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and armchairs and i vegot1 double bed 1 single
a good one we vegot1 double bed and 1
quiet around here i vegota 2nd hand alarm clock
it away gladys i vegota 2p somewye she roots
furnishing this place we vegota 3 piece suite cheap
actually think that we vegota a high- it s
yeah m605: i ve alsogota a vocation to be
burn and then you vegota a wee hump back
o somebody sayin they vegota baby it s aye
[cough] f1121: you ve stillgota bad cough have you
for f1103: fitt you vegota barbie swan lake outfit
s gospel if you vegota bible chapter eight [turning pages]
big boy and you vegota big bed m1090: yeah
different ains m1110: i vegota big pile of this
books f1109: oh you vegota big pile there s
huh m815: i ve nogota bike up here i
f1103: aye f1104: i vegota bit erm i ve
f1125: i think we vegota bit missing [censored: familiar form of forename] f1126:
a jigsaw puzzle i vegota bit o minty [inaudible]
a bit erm i vegota bit of sunny days
i think i ve stillgota bit to go yet
f1102: i see we vegota bittie missing f1101: that
got a hat we vegota bittie over here f1101:
bleeding nose f1113: i vegota bleeding nose have i
mammoth mmhm mmhm i vegota blue one haven t
it spoken but i vegota book at home in
got two su- i vegota book from the sunday
that f1121: well we vegota bottle brush look see
m1090: yeah yeah i vegota boy bed f1089: boy
stone or when you vegota broken bone you re
can still ken i vegota buckie twang f831: mmhm
to somebody oh you vegota bun in the oven
aye f1097: right you vegota burst radiator m1098: aye
to get off you vegota bus full of bastards
public holiday and we vegota busy weekend in prospect
to it unless you vegota car or want to
good f1039: we ve alsogota carers group in there
i ve got i vegota certificate from the school
i ve got i vegota chapter coming out [sniff]
a- f1095: hey you vegota christmas card in the
a circle f1113: i vegota circle here look is
which means that i vegota class who well five
t we when you vegota cold f1112: uh huh
interesting erm if you vegota complete goody goody cop
the day you ve naegota cough have you we
think o m1012: i vegota couple o frae the
finished this painting we vegota couple of jobs to
film rocky so i vegota couple of photos taken
this out and we vegota couple of titles hamish
is partly because i vegota cousin who s a
d expect provided you vegota decent tin of beans
and get ehm i vegota degree in engineering m815:
every twenty minutes you vegota different weather here m952:
mm [inaudible] f1111: you vegota difficult one if you
touch those f1121: you vegota dirty face i think
an area but they vegota disproportionate amount of ehm
right f1114: [inaudible] i vegota f1113: okay f1114: bin
yellow sticks f1114: i vegota f1113: this sticks are
scots but if you vegota f902: mmhm f826: class
public i think i vegota fair idea of wh-wh-
a feeling f1101: i vegota feeling aye that it
for van f1102: you vegota feeling f1101: i ve
but i th- i vegota feeling it s in
book f1121: aye we vegota few recipe books f1122:
there s some they vegota few sort o nieces
luiks as if they vegota fricht an ran i
s like you you vegota funny face f1122: can
f1091: i think you vegota giraffe there look m1092:
right [inaudible] f638: i vegota gold merit certificate in
good girl right i vegota good game we can
yes mm f1125: i vegota good game we could
listen to mam i vegota good idea how about
yer- listen listen i vegota good idea listen listen
aye i ve heard yougota good leathering the day
a glorious summer i vegota great suntan and the
s nice you ve notgota green jumper like that
not poisonous but they vegota habit of goin intae
ower there f1102: we vegota hat we ve got
[censored: forename] okay f1122: i vegota heart f1121: okay are
going round and they vegota helicopter which goes round
the bikes and you vegota high ramp at eh
that s right have yougota hippo you ve got
first f1125: look i vegota hold o it go
it s okay i vegota hold o it it
off your sark you vegota hole in your breeks
wash f1100: [child noises] i vegota [inaudible] i didnae stop
big surprise is i vegota job of sorts your
mind this shit you vegota job to take care
these sort o they vegota kind o roof garden
no m959: you ve notgota kinda deadline to get
oakfield avenue and we vegota kitchen microwaves and a
more to do we vegota lady and a man
burst fit like we vegota lassie alang wir street
got a leopard you vegota leopard there m1092: [child noises]
tiger there look you vegota leopard up there [tut]
have you got you vegota leopard you ve got
ve nae a i havenagota lila erm shirt f1103:
we re eh we vegota list of words that
see f1114: [?]go away[/?] i vegota little custard f1113: little
can pretend you ve evengota little dog stays in
i ve i ve stillgota lot friends from there
jimmies eh but they vegota lot o different words
in bridgeton m1004: we vegota lot o rows they
of books m1110: i vegota lot of books i
f1122: [inaudible] mixture we vegota lot of chocolate so
eh yeah f643: you vegota lot of erm i
a great choice i vegota lot of friends through
erm but yeah i vegota lot of got a
ve got a lot ofgota lot of happy memories
but even so i vegota lot of my monstrosities
re elder f835: i vegota lot of things i
i d say i vegota lot of words for
yes m815: i ve nogota [?]lot o foresight[/?] see i eh
and kidnap now we vegota man from glasgow making
so anyway f1038: i vegota massive big politics thing
achieve so that they vegota meaningful level of competence
really bad but i vegota meeting tomorrow m605: when
clootie yeah f965: i vegota memory of that it
make christmas pudding i vegota memory that might be
in shakespeare i ve alsogota minor exam to sit
it s terrible i vegota monster mob you know
philosophy an i ve stillgota my fingers she notices
i ve forgotten it hasgota name cause i mind
ve got my i vegota new laptop just recently
its as though i vegota new lease of life
oh i see you vegota new one is it
in the box you vegota nice star shape hold
nae hurry ma we vegota nicht we ll move
and low f1114: i vegota parachute f1113: oh he
i ve f832: mingin f835: gota phobia i woke up
a piecy m1092: i vegota piece i ve got
see the box you vegota piecy m1092: i ve
peep look you ve alreadygota pile of it och
huh f638: and i vegota pr- eh f637: certificate
old pub and i vegota pub sort o next
f1121: mm f1122: we vegota recipe book f1121: aye
big riddie when they vegota red face f963: right
s right m805: they vegota red suit m804: that
f1107: i see you vegota reid m1108: fitt f1107:
the toyshop but you vegota ring farr is it
the moment i ve stillgota room to myself as
high style poetry i vegota rough outline planned and
f1102: how f1101: you vegota runny nose that s
yes f1113: you ve naegota sair throat as well
f1103: aye f1104: i vegota santa ain f1103: mmhm
doing this they ve allgota school bag f1093: uh
the photographs i ve stillgota school photo f638: a-
tae anybody f637: i vegota school photo they taken
it turns out i vegota scot lit tutorial twelve
of f832: we ve justgota scottish accent f835: like
got nuts or you vegota screw loose or you
me teenie but i vegota secret ronnie smiling treating
you know ehm i vegota session on kind of
just chronologically so i vegota session on sort of
to bairns who ve actuallygota shetland heritage in some
ve got a you vegota silvery ain have you
under your skin you vegota skull of bones and
and dried here i vegota small tumble dryer which
mak it f1104: i vegota snow white tape haven
you ve not i vegota snowman and you ve
a snowman you ve notgota snowman [?]either[/?] f1093: no
[?]either[/?] f1093: no you vegota snowman on your card
mm m1094: you ve notgota snowman you ve not
f1111: okay f1112: i vegota sore toe now f1111:
hello hello f1114: i vegota sore tummy f1113: you
sore tummy f1113: you vegota sore tummy have you
in f1121: look you vegota spider on your jacket
fall behind i ve alsogota standing invitation to go
now oh f1111: i vegota star and a triangle
then m1094: [?]a star[/?] i vegota star f1093: what have
oops f1113: ah you vegota sticker on your hand
i ve been told igota straight a for one
she says if you vegota strong a belief in
the time and they vegota tannoy m608: mmhm m642:
agree so as you vegota term for everything else
and i reckon i vegota theory on this cause
know but they ve justgota they re they re
and see if you vegota tiger have you got
f1091: okay so you vegota tiger or a lion
an cawed porter i vegota tin chest a cairna
fae turriff well they vegota totally different wey o
m not crackin i vegota touch of the cold
it is f1104: i vegota unicorn to help me
mmhm mmhm f1145: i vegota vague memory of hearing
ll swell up i vegota vampire oan the run
are you decent we vegota visitor chime in mum
bucketing [?]when we were out.[/?] m1007: i vegota weather station and when
at the moment i vegota wee bit o savings
they said oh we vegota wee cameo you could
him m804: okay i vegota wee idea see with
on f1095: you ve justgota wee whilie and then
ve got erm i vegota wonderful book but it
gone forever because i vegota wonky liver god rest
that m1019: i ve stillgota word that i- my
s your turn you vegota yellow square [inhale] oh
minute f1104: and you vegota you ve got a
[censored: forename] f1104: yes i vegota- like my wand f1103:
wi six ah i vegotaa that bones that s
yes well once we vegotaa the toys back in
happenin there s you vegotabout f643: [laugh] m608: [laugh]
ve prob- i ve probablygotabout god knows how many
a question that we vegotabout the way the world
in the shetlands they vegotabout thirty five different words
you know cause you vegotaccess to those voices i
my vest f1105: i vegotain i ve found ain
because you know i vegotall my f- my friends
m1055: [laugh] m1007: i vegotall my words written down
writer erm then you vegotall sorts of reasons and
there saying yeah i vegotall the answers and i
got a piece i vegotall the piecies f1091: take
a windy day you vegotall the sea the like
annoys me is they vegotall these big screen tvs
[?]what do you mean[/?] m642: right you vegotall these f643: [?]pruch![/?] [laugh]
f965: and then you vegotall these people that have
f631: [laugh] f689: they vegotall these sort o they
is because although you vegotall this this er upper
know and then i vegotan a session on modern
m1020: i ve no reallygotan accent hiv i f1018:
visible pocket fluff i vegotan all day ticket driver
of a sudden i vegotan angle on this m741:
if they think you vegotan english accent f1037: yeah
aa are ye you vegotan evil streak m1098: streak
f1122: mmhm f1121: i vegotan idea what aboot if
livin in glasgow they vegotan interestin m865: oh yeah
it not like they vegotan is ehm is f833:
in polmadie we ve alsogotan mp tae whit the
well represented noo we vegotan msp things are fine
a rare life you vegotan nae mistak nae worries
and the thingummyjig i vegotand ehm what s it
a guid barrae ye vegotand he must ve f643:
m1008: yes burn i vegotand stream i would agree
too sure that i vegotanither 40 years an you
like oh but we vegotanother girl wanting to come
and i think you vegotanother leopard that s it
was hiding f1093: you vegotanother pair i ll choose
get any i ve naegotany ains wi no bones
m815: no i ve notgotany any relatives out in
this if you ve notgotany apples f1122: i need
f1104: no i haven tgotany claes i ve just
shop so you ve notgotany customers f1122: but i
f1121: but we ve nogotany marshmallows left f1122: aw
f1121: well we ve naegotany more so what we
t think if i vegotany other christmas f640: i
right no i ve naegotany you f1114: i got
yeah no i ve nogotanything like that but i
children an family we vegotart teachers in an the
that s all i vegotas well drizzle is all
that s what i vegotas well skint m1146: skint
so if you ve actuallygotat the time i had
onywye gladys beaten i vegotathing here pointing at the
modern languages where we vegotattention at the moment is
ma lee ah ve nohgotaw night jilly telt yi
london too because they vegotbarges and punts nu- but
out your teeth you vegotbeautiful healthy teeth you ve
flaxen for instance you vegotbeet and sheaf and beets
was it and you vegotbells f1122: aye f1121: and
here f1144: well i vegotbevied and i ve got
f1117: look you ve stillgotbitties in here look mm
now f1124: okay i vegotblack mum just wash out
red suit and they vegotblack things for their eyes
what s that f1114: yougotbleeding nose f1113: i ve
got bloody gates they vegotbloody gates m818: [laugh] m819:
disappeared [laugh] m819: they vegotbloody gates they ve got
m1004: [cough] well we vegotblootered again we ve got
in again f1104: i vegotblue and pink again mum
lots o them you vegotblue ones and pink ones
yer f1144: oh i vegotboyfriend or him [laugh] an
t it f1144: i vegotbraw or a stunner or
from england and i vegotbroader than i used to
i said calmly i vegotbruises all over ma fuckin
same time we ve alsogotbuilt in there metathesis modren
something m1094: but i vegotbut but but f1093: there
come on then you vegotcars lying all around m1098:
that s what i vegotcauld m1002: that s what
[inaudible] the poet they vegotcause i don t know
so and so they vegotchicken pox [laugh] m815: i
children but we ve alsogotchildren who require support the
f1122: mmhm f1121: you vegotchocolate ower your hair f1122:
m1021: oh chuffed i vegotchuffed m1019: chuffed f1054: dinna
[laugh] oh f1018: you vegotdaft m1020: daft or mad
doon tae jedart we vegotdifferent doon tae berwick oo
there s different they vegotdifferent sorta dialect m865: mm
m1000: aye m1002: ye vegotdifferent stages in that ane
doon tae berwick oo vegotdifferent words for each o
fitt s that you vegotdo you ken fitt that
the only pub you vegotdo you no want to
dinna ken fitt you vegotdo you right come on
the crews that we vegotdod we winna ken till
right no and we vegotdoing scottish lit i ve
strong accent we we vegotdoon here in laurencekirk but
very easy but i vegotdown to some work and
s awright m1015: i vegotdrizzle light drizzle you know
faar i sit i vegote bed faar i sleep
gettin jobs an they vegote- esol classes f606: what
m1004: [cough] but you vegoteddies i mean that s
i think certainly they vegotegyptian ones i asked i
nice christmas card you vegoteh m1094: [?]yeah[/?] f1093: is
yeah but yeah we vegoteh peedy grandbairns an i
uh huh m1012: i vegoteh somethin i made up
course the erm we vegoteh traditional dialect words in
children f1144: eh i vegoteh wean baby just use
in ages and they vegotehm it s not huge
primary teacher and you vegoteight areas of the curriculum
f809: [laugh] f810: i vegoteight hundred books at home
i ve got i vegoteighteen months university gaelic m741:
to see if we vegoteleven smarties now right f1122:
wanna wait until i vegotenough money to do it
when ye know ye vegotenough on your mind if
got blootered again we vegoter i m trying to
i think i ve justgoter oh what was it
have that i ve justgoter seeck f1054: that s
i i li- i vegoterm i m go- f1103:
doing scottish lit i vegoterm i ve got a
for me i ve eithergotevery newspaper in the land
was extremely kind i vegoteverything from a pocket calculator
plenty of evidence you vegotevidence for loss in the
drizzle is all i vegotf1009: mmhm well i had
a straight edge i vegotf1103: aye i m puttin
s that ain you vegotf1104: winnie the pooh wi
lot of books i vegotf1109: aa different ains aa
sixteen seventeen eighteen you vegotf1114: i ll count my
a nice flower you vegotf1114: it is f1113: it
you see f1116: i vegotf1115: farr s aa the
what s that you vegotf1122: a fork we can
only prize that she evergotf638: i ve got two
the world and you vegotf718: [mhm] m734: other people
is everything that i vegotf809: [inaudible] [laugh] f810: to
close and they ve allgotf810: with their cars [laugh]
or somethin i ve naegotf831: aye m842: a scooby
mmhm f1039: i ve stillgotfamily there i ve eh
m816: mmhm well i vegotfamily there so m815: yeah
less sayin although they vegotfancy clothes on it s
colour colour f1113: they vegotfancy hats look look at
f1121: i think you vegotfar too much toys ehm
f1121: i think you vegotfar too much toys will
is that why you vegotfat cheeks do you think
f606: yeah f1067: we vegotfiddle classes going chanter classes
filming because and they vegotfilm crews all round cause
go well because i vegotfirm beliefs i don t
edinburgh you know they vegotfishmarket close fleshmarket close and
ll see fitt you vegotfitt have you got there
same as that you vegotfitt have you got you
[laugh] erm and i vegotfive books to read erm
all speak english i vegotfive friends in holland it
said f1039: aye i vegotfive sisters an i had
that s all i vegotfor that f1143: yer man
that f1095: you ve onlygotfour bits left m1096: ah
little bittie i ve justgotfour i ve got got
ve got one i vegotfour i ve got two
new teeth cause you vegotfour new ones since he
fitt s this we vegotfree with this and our
lovely company i ve stillgotfriends you know that were
look adam whit a vegotfur you this grand green
f1155: where f1154: we vegotfutons for couches so have
got bevied and i vegotgassed and pissed and stotious
the next paragraph you vegotgif we gae bak to
gluein the day you vegotglue aa ower your hand
kip mmhm f1023: i vegotgoin for forty winks takin
er lake that you vegotgoin on here f1104: well
six so i ve onlygotgood memories an when i
know they the- they vegotgood reputations as teachers m741:
be good fun we vegotgreeks south americans new zealanders
ve got green i vegotgreen for celtic f1103: oh
got pink and i vegotgreen i ve got green
f1104: no bones you vegotha ha ha ha ha
ve got two i vegotheaps and heaps f1113: yeah
one right f1114: i vegotheaps and heaps oh i
f1114: [squeal] f1113: you vegotheaps [inaudible] f1114: it s
my jacket f1095: you vegotheaps o cards to open
from [censored: forename] jeepers you vegotheaps of cards you ve
at my one i vegotheaps oh no f1114: let
that all right i vegother a place to stay
gone oh god we vegother back so she she
feel her f1111: i vegother f1112: i ve got
got her f1112: i vegother tilt back her head
scots the book we vegothercules bampots and heroes erm
barrel o guts ye vegothere georgie get awa fae
the only thing i vegothere m1007: yeah m1008: tool
s the one i vegothere m1055: mmhm f1009: yes
could i i ve justgothere peggy i ll mak
loon ay hers ye vegothim spyled clean connached he
back to australia i vegothis home address and i
he joined but i vegothis papers and things upstairs
see the guy i vegothis pictures m608: mmhm m642:
they ve m804: mmhm m805: gotholes for their eyes and
his eyes and they vegotholes m804: hah m805: for
i got one i vegothundreds o them look f1114:
m608: mmhm m642: you vegothundreds of folk lining it
see fit time i vegoti dinna ken far it
all are m642: i vegoti had i started off
in existence or i vegoti i ve got some
that s what i vegoti just f1053: would you
m819: erm er they vegoti mean the the the
ehm i mean i vegoti should [inaudible] one o
oh careful f1104: i vegoti ve go- f1103: watch
worked [?]too thoroughly[/?] f638: i vegoti ve got a certificate
m not [laugh] i vegoti ve got a chapter
been doin it i vegoti ve got eighteen months
ve got [inaudible] i vegoti ve got some f1113:
the archive material i vegoti ve got video of
customers f1122: but i vegoti want granny coming and
it good f1114: i vegotice cream in my tummy
in tummy f1113: you vegotice cream in your tummy
oh i think ye vegoticing aa ower your fingers
you know if you vegotif you re pushin a
a fish supper they vegotin a a in a
as far as i vegotin that ane actually i
a the sodgers they vegotin this particular camp and
that unpleasant sensation you vegotin your head is your
is [inaudible] aye i vegot[inaudible] aye right f1104: [censored: forename]
div you mind you vegot[inaudible] do you want f1103:
a snowman and you vegot[inaudible] f1093: mm m1094: you
re dreaming f1114: i vegot[inaudible] f1113: what s that
for mum f1114: i vegot[inaudible] i ve got i
aye naw i ve nogot[inaudible] kip forty winks m1004:
of sunny days i vegot[inaudible] ow ouch f1103: that
t i ve never evergotinto like radio one and
the small change you vegotis 3½p from last saturday
up here what i vegotis er woodside gaelic school
strange cause what you vegotis those god awful [censored: companyname]
garage fae fitt you vegotisn t it m1128: aye
pay out if we vegotit 30 wednesday bath still
me daft but i vegotit a sorted noo angelica
[?]me doing mix[/?] f1121: look you vegotit aa up your arm
venice on monday i vegotit already prepared i m
email address well i vegotit anyway but no i
found it [inaudible] i vegotit f1093: ah there it
same m1094: [child noises] i vegotit f1093: oh you ve
ve got it [laugh] m1094: gotit f1093: what are you
s there f1114: i vegotit f1113: oh you re
i got it i vegotit f1125: have you got
[?]pipie[/?] gone f1113: i vegotit here just noo f1114:
m1098: aye f1097: i vegotit i ll chase you
s the bit missing igotit i ve got it
go on here f1126: oopsgotit i ve got the
the road f1095: you vegotit in your hand m1096:
m1092: [inaudible] f1091: i vegotit it s okay right
[laugh] yeah f1093: i vegotit [laugh] m1094: got it
aye f1093: [er] [inaudible] igotit m1094: i ve got
zig zag scissors you vegotit makes funny shapes doesn
grun oh right we vegotit now it meant your
wait hang on i vegotit objeto volante no identificado
aye f1001: because i vegotit s a bonny day
that we we we vegotit s not simply a
a tangerine m1094: i vegotit set up f1093: okay
with it once you vegotit this paper will focus
prick hing on i vegotit was he the wan
got it m1094: i vegotit you pick it s
pop up dragon i vegot[?]it still[/?] so he left ah
a guid barrae ye vegotjock that s a guid
of the books i vegotjust sit down and you
a bad influence you vegotkeith richards there [laugh] m815:
in there an they vegotkids eh that left the
big tvs and they vegotkind of like a lot
s right f1038: you vegotleather shoes no it s
mmhm f1154: so we vegotlike a proper working fire
as well when you vegotlike a you got three
always wondering if they vegotlike computer facilities and stuff
during the day we vegotlike f1151: excellent [laugh] [laugh]
f814: but they ve justgotlike hair round that bit
re sayin well we vegotlike particular concerns from people
yeah cause i- i vegotlike this much mouth at
ve m605: aye yeah m741: gotlike two months groundwork two
f1111: yes cause you vegotlittle bottles o perfume haven
can spot because they vegotlittle they ve go- actually
my favourite cause you vegotloads o colours in there
got a hippo you vegotloads o hippos there m1092:
it doesna mean we vegotloose morals does it grannie
at my f1111: you vegotlots i think then green
game i think you vegotlots more than that m1094:
uh huh cinderella you vegotlots o princess jigsaws haven
look f1117: wow you vegotlots o them you ve
[inhale] yours again you vegotlots of cups m1094: what
mine f1093: [laugh] you vegotlots of cups what s
any games f1093: you vegotlots of games m1094: i
bankie f1093: mmhm you vegotlots of pennies in your
ah but look you vegotlots over there too f1112:
f1115: i think they vegotlots there wait till they
fitt s that you vegotm1090: dog food f1089: that
same ains as you vegotm1096: aye [laugh] f1095: from
same ains as you vegotm1096: look f1095: that s
see fitt else we vegotm1128: i m nae spidermans
fitt s that ye vegotm1128: pens f1127: come on
to things that you vegotm1128: that ain that ain
were english f1144: i vegotm1146: snooze maybe yeah snooze
chin wag away i vegotm608: mmhm m642: jim moodie
so precious and they vegotm608: uh huh m642: their
tent and then you vegotm811: yeah f812: your moshers
sandwiches m818: [laugh] i vegotm819: you know m818: to
ye as if ye vegotm842: mm f831: twa heids
what a memory you vegotma it s a as
heaps of cards you vegotmair cards than mum and
now in scotland we vegotmany ehm languages and accents
right ehm now we vegotmany languages and and dialects
okay eh now you vegotmany languages and dialects and
the marbles f1114: i vegotmarbles here f1113: mmhm f1114:
got mates point they vegotmates point but my mate
got mates point she sgotmates point they ve got
a state ach ye vegotme a unsettled noo an
drink drugs addicts haven tgotme tho i ve met
guy whose autograph i vegotmet at rugby club again
an leitratur eh you vegotmetathesis coming in there erm
we ve got we vegotmobile phones an we can
right no i ve probablygotmore here though f1124: sorry
coming off though i vegotmore safety equipment er on
[laugh] f810: we ve probablygotmore stories about each other
ve f689: [laugh] f631: probablygotmore than i do [inhale]
next week when i vegotmore time to shop i
f832: ehm i ve notgotmuch planned i m working
then look you ve naegotmuch tae dae m1096: [child noise]
f1121: but you ve notgotmuch things to buy in
it when you ve justgotmum to yourself eh can
finds this embarrassing i vegotmy ain hoose an a
o the bit i vegotmy ain wye o daein
or names i ve alsogotmy american currency and today
fine he mumbled i vegotmy appetite back i ll
f641: [laugh] m642: i vegotmy f643: [laugh] m642: photograph
jim oh aye i vegotmy haimmer but that s
f1038: yeah f1037: i vegotmy i ve got a
f814: aye before i vegotmy m811: t in the
you ehm cause i vegotmy own pension well wi
to say though i vegotmy reservations about the timing
just now m1094: you vegotmy top f1093: well that
s expectin twins they vegotnae faither fur her sins
if you know you vegotnae money more pollution more
run ower for ey vegotnae sense fin it comes
er basically cause i vegotnae strength left after this
mannie f1095: no we vegotnae time [censored: forename] you took
when th- when you vegotnew flowers we havena got
newer techniques when you vegotnewer materials like copper apparently
r margaret well ah vegotnews fer you pair thomas
i haven t i vegotno answers solutions to this
you re just you vegotno argument in you f643:
very good and i vegotno idea about them but
s no arguments you vegotno no fi- see ma
one f1093: i ve notgotno secrets m1094: that s
either you know they vegotno security m741: she said
stuff and what i vegotnot is i ve still
of falkirk eh you vegotnot just double modals but
sorry maggie no you vegotnothing to be sorry for
next year when you vegotnursery m1096: aye f1095: [censored: forename]
s daft f1144: i vegotnuts or you ve got
fitt s that ye vegotoh another spiderman m1128: i
you got on you vegoton a black top for
you f1117: yes i vegoton a red top what
cause tinkerbell you ve hardlygoton any claes you would
painting apron when you vegoton ehm new t shirt
a funny hat you vegoton f1122: [laugh] f1121: you
any claes i ve justgoton my dress f1103: mmhm
[inaudible] f1115: oh they vegoton red necklaces no no
an awfu neb ye vegoton ye ye r nae
red top what have yougoton you ve got on
i f1103: aye you vegoton your snow white ain
ended up like i vegotone appointment after the other
f1125: i think we vegotone bit missing darling look
[laugh] f1154: thursday i vegotone class and friday i
class and friday i vegotone class sometimes thursday i
ehm my hello i vegotone f1089: hello m1090: this
ve got one we vegotone f1091: you got one
can t cause i vegotone here as well m1090:
i ve nae i vegotone i ve got four
mum s turn oh igotone i ve got hundreds
erm [doorbell rings] f1144: i vegotone [inaudible] f1143: oh that
fly f1125: and we vegotone missing in that one
f1121: i think you vegotone missing toots ehm have
done f809: you ve justgotone more after that then
right which one you vegotone more to do we
like them no i vegotone of my essays back
m1094: mmhm [child noise] i vegotone of your [inaudible] [child noise]
ve got one f1091: yougotone okay come on then
right no th- they vegotone or two friends who
department like we ve onlygotone sociolinguist um [censored: forename] yeah
huh what else you vegotone there what else are
and now i ve onlygotone to do on textual
too f1113: now we vegotone to go is it
see how many you vegotone two f1114: s- f-
f1122: thirty cause you vegotone two three f1121: okay
will find find we vegotone we ve got one
them or butterflies you vegotones wi butterflies f1114: [child noises]
dinna ken if i vegotony change though i ll
i mean you ve actuallygotopen spaces and stuff like
m959: yeah then you vegotother problems you ve got
to drink and we vegotour bikes in here we
places i mean we vegotour like dutch influence on
so yeah an we vegotour own national anthem an
mature students association we vegotour own rooms m815: aye
that noo f643: ye vegotpaint all over it john
erm no f1117: i vegotpancakes [inaudible] f1118: yes f1117:
problems and we ve alsogotparents at the end of
gladys she s jist newlygotpart 1 you ve seen
of footie punditry i vegotpassion but no idea of
ve got spongebob you vegotpatrick what else is there
that word yes i vegotpeely wally written down here
and for annoying i vegotpeeved m1019: gone off at
in but och i vegotpfff wandered in up the
m tellin you i vegotphobias right do you want
what about look they vegotpillows we ve nae drawn
ll manage f1104: i vegotpink and blue f1103: right
blue [exhale] ah you vegotpink and i ve got
oil painting m1021: i vegotplain jane f1054: good what
that s okay i vegotplenty here as well okay
the rule and you vegotplenty of evidence you ve
lots of luggage i vegotplenty of towels and your
them quite quickly i vegotplenty of towels etc so
f1121: i think we vegotplenty so that s extras
ones m1016: i ve justgotpregnant sensible [laugh] f1054: you
f1091: there no i vegotput it up close so
a lot but i vegotquite a few friends help
i ve my mum sgotquite a lot of brothers
and jane and i vegotquite a lot of people
s ehm well we vegotquite a lot of poetry
right now ehm you vegotquite a number of languages
is very useful we vegotradio nan gaidheal here for
of the bands who vegotreally big lose that edge
a code now we vegotrebus which is a puzzle
we planned smiling comfortingly igotrid o t we ve
country accent but i vegotrid o that [laugh] f1018:
eggs f1113: what we vegotright ready right here s
count how many you vegotright wait till we see
what [inaudible] f1144: i vegotrollin in it or loaded
the stairs so you vegotroom for your new ains
poor dolly that i vegots just a body where
assemlie right where you vegots- consonantal simplification there or
one ehm again i vegots1 to s2 there but
i m nae- i vegotsair legs f1095: what happened
past week and we vegotseveral inches on the ground
[laugh] f1009: alright i vegotshattered but a friend of
hinna touched fit you vegotshe returns to the table
from there obviously i vegotshona s m608: mmhm f643:
i mean there you vegotsixty thousand punters comin in
touched on that we vegotskiving kipping anything else m1019:
sleepiness f1097: oh you vegotsleepiness in your eyes m1098:
about it what we vegotso far f1112: okay right
as far as i vegotso far i ve sent
aren t we we vegotso many different er er
the the snd you vegotso many different spellings for
a good one we vegotso many words for drunk
i mean japanese you vegotso much to do without
i m afraid i vegotsome bad news chrissie georgie
i ve got i vegotsome f1113: no it s
ve got i i vegotsome friends who are buddhists
just so that they vegotsome idea of the the
more f1114: yes i vegotsome more i ve got
got some more i vegotsome more more f1113: can
how i think ye vegotsome of these stuff that
out in australia i vegotsome out in m816: oh
a cop and we vegotsomeone just like rebus f606:
him to eat i vegotsomething for him to eat
fae him f1104: i vegotsomething for him to eat
her yet ma i vegotsomething for ye christine georgie
jigsaw m1090: mm i vegotsomething oh i m gonna
you know you ve maybegotsomething out for three weeks
mean you sayin ah vegotsomething ti hide cammy oan
[?]can we[/?] bake f1121: i vegotsomething you ve gonna like
for example when you vegotsort of [laugh] i know
m816: and they ve allgotsort of swimming pools like
m605: because they ve bothgotspecialisms but they re both
snow [laugh] f1054: we vegotspittin f1144: yeah yeah it
is there then you vegotspongebob you ve got patrick
they are but they vegotstandards so they know each
shoes f1117: oh they vegotsticky bits on the bottom
f1093: yes [laugh] you vegotsweaty feet m1094: yes [inaudible]
that s good you vegotswimming on thursday m1106: i
a calculator or they vegottae add it up on
s er skint i vegottae aye aye eh m1022:
yeah m816: [inaudible] you vegottae check the place for
perfect smashin except ah vegottae dae the washin frailties
empty mm m1092: i vegottae f1091: ah but you
gladys na na ye vegottae get your change let
and eh then they vegottae go down and sit
does [laughs] f646: they vegottae have an awful good
nicht or day i vegottae listen tae the fuckin
he says well i vegottae look everywhere f643: [inhale]
said say whit ye vegottae say that was gaun
visit my f1025: you vegottae slow down f1027: dialect
to get on ye vegottae speak proper an aw
m642: i mean i vegottae try an dae somethin
orkney blood and they vegottae visit orkney f643: well
at it but ye vegottae watch whit ye re
[inaudible] f1104: but you vegottangled up as well f1103:
i thocht ye couldna vegotthat aff your coupons this
it cause you ve stillgotthat ain to dae haven
mingin f1144: [laugh] i vegotthat as well [inaudible] m1146:
ve still got we vegotthat clothes to put upstairs
[laugh] f963: i ve probablygotthat from you [laugh] f965:
just recently and i vegotthat geared up to use
but but they ve alsogotthat kind of canonical status
one oh no you vegotthat one in already this
no no no you vegotthat ones and they you
what s that you vegotthat s a q no
that s all you vegotthat s your place your
nice but when we vegotthat wallpaper like my little
an family an they vegotthe art project which again
woof right you next m1094: gotthe babies f1093: you ve
characters like that we vegotthe bahookie dug [?]who's in wi his[/?] so
f1113: now f1114: i vegotthe balls here in my
an ending we ve justgotthe bit in the middle
ve m608: mmhm m642: stillgotthe bonneville f643: mmhm m642:
f632: mmhm f646: they vegotthe brass neck to charge
aye m815: what i vegotthe build for i was
got the cold [censored: forename] sgotthe cold and you ve
red f1113: we ve allgotthe cold [censored: forename] s got
the cold and you vegotthe cold mmhm f1114: that
f835: so you ve stillgotthe cold then cause you
to be in they vegotthe commemorative programme from the
get ready look i vegotthe covers i ve got
bookie s this you vegotthe day m1128: kimi rugrats
hiccoughs f1114: yes you vegotthe hiccoughs f1113: hiccoughs f1114:
the paddy fields they vegotthe huge big straw hats
door key gordon i vegotthe key and the windows
ken is bliss ye vegotthe knowledge noo but this
speakin greek they ve awgotthe look ken the whit
oot you come i vegotthe m1106: mum i m
the guy that we vegotthe money on so that
not f832: an we vegotthe most teenage pregnancies as
i dinna think we vegotthe n for van f1102:
causes unwon okay we vegotthe national theatre noo but
not is i ve stillgotthe old bsa the fifty
academic but we ve alsogotthe other end of the
a minute driver i vegotthe other half here somewhere
photographs f637: aye i vegotthe photographs i ve still
flat i mean we vegotthe piano there s a
toryglen there s they vegotthe playpark tae play in
m734: yes because you vegotthe power to get out
got the covers i vegotthe red covers f1103: where
the rest f1114: i vegotthe rest in f1113: hey
uh huh f814: they vegotthe right just to say
arrived yet so i vegotthe room to myself this
know in edinburgh you vegotthe salt an sauce right
aye i i ve justgotthe same as you kay
fifty eight bsa i vegotthe sixty seven sixty eight
as lang s i vegotthe smell o fish aroon
oops got it i vegotthe sprin- sprinkles [sneeze] [sneeze]
f1114: [inhale] [squeal] i vegotthe sticks out f1113: right
the evening once i vegotthe the lab results so
one f1113: this you vegotthe the man one f1114:
f963: and yet you vegotthe the sort of casaubon
it together because you vegotthe time when you re
behind you m1094: i vegotthe towel what is this
get you ve you vegotthe two camps like people
marathon m642: yep i vegotthe video if you wanna
the winter when they vegotthe wee fairy lights on
get into barr you vegotthe wee road along the
still wrang you ve stillgotthe wrang een he waves
i mean you ve alwaysgotthe you know the manic
us wait till they vegottheir nets oot the boot
so far i ve alsogottheir old ironing board her
giving furniture etc i vegottheir old washing machine its
of staff and they vegottheir own base and everything
the grass and they vegottheir stereos out and stuff
dod she thinks i vegotthem at my ain hoose
i ve eh i vegotthem aye i ve got
got them aye i vegotthem but he runs out
bridge f1114: right i vegotthem have to count them
aye but y- we vegotthem in the gairden haven
far are they you vegotthem jim gave them to
t know if i vegotthem the wrong way round
ones and they you vegotthem until you re about
left wing tutorial you vegotthen aye m819: no kenny
we see fitt we vegotthen m1098: a corsa f1097:
the voices that i vegotthere already erm but i
fit s at ye vegotthere dod they look like
think that i ve actuallygotthere f1038: mm uh huh
it s okay you vegotthere f1124: i want purple
fit s that you vegotthere jim jim it s
ve got fitt have yougotthere m1128: mammy i m
mince pie supper they vegotthere not even deep fried
also i mean we vegotthere s a alternative health
s see fit i vegotthere s a ten isn
f1117: [inaudible] what we vegotthere s nae [?]paper cakes[/?] cupcakes
shoppie f1122: but i vegotthese f1121: what are they
just that ehm i vegotthese friends and they were
is that why you vegotthese m1092: stop it f1091:
three three cause you vegotthese money f1121: right how
marathon and we ve allgotthese on and we re
f1093: mm m1094: i vegotthese ones you pick your
children or something they vegotthey can t help themselves
man declares that you vegotthis barrae i says well
s impossible cause you vegotthis big huge [laugh] sort
mean i think they vegotthis ehm i think they
minutes in fact i vegotthis exercise to do with
it i ve i vegotthis feeling that i won
of herself pause i vegotthis i ll ha e
basic ehm so you vegotthis idea like that it
officers so we ve stillgotthis impasse where i can
cognate syndrome and we vegotthis in northern ireland too
comfortable with it they vegotthis kinna cringe reaction and
brawlie ma foot a vegotthis mysterious pain a m
as well because you vegotthis opportunity to go and
but so onywey we vegotthis reply fae this letter
soon and you ve stillgotthis room to tidy for
not i mean i vegotthis story in my head
bed and i ve stillgotthis was a kind of
said well i ve onlygotthree pots so you cannae
got three stars i vegotthree stars f1091: okay we
m1092: three stars i vegotthree stars i ve got
stars f1091: okay we vegotthree stars m1092: [inaudible] bit
ve got like a yougotthree three months first time
given that they ve nowgotthree years to work with
on wed and we vegottickets to see round the
you mam f1091: you vegottiger there look you ve
and again when i vegottime i i scribble something
or four because you vegotto answer two questions out
hot f1121: so you vegotto be aafu careful haven
managing and [inaudible] you vegotto be able to put
up and then you vegotto be able to teach
says that eleanor they vegotto be awful careful with
s i think you vegotto be born with it
s hot and we vegotto be careful sure m1092:
and boat terminology you vegotto be careful where you
like you know you vegotto be like like straddle
bear right so we vegotto be looking for pooh
work them naturally they vegotto be m999: aye that
going to be you vegotto be prepared for it
well g- we ve justgotto both stay here just
look after them we vegotto brush them haven t
way f943: na you vegotto build up like m944:
weeks and er you vegotto cart the books up
dry toilets and you vegotto check the dunny to
m816: [inaudible] [?]they're no half[/?] you vegotto check the the water
s fine right you vegotto clea- clean this shelf
m642: at belfast you vegotto climb up and out
[sniff] excuse me i vegotto cough [cough] i ll
got to s- you vegotto cut it into bits
week s what you vegotto do all the final
that s what you vegotto do but eh i
whole honours system you vegotto do english language m605:
always had f639: you vegotto do f640: people in
f1111: first thing we vegotto do is put a
the votes so they vegotto do it again f810:
a lamb so we vegotto draw a little lamb
gonna hae time you vegotto eat your breakfast quick
do aboot it they vegotto eh leave this thing
the box right you vegotto fill fill it in
m605: erm cause you vegotto find i think some
m741: yep m605: you vegotto find some way of
m helpin darlin i vegotto find the bitties i
doon there now we vegotto find the other basket
you go then you vegotto find them aa i
o jigsaw and you vegotto find where it goes
good job look you vegotto get aa the milk
mam s turn i vegotto get an elephant or
all happened because i vegotto get off my butt
f1113: enough claes you vegotto get on your socks
scots is although you vegotto get past that at
teknosis he insisted you vegotto get yourself out of
f1121: well you ve justgotto gie it a wee
to go now i vegotto go back to the
cause i erm i vegotto go home for my
this distance well i vegotto go now carole s
flight s called i vegotto go now sikh with
in the box they vegotto go on here f1126:
brushed then cause we vegotto go quickly m1096: aye
published after 1977 i vegotto go talk to the
lot of them you vegotto go through the book
outline and you ve reallygotto go through the book
have to rush i vegotto go to my work
your house cause we vegotto go to where the
in there darling you vegotto grate it now what
usin materials that you vegotto hand you know m741:
really does but you vegotto have done it i
heels at all i vegotto have somethin flat an
we f1121: mmhm i vegotto help at that on
stop m642: well you vegotto hit the wall and
to do one i vegotto hold it in the
got to where we vegotto i think curriculum for
especially and then you vegotto just keep the nails
noo f1121: now you vegotto keep an eye on
all [exhale] f1111: you vegotto keep stirring f1112: how
[inaudible] m816: so you vegotto keep working away at
like spanish guitar you vegotto learn to the nails
now you guys have nogotto listen like you ve
to look and you vegotto listen see if you
day so w- you vegotto live with them day
out f1111: yes we vegotto look after all our
big teeth but you vegotto look after them we
the cars f1095: you vegotto look and you ve
m1007: oh if you vegotto m1008: if you re
you know you- you vegotto m608: aye m1163: life
knife f1113: so i vegotto make a flower oh
m1008: oh well you vegotto make allowances he s
can t say you vegotto make it work for
the point is you vegotto make them sound easy
but my mum s likegotto mo- they ve got
that s what i vegotto move them up and
beautiful healthy teeth you vegotto open your mouth and
deana s mother you vegotto own up to that
don t m816: you vegotto persevere with it and
menu cause like you vegotto pick now what you
somewhere where i ve stillgotto pick up the car
f1121: so look you vegotto put chocolate all ower
i can no you vegotto put come up a
it s what you vegotto put something into it
one f1125: aye you vegotto put them in their
of them so they vegotto rake it up you
m816: but you ve reallygotto read them but i
year and then i vegotto revise it for ehm
f1111: no but you vegotto s- you ve got
that s why you vegotto say you re really
ain f1095: well you vegotto see haven t you
that s where i vegotto so far i have
noo f1121: well we vegotto sort out the baking
m1096: erm f1095: you vegotto sort them cause how
the back so you vegotto sort them oot into
a good job you vegotto speak proper and you
hand f1111: right you vegotto spread out your hand
to the bottom we vegotto start at the top
now and then you vegotto step a couple of
got to mo- they vegotto take a day at
turn round m1090: i vegotto take it aff f1089:
[tut] f1125: well you vegotto take the bits oot
to listen like you vegotto talk among yourselves and
no f209: [cough] you vegotto tell them you re
i m sorry i vegotto the stage these days
true mrs livingstone ye vegotto think aboot the future
chore if you ve reallygotto think f831: think how
the sociolinguistic links you vegotto think in two forms
on the plane you vegotto tick off you haven
a second but we vegotto tidy up these blocks
m816: i always i vegotto to robert s cause
stuff on and you vegotto tow it by another
the library if you vegotto travel it s such
but i think you vegotto try and find your
s snowflakes f1111: i vegotto try and make a
it will go we vegotto turn it round and
s it see you vegotto turn it round f1126:
f1126: okay f1125: you vegotto turn the bits roon
blackboards do you you vegotto use chalk f1112: i
got other problems you vegotto wait for it cause
your tickets then you vegotto wait three month for
you canna cause you vegotto wait till the morning
f1111: okay now we vegotto wash the rest of
to do first you vegotto wash your hands before
and and then you vegotto watch it doesn t
the fact that ye vegotto water these gardens constantly
back at how we vegotto where we ve got
head aa no i vegotto work at 10 o
you ve go- you vegotto you know it s
lot of poetry we vegottoday was wordsworth and coleridge
s minds because we vegottons of anecdotes i ve
else f1009: yes i vegottool bag and work box
of tools i ve onlygottoolkit doon is there anything
for for the i vegottools themselves m999: aye a
one card and i vegottwa she picks up the
is not we- we vegottwenty four books now and
for you you ve onlygottwo bits left one two
d go okay i vegottwo days to do this
f1103: oh f1104: you vegottwo haven t you that
there or look you vegottwo hippos there pop that
ve got four i vegottwo i ve go- f1093:
that stickie f1114: i vegottwo i ve got heaps
a in fact we vegottwo languages in fact ulster
square [inhale] oh you vegottwo [laugh] m1094: [laugh] f1093:
ve go- f1093: have yougottwo m1094: yeah f1093: oh
[snort] f1095: we ve onlygottwo m1096: look f1095: ah
f1091: eh m1092: i vegottwo monkeys on mine f1091:
on mine f1091: you vegottwo monkeys on yours m1092:
m741: right m605: i vegottwo more poetry sessions and
oh f1103: and you vegottwo on your bed f1104:
s your sunglasses you vegottwo pairs do you want
can get a pear igottwo pears f1093: you ve
ever got f638: i vegottwo prizes now f637: ye
got a pair you vegottwo stars m1094: i got
s m- so we vegottwo strawberry and two raspberry
i have so i vegottwo su- i ve got
f1125: aye but you vegottwo you canna eat them
but i ve i vegotugly and mingin and gawkit
is eadar lìon i vegotvery bad gaelic accent e-
i ve got i vegotvideo of from when i
doll is this ye vegotwait till we see [opening packet]
know like when we vegotwe ve got mobile phones
do cause we ve stillgotwe ve got that clothes
my tummy f1113: you vegotwhat f1114: ice cream in
on the medals you vegotwhich campaigns they were f1077:
huh m194: a- they vegotword there s a plane
fowk roared back we vegotworries wirsel sae she gaed
fowk roared back we vegotworries wirsel sae she gaed
a honda which we vegotwould be non u you
about all that i vegotwritten down f1054: that s
the heid byllie we vegotye this time whit dae
yeah f1104: [laugh] i vegotyellow noo do you like
of delgaty ye ve surelygotyer baikie lowse e day
says something when you vegotyou know one member of
heard me saying i vegotyou know one sister who
i do and i vegotyou know two hundred kilos
s an i you vegotyou ll need that so
ve got fitt have yougotyou ve got a leopard
aa this videos you vegotyou ve too much have
s right if you vegotyoung uns m1004: i was
f1121: oh look we vegotyour chocolate knife and chocolatey
you ana teenie ye vegotyour colour back he kisses
i ve got i vegotyour hand though i ve
grown up erm you vegotyour life f1038: yeah f1037:
re saying like you vegotyour neds in the dance
right ehm now you vegotyour own parliament in scotland
ehm scotland or you vegotyour own parliament now in
right okay ehm you vegotyour own parliament now in
so bessie ye ve agotyour tea have ye peggy
aboot noo dod i vegotyour tracts here look he
a fine boorach you vegotyourself into katie morag said

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