this
he gave them a verygoodmap for which they were
it is also a verygoodmarker of social change nowadays
the wisleys thrown in forgoodmeasure very good or what
so f1148: that s verygoodmmhm f1149: quite like she
features unusual colouring a verygoodmodel in fact a very
obviously were not a verygoodmother [inaudible] f812: no you
standstill wednesday 27 choir practisegoodnew conductor charles black very
and wishing them a verygoodnew year apologies were received
liberal club c d verygoodnice crowd plenty of fun
your snakie that s verygoodo you thank you now
my cough it was verygoodof you to think of
that s bella s verygoodoh milo s nae got
better f1089: that s verygoodoh that s very good
f1122: yeah yellow f1121: verygoodoh you re good at
that s just right verygoodokay so fitt colour are
very interestin it s agoodone here ehm any other
f1121: that s right verygoodone piece yey well done
in for good measure verygoodor what happened to that
painter she s a verygoodpainter [censored: forename] and er she
posterity they weren t verygoodpictures but we had got
few others who were verygoodplayers at cricket so as
convener that is a verygoodpoint i hope that the
all russian artists some verygoodportraits a few modern paintings
year we heard a verygoodpresentation from an employee of
don t enjoy a verygoodpress do they madam but
ayrshire life are of verygoodquality all in all i
russell that is a verygoodquestion i do not want
stories mostly they re agoodread they re very strange
their estimates for the verygoodreason that if the child
it was established for verygoodreasons i have followed closely
is clear that for verygoodreasons most subjects of surveillance
m1036: i had a verygoodrelationship with people i erm
it is not in verygoodrepair or easy to read
the committee for a verygoodreport the propellant for ejector
it s on f1121: verygoodright can you tell me
eight nine ten f1121: verygoodright if i point to
four five six f1121: verygoodright you choose one f1122:
f1025: the good room thegoodroom [laugh] [laugh] f1023: very
to a category very goodgoodsatisfactory unsatisfactory poor very poor
all these schools er verygoodschools watson s heriot s
fortunate to get two verygoodseats a man was returning
and she was very verygoodshe was a great ice
it wasn t a verygoodshop so you ve not
it s no a verygoodshop you didn t give
challenging authority has a verygoodside to it otherwise we
eight nine ten f1121: verygoodso i think we ll
ground naza very good verygoodso we see naza holding
and when it works verygoodsome teachers intuitively develop excellent
and then the other agoodsower could make a very
alex he really is verygoodspeaks well in three languages
we have heard some verygoodspeeches from members and some
it disnae look a verygoodsquirrel does it that s
people who had already establishedgoodstandards in very sheltered accommodation
an awful lot of verygoodstrategic planning was undertaken we
need lot [inaudible] f1105: verygoodtake off your slippers for
he said you have verygoodteeth but you want to
the industry we enjoy verygoodterms and conditions of employment
regard that s a verygoodtest of how successful gaelic
it clean f1121: oh verygoodthat s it you could
loveheart a oval f1121: verygoodthat was really clever so
two tongues it is verygoodthat we are trying to
i think it is verygoodthe part rewritten is very
with various salads was verygoodthe rooms in the university
m1007: mmhm yes m1008: verygoodthey re both they re
be very important and agoodthing for scotland to be
environment those are all verygoodthings we also support a
but [censored: forename] s actually verygoodthough she s got a
peter as an illustration verygoodthough you re lookin upset
weather hasn t been verygoodthrough june until now so
new conductor charles black verygoodthursday 28 rbc bingo call
daughter john g is verygoodto her saturday 28 dance
travel they ve been verygoodto me listing various means
ann s family was verygoodto me took us out
very commendable and it sgoodto see how highly folk
corner they have been verygoodto us between lending and
scottish homes has a verygoodtrack record of carrying out
sector and had a verygoodtrack record when it received
circle f1122: aye f1121: verygoodtwo circles f1122: that s
f746: [laugh] f947: yeah verygooduh huh i think it
its membership and made verygooduse of external expertise to
maybe no just a verygooduse of their time at
such elections are a verygoodvehicle for young people to
hold your ground naza verygoodvery good so we see
no f961: hae a verygoodview right oot ower de
reporter would be a verygoodway of ensuring that we
reflects that in in verygoodways yeah m762: mm totally
yellow and blue f1121: verygoodwell done f1122: they go
it very well that sgoodwhat a helper you are
rinsy rinsy rinse f1121: verygoodwhat s next f1122: dum
they are still not verygoodwhen people were asked whether
as swedes which is verygoodwhen the bell would ring
writin was every bit asgoodwhich wasnae very good at
aye f1121: well done verygoodwho s next to bella
a bit ehm not verygoodwith your hands you broke
very great deal of thegoodwork and progress that has
m942: i have a verygoodwork ethic m941: [censored: forename] gave
verse competitions and producing verygoodwork in scots throughout the
authorities already do some verygoodwork in this area and
that wouldn t be verygoodwould it f1071: and will
a remarkable man very verygoodwriter and m608: mm m078:
two other writers there verygoodwriters and they they had
when there have been verygoodwriters they ve they ve
very much that s verygoodyeah f1039: it s alright
f1148: mmhm that s verygoodyeah f1149: so tha- it
stoatin stuff it s verygoodyeah m1022: it s going
it ll last f606: verygoodyeah uh huh yeah difficult
f1121: you re daein verygoodyou re a good help
there f1122: look f1121: verygoodyou re doin well that
daein a good job f1117: goodand you re nae makkin
know somebody that would begoodat a job you can
said but the psychopaths aregoodat wangling a soft job
f1114: [squeal] f1113: you regoodf1114: mum s job and
jo- job gonna make agoodgood jobbie gonna paint i
job i m makin agoodjo- job gonna make a
practical christians to do agoodjob 13 sunday to 12
shows it seems like agoodjob a lot better than
oh you re doin agoodjob aren t you [censored: forename]
side in rough red lettersgoodjob cuz his knees wiz
mmhm you re daein agoodjob dae ye like bakin
k and it was agoodjob done i think he
managing f1118: yes daein agoodjob f1117: good and you
oh you re doin agoodjob f1118: put it on
oh you re doin agoodjob f1118: there s chocolate
f1141: are you makkin agoodjob f1142: aye f1141: are
f1141: are you makkin agoodjob f1142: eh f1141: are
aye you ve daen agoodjob haven t ye you
strayed fae e coort agoodjob i didna hit it
he he says ye agoodjob i had that f643:
m642: aye it s agoodjob i kept that i
m gaun to make agoodjob i m makin a
cynic honestly it s agoodjob i m not home
fine you re daein agoodjob [inaudible] a bit closer
oh you re doin agoodjob [laugh] f1122: it s
wow you re doin agoodjob look you ve got
boy you re doing agoodjob m1094: mmhm helping for
f1118: i m daein agoodjob mum f1117: oh goody
executive have done a reasonablygoodjob of costing proposals and
system that has done agoodjob of delivering the requirements
are able to make agoodjob of it because of
are able to make agoodjob of it sit with
weather permitting he did agoodjob of papering the kitchen
weather some had made agoodjob of the gardens m
we will have done agoodjob of work and produced
that we have done agoodjob on the bill we
footing we have done agoodjob on this and it
for little david s sakegoodjob opportunities reasonably cheap housing
way andy did an extremelygoodjob over the past two
paint i m makin agoodjob paint [inaudible] paint [inaudible]
kate wright has done agoodjob roads bad in evening
says it s a damngoodjob she didnae hit him
with her it s agoodjob that business is all
that we will do agoodjob the rapid and well
curtain doon f643: [laugh] m642: goodjob there s nae robberies
right we ve done agoodjob today haven t we
no cash busy at workgoodjob too wtih so much
s disappeared it s agoodjob was speakin aboot the
well it ll be agoodjob we just went to
had a he had agoodjob wi hugh davidson workin
the night gosh what agoodjob you re making now
you want to get agoodjob you ve got to
job gonna make a goodgoodjobbie gonna paint i m
hefty job collecting money butgoodstory here 16 sunday a
a lazy morning with agoodbracing walk in the park
a morning and make agoodguess what sort of a
their dead who turned intogoodmonsters daughters not a morning
petitioners to take their placesgoodmorning and thank you for
the convener mr kenny macaskillgoodmorning and welcome to the
the deputy convener nora radcliffegoodmorning and welcome to the
the convener mr mike rumblesgoodmorning and welcome to the
would just be like ohgoodmorning and you would be
questions maureen moore ash scotlandgoodmorning ash scotland thanks the
you and this voice saidgoodmorning audrey this is mr
handed journeying less and lessgoodmorning black and yellow bird
morning black and yellow birdgoodmorning black and yellow bird
mr grant striding in sternlygoodmorning boys and girls children
may just detonate citizen seagullgoodmorning citizen seagull a hundred
1 the convener trish godmangoodmorning comrades there is a
peter wood dtz pieda consultinggoodmorning convener and members of
the convener mrs mary mulligangoodmorning everybody welcome to this
04 the convener pauline mcneillgoodmorning everyone and welcome to
can see that fish heregoodmorning fishes [child noises] hello fishes
to them m1132: here fishiesgoodmorning fishies how you doin
betty morning james mrs beaumontgoodmorning harry oh i see
before me his hand outstretchedgoodmorning i am daniel hartmann
minister for justice angus mackaygoodmorning i am pleased to
34 the convener roseanna cunninghamgoodmorning i remind members that
the convener mrs margaret smithgoodmorning i welcome everybody to
the convener mr murray toshgoodmorning i welcome everyone to
thought i d look ingoodmorning ladies to mrs beaumont
comes in from outside sandersongoodmorning mr beaumont can you
enter boyter and sanderson boytergoodmorning mr beaumont we ve
morning boys and girls childrengoodmorning mr grant mr grant
to do but i saidgoodmorning robert kinness and sons
and said erm you knowgoodmorning robert kinness and sons
on 20 september 2000 ongoodmorning scotland that british american
i gather tomorrow morning ongoodmorning television with fiona s
presiding officer mr george reidgoodmorning the first item of
presiding officer mr murray toshgoodmorning the first item of
presiding officer mr george reidgoodmorning the first item of
wales yesterday i was ongoodmorning wales this morning and
33 the convener alex neilgoodmorning we now have a
the convener mr mike rumblesgoodmorning welcome to the 13th
in andy morning sir beaumontgoodmorning you ll ken why
comment on whether they aregoodor bad this morning we
i am not feeling toogoodthis morning i have been
altered form porridge parritch thegoodwife one morning making pottage
f1122: aye this is agoodain f1121: i dinna think
f1121: oh that s agoodain that s a big
more videos f1121: that sgoodand bambi well done f1122:
that f1121: that s reallygoodand there s a rabbit
f1122: [inaudible] wow these aregoodare they f1121: they re
f1121: wow oh you regoodaren t you f1122: [child noise]
in f1121: mm you regoodaren t you f1122: [laugh]
f1121: oh that s reallygood[censored: forename] f1122: do you want
tick tock f1121: that sgood[censored: forename] well done you did
f1121: okay oh that sgood[censored: forename] wow what else are
f1121: mmhm you re agoodcook aren t you oh
so i i ve beengooddoing that f1121: aye ye
ower your hair f1122: tastesgoodf1121: [inaudible] f1122: can i
monster f1121: oh that sgoodf1122: a leaf f1121: that
goo- oh this is lookingoodf1122: aye f1121: wow f1122:
it looks f1122: mum f1121: goodf1122: but how about this
oh f1121: it smells aafugoodf1122: can i can i
mm mm f1121: is itgoodf1122: i don t want
[?]be[/?] f1121: oh that sgoodf1122: i ll just i
f1121: wow that s lookinggoodf1122: i m being careful
they f1121: they re reallygoodf1122: i think it s
dipping f1121: that s itgoodf1122: it s hot f1121:
you think oh that sgoodf1122: [laugh] f1121: i like
oh six oh that sgoodf1122: look f1121: oh would
just noo [laugh] was itgoodf1122: mm f1121: okay who
oh aye that was reallygoodf1122: mm [inaudible] f1121: right
f1121: right does that lookgoodf1122: mm mm mm f1121:
mine f1121: do they tastegoodf1122: mmhm [child noises] mm f1121:
aye f1121: that looks reallygoodf1122: mmhm f1121: so mammy
is it oh that sgoodf1122: pat it down f1121:
is fine does it tastegoodf1122: taste f1121: good f1122:
mum f1121: oh this isgoodf1122: these are stuck together
taste good f1122: taste f1121: goodf1122: uh huh f1121: right
f1121: is it that sgoodf1122: we like chocolate melting
f1122: aye f1121: that sgoodf1122: well i put on
mm oh they re lookinggoodf1122: yuck [inaudible] f1121: [inaudible]
mix mix f1121: is thatgoodfun do you like doing
f1122: i think it sgoodfun doing these f1121: we
f1121: you have been agoodhelp so fitt what would
f1121: yes that s reallygoodi think [censored: forename] s got
bum bum f1121: that sgood[inaudible] well done that s
here the sand is reallygoodis it f1121: it s
melt f1121: mm that sgoodisn t it f1122: [cough]
up f1121: oh she sgoodisn t she [censored: forename] f1122:
f1121: mm does it tastegood[laugh] f1122: mmhm f1121: you
else [inaudible] f1121: that sgoodlittle jack horner sat in
f1121: mm these are lookinggoodlook you ve to cover
we re going somewhere reallygoodmummy okay f1121: [inaudible] f1122:
cause this is a reallygoodone f1122: [laugh] mum f1121:
aw f1121: that was agoodphoto f1122: [toy camera] f1121: are
mummy f1121: that s agoodpuzzle that f1122: mummy can
could we oh they lookgoodright f1122: yeah f1121: we
reindeer games f1121: what agoodsinger you are aren t
this ain f1121: that sgoodthat ain isn t it
f1122: [laugh] f1121: that wasgoodthat s a really good
[?]do this[/?] f1121: oh that sgoodthat s m for [censored: forename]
one f1121: oh that sgoodthat s sparkly and clean
christmas f1121: aw that sgoodthat s special that one
ye think does it tastegoodthen f1122: aye f1121: maybe
f1122: drawing f1121: that sgoodthough [censored: forename] so are you
f1121: well done that sgoodthough f1122: do you like
oh great mummy that looksgoodto eat f1121: mm it
right mmhm f1122: they regoodto touch are they f1121:
mm aye f1121: that sgoodtoots do you want to
[inaudible] f1122: it s agoodview from up here f1121:
and me f1121: that wasgoodwell done and div you
make [toy says 'excellent'] f1122: orange f1121: goodwell done darling f1122: do
f1121: erm this one looksgoodwhat s that f1122: dot
turn my turn my f1121: goodwho s that one for
here f1121: mm that sgoodwho s that who do
still f829: [laugh] m830: agooda really good place to
a good he was agoodage when you know he
good it makes them feelgoodand it might even make
more for me trains aregoodand j i have good
good ane that s agoodane [laugh] are you alright
good land actually it sgoodarable land it s mostly
good at writing not asgoodas fiona but better than
was really good f689: asgoodas i thought it was
m999: that d be asgoodas ony as good as
as good as ony asgoodas ony i think f1001:
really good f1134: i mgoodat painting amn t i
she says it andy isgoodat writing not as good
hopefully f806: that d begoodbe good it s like
a good it s agoodbook but the end is
was good then aabody wasgoodboys and girls the day
an ye d get agoodbutcher an a good fishmonger
f1126: that s good thatgoodcakes f1125: mmhm f1126: cakes
not going to sadie goodgoodcarolanne you did it you
gaun for tired oot waitgoodcatch m1108: good catch mum
oot wait good catch m1108: goodcatch mum [laugh] f1107: aye
that s quite good quitegood[cough] efternuin that s what
well this has been agooddebate and many good points
good and j i havegooddinner at b r canteen
disabilities are good employees keepinggoodemployees is key to the
that people with disabilities aregoodemployees keeping good employees is
say that we are notgoodemployers we have good employment
not good employers we havegoodemployment practices by which we
seen as a deviation fromgoodenglish rather than from good
he s good he sgoodf1037: jeremy smith yeah er
f1093: yeah m1094: am igoodf1093: you are good you
good now now are theygoodf1126: mm you have one
mmhm f1125: aren t theygoodf1126: they re good my
the same time m1128: aregoodf1127: are they good m1128:
make it m1128: aye thatgoodf1127: that s good o
t i f1133: aye reallygoodf1134: i m good at
went- yeah f947: oh goodgoodf1160: och yes it was
f631: no it was reallygoodf689: as good as i
s good f810: which isgoodf809: but you ve moved
of days f809: that sgoodf810: which is good f809:
really good f835: it wasgoodf833: except my my french
know but it was reallygoodf835: it was good f833:
now so that s quitegoodf943: good stuff i m
but yeah m865: okay yeahgoodf948: that s quite good
a good butcher an agoodfishmonger an aw this f606:
ancient times whether slavery isgoodfor commerce or good for
it was good it wasgoodfor me cause ye go
is good for commerce orgoodfor negroes is immaterial the
and good will together makegoodfortune when james is in
fun f1114: yes it sgoodfun f1113: good fun i
it s good fun f1113: goodfun i m making an
hursts now that s agoodglasgow word a good scottish
m not going to sadiegoodgood carolanne you did it
tools went- yeah f947: ohgoodgood f1160: och yes it
oh ronnie you re agoodgood man she looks at
was really f606: mmhm m691: goodgood memories an then there
how to drive which wasgoodgood start an i didn
operated with good heart andgoodgrace on constituency issues and
good skelp m1002: yeah agoodguid skelp f1053: who would
oh yeah yeah he sgoodhe s good f1037: jeremy
i mean he was agoodhe was a good age
them have co operated withgoodheart and good grace on
t you you re agoodhelp the night nice good
re being good such agoodhelp you are aren t
taken pity it was agoodhouse in good order 5
good f809: that is prettygoodi d- i needed it
be good it ll lookgoodin your big christmas tree
is good actually new isgoodis bad although many people
f1155: mm that ll begoodit ll look good in
it is cool it tastesgoodit makes them feel good
f806: well it s agoodit s a good book
f1154: er it s allgoodit s all good [laugh]
that d be good begoodit s like kind of
but it was it wasgoodit was good for me
but no it was quitegoodit was quite a good
m1108: aye f1107: ew awfullygoodjolly good m1108: we- f1107:
[?]skusshle[/?] that s a boygoodlad good lad right fitt
s a boy good ladgoodlad right fitt do we
all good it s allgood[laugh] f1155: oh i kn-
yeah uh huh that wasgood[laugh] it s a good
has served the interests ofgoodlegislation and good research the
that s interestin that sgoodlots o good words bein
s good that s aafagoodm1090: [scribbling noise] [laugh] [scribbling noise] what
f1107: ew awfully good jollygoodm1108: we- f1107: wha says
are good f1127: are theygoodm1128: aye f1127: hot still
good no mummy s isgoodm1128: [child noise] mummy kissy f1127:
ronnie you re a goodgoodman she looks at him
really f606: mmhm m691: goodgoodmemories an then there oh
a good prawn season earninggoodmoney but spending it badly
good help the night nicegoodmood the night you in
they good f1126: they regoodmy little bit sprinkles f1125:
person happened to be agoodneighbour who had a good
comin ma good night murielgoodnight mither muriel goes there
bed angelica jist comin magoodnight muriel good night mither
that hot mm are theygoodno mummy s is good
tell mummy if they regoodnow now are they good
that good f1127: that sgoodo ye you ll be
s good that s agoodone did you ever get
good that s a reallygoodone f1122: a black [?]tree bunk[/?]
good one that s agoodone m1019: mmhm aye we-
was a good house ingoodorder 5 wednesday busy today
m691: oh it s agoodpla- good place to live
m830: a good a reallygoodplace to grow up [inaudible]
it s a good pla-goodplace to live f606: what
drunk good that s agoodplace to start i like
good that s a reallygoodplace well done f1104: sh-
a good debate and manygoodpoints have been made johann
local fishermen were having agoodprawn season earning good money
good f948: that s quitegoodquite good [cough] efternuin that
good neighbour who had agoodrelationship with a detective on
interests of good legislation andgoodresearch the convener it helps
that s right f1025: thegoodroom the good room [laugh]
good english rather than fromgoodscots so that the urban
a good glasgow word agoodscottish word hursts h u
ploddin on became quite agoodskater certainly quite a good
skelp m1000: mmhm f1001: definitelygoodskelp m1002: yeah a good
good skater certainly quite agoodspeed skater erm used to
to drive which was goodgoodstart an i didn t
that s quite good f943: goodstuff i m growing it
f1099: now you re beinggoodsuch a good help you
don t know why f637: goodtae ye she wisnae good
good tae ye she wisnaegoodtae ye was she f638:
f1125: mmhm f1126: that sgoodthat good cakes f1125: mmhm
over it f1103: that sgoodthat s a really good
that better f1089: that sgoodthat s aafa good m1090:
s good that s reallygoodthat s clever m1132: is
know f1131: oh that sgoodthat s really good that
meant but they sounded sogoodthe way chocolate sounded good
row f1095: ah that wasgoodthen aabody was good boys
good [laugh] it s agoodthing about having babies at
good it was quite agoodwee shop that f631: mmhm
good the way chocolate soundedgoodwhen you said it out
good work was done andgoodwill created however the deep
future happiness for wisdom andgoodwill together make good fortune
with good wishes m1055: withgoodwishes i know [inhale] m1008:
good wishes yes m1008: withgoodwishes m1055: with good wishes
that ilk f1009: yes withgoodwishes yes m1008: with good
that s good lots ogoodwords bein a teacher i
that was welcome and muchgoodwork was done and good
i good f1093: you aregoodyou re helping everybody mm
residences tonight it was reallygooda birthday treat i now
placement they were really reallygoodabout it but erm it
f746: yeah it s reallygoodactually the first and second
fiddle cause she s reallygoodan she s really young
[censored: forename] well that s reallygoodand have a look at
mmhm m734: and sound reallygoodand i think that s
be it would be reallygoodand then you re totally
and erm that looked reallygoodand things except oh f1037:
we do we re reallygoodaren t we so what
[laugh] f958: it s reallygoodas well there s so
li- f1148: that was reallygoodas well yeah did loads
f812: [laugh] m811: was reallygoodat it and this teacher
who really weren t sogoodat maths but because they
for i was never reallygoodat see when they put
m741: [censored: forename] [censored: surname] was reallygoodat that actually eh she
the poets who s reallygoodat this whole dicom- the
tutorials it s been reallygoodbecause they ve started actually
that s been a reallygoodconversation f832: [laugh] yeah i
having like really er likegoodconversations i think that he
m it was a reallygoodday sunday i spent catching
and often on the reallygooddays in the chamber represents
i really like stockholm f1148: gooddid you like it mmhm
know he s really reallygoodeh h- they were there
f807: yeah it s reallygooderm and i know that
think that s not reallygoodf1037: no that s it
them all that was reallygoodf1122: and now we have
i f1133: oh aye reallygoodf1134: [singing] f1133: how much
switzerland mmhm it was reallygoodf1149: oh nice f1148: and
yeah f1148: which was reallygoodf1149: see i think my
f1148: oh that s reallygoodf1149: that s was a
it s it s reallygoodf606: cause this they re
but it was really reallygoodf606: mmhm yes f1039: so
whether it would be anygoodf631: yeah cause you really
yeah the cake was reallygoodf689: aye it was f631:
like f807: mm f806: sogoodf807: but really you shouldn
english lit f806: that sgoodf807: yeah it s really
exchange and it was reallygoodf832: cause you get a
the playhouse inside looks reallygoodfor a city this size
m741: this is actually reallygoodfor me cause now i
i think was really reallygoodfor them what kind of
genes you really should begoodfor they may marry then
yeah the skating was reallygoodfun and again it was
driving range that was reallygoodfun at least going down
and everything it was reallygoodfun m608: you were there
it was i had reallygoodfun while i was there
a he s a reallygoodgolfer as well m816: yeah
why it s such agoodharbour then really or f978:
f746: ah that s reallygoodi mean it seems especially
yeah it was really reallygoodi really enjoyed that gig
abody says they were reallygoodi ve got a bit
but they re both reallygoodin general m741: at everything
fifth year which was reallygood[inaudible] f1149: yeah have you
just oh this is reallygoodisn t it davina when
m741: he s really reallygoodlike i think some of
part of it s reallygoodlike they do they play
list that s a reallygoodlist a- anybody else got
stuff it d be reallygoodm1048: oh wow [laugh] [laugh]
f1095: mmhm it s reallygoodm1096: [exhale] lovely jubbly f1095:
show it was really reallygoodm608: mm m642: great fun
well done that was reallygoodm805: so m804: [cough] m805:
think he s really reallygoodm959: er no i was
this school project looks reallygoodmair guid wark fae the
imagine that would be reallygoodmoney just i know m959:
catherine was in a reallygoodmood today f1049: she was
intended civil marriage is agoodone do you really think
all over including a reallygoodone of jf kennedy but
oh that s a reallygoodprice oh i ll get
but it s a reallygoodpublishing school f1037: yeah f1038:
f807: it s a reallygoodquestion [laugh] i don t
wasn t they weren tgoodreally but then the winter
but it was it wasgoodreally m608: uh huh f637:
raw pulp it was reallygoodreally tense and exciting the
not really not feeling toogoodso my gran said oh
few minutes and is reallygoodso to last saturday after
submission one of the reallygoodthings about being here is
back i usually am reallygoodthough cause usually i ll
really one cigar puffing besuitedgoodtime guy admitted he has
really mattered because of thegoodtimes away from it and
is just great and reallygoodto know the second benefit
really interesting work it sgoodto see craftwork promoted in
and her family were reallygoodto us showing us round
like [censored: forename] that s reallygoodwow and what about if
exchange f835: it was reallygoodyeah me and [censored: forename] went
eh aye he s reallygoodyeah uh huh f606: that

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