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wife in an auld flannelgoona moonsoon s brocht chaos
an pit on her flannelgoonshe sattled inno the horsecheer
unpackin apairt frae her flannelgoonthe nicht afore she stude
as maist o her waddingoonswirl roon the jug like
pyjamas happed wi a dressingoonhis lang thin feet tint
up in a braw newgoonbut nellie stayed tae milk
a stane and rent hergoonso nellie who had nae
in a clay corpse sgoonthe low road hame inspired
had hitherto followed the newgoon1956 jennie went traipsin up
kirk rowed in a christeningoonthe meenister held up his
wa- i need a dressinggoonas well f1103: mm oh
each starnie in her sillergoonas bennachie pits on her
she wisna dressed in hergoonan kneelin aside her bed
student radio chsrfm play thegoonshow on sundays magic they
i ll lay oot yergooni ll fill the steen
double act him in eveninggoonas the wifie beads doon
fine piece of playing forgoonshow fans you will be
her wee dother jenny sgoonflichter flachter granny s duvet
she knelt doon in hergoonon the cauld fleer tae
dickie collar wi his blaikgoonower it aa like a

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