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i ken hinna gotta hinnagottabairnie hinna gotta lass hinna
s gotta be there sgottabe a standard there s
but there s there sgottabe there s gotta be
scots it s it sgottacome from it s gotta
motor gotta hae a shooergottahae a ghettoblaster on full
tv gotta hae a phonegottahae a holiday in greece
holiday in greece or romegottahae a motor gotta hae
blues gotta hae a tvgottahae a phone gotta hae
rome gotta hae a motorgottahae a shooer gotta hae
jam again gimme time bluesgottahae a tv gotta hae
teach kids then you vegottahave m741: you ve gotta
gotta have m741: you vegottahave one you ve gotta
the warld i ken hinnagottahinna gotta bairnie hinna gotta
bairnie hinna gotta lass hinnagottahope n hell o gettin
from primary schools it sgottait s gotta start like
gotta hinna gotta bairnie hinnagottalass hinna gotta hope n
gotta have one you vegottam605: but it s ju-
it s gotta it sgottastart like you say one
gotta come from it sgottastart there i think er
daddy bought them you vegottaleave one for daddy f1126:
like them f1125: ah butgottaleave one for daddy f1126:
when you re you vegottateach something that you re
bear the bear you vegottaf1093: the pair one right
be a standard there sgottabe some sort o m605:
of teaching style you vegottafind it an m605: yeah
don t think they vegottam605: no m741: have a
m writing now i vegottathink in standard english lo-
[laugh] aye m1163: you vegottabe prepared m608: aye m1163:
hae time because we vegottaget tidied up [cough] and
to these things you vegottabe it s gonnae be
coming out [laugh] you vegottabe really f1160: [laugh] you
then you can we vegottafind nursery rhymes an [censored: forename]
a minute because i vegottaget aa this dry stuff
have now m944: you vegottaget settled in f943: when
yeah yeah cause you vegottaget your own sort of
i play but you vegottarel- i don t play
is is because you vegottasit there for no one
for ages and you vegottastand there and grin like
sometimes these locals you vegottawatch like when you go
help you right what wegottadae is f1126: ah [inaudible]
it s got- it sgottacome from primary schools it
gonna [inaudible] farr s shegottago mummy she gonna have
when it starts it sgottafind models to follow so
eh f606: so have theygottabe special stones to m822:
m830: that s right yougottado burns [laugh] f606: uh
it s gottae it sgottacome from the media i
after plants neither it sgottabe just be something that
huh yeah m762: there sgottabe other things in so
up one two three rightgottawhee f1102: make me go
normal heya mamma you vagottato trya mya feta ravioli
know m608: got everybody sgottago through disclosure now haven
a right wee nippy sweetiegottado what they re told
balance it out it sgottahave an effect it would
ironin dara oan it comesgottaa beaut the noo tank
mean aw tae m m819: gottafew quid in your back
een o us kimberley annegottagiftie frae a frien wrappit

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