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see it if ye hinnagottena copy areddies if ye
see it if ye hinnagottena copy areddies if ye
cover the anes ye vgottenareddies tae feenish aff wi
ain o his maids hidgottenhersel bairned on his ferm
news the quine micht haegottenhersel frae the young banker
laldie noo that she hidgottenhersel intae a guid gaun
he think it neil hidgottena gey begeck fin a
noo 2046 an brian hidgottena job as an organ
yin they gaed tae hidgottenair raid shelters biggit in
oot matty her brither hidgottenbuiks fur his birthday an
crackit shall or no hidgottencraalt a maitter o gey
laid fin a hennie hidgottenexcitet an made a mistaak
road an afore they hidgottenhaufweys up the heinkel passed
wife lakshmi her faither hidgottenhis degree frae meikleburgh university
ower hou scabbit they hidgottenin sic a cuttie time
hard sweetie an it hidgottenstuck haufweys doon but insteid
fur emily s ward hidgottentae the stage that he
johnston o udny fa hidgottenthe len o a beuk
kent as bappy that hidgottenthe wyte fur trystin dr
e ripples hid harly yetgottentill e ooter edges a
i doot it hid jistgottentint sae on ower e
it wisna till a dgottenhaud o a copy o
o a pair she dgottenfrae chae on her birthday
t koolyghin the doctor sgottenfou juist lyke he haed
mind aither hou he haedgottenintae this seetiation an a
a true story he haedgottenit strecht frae stookie s
for the tousin he haedgottenthare an whan jennie saw
mornin an eftir ah haedgottenup an washt masell aw
cam oot hiv ye naegottenat hen in yet na
see hen oo ve awgottenti be characters in the
the doctor s gaen angottendrunk ye d think he
e reef ye couldna haegottenem oot withoot dismantlin e
speert i see ye vegottenten pence for em aye
wad he e er haegottenacquent wi ten braw lads
weill ance an he dgottengao the braw for his
tae yince the flames hadgottenhaud the people wouldna let
ix 6 7 we haegottena bairn oot o jizzen
car agreed ye couldna haegottena better lad sober and
horsemen seeven o them haegottena horse hair sent tae
wi me rintoul ye haegottena richt dose o greigorie
claes he wad raither haegottena shelt like daisy that
o jizzen and we haegottena son and the stere
the day that ah haegottenfrae naomi aa that elimelech
ti tell ye ah haegottengreigorie s ailment ma truibil
my father s sister hadgottenmarried an they didnae hae
aucht and mair ah haegottenruth the moabitess guidwife o
it wes ah hae fairliegottensum easement meg gin ye
the horse refused he sgottene ploo streekit he s
deen at ye d agottena clew o coir yarn
torches an whan they dgottena licht there wisna a
up be northies he dgottena new mull in nae
aa clivver an he dgottena place on a ship
tee an syne e dgottene corp intill e coal
e byeuk case i dgottenfae ma best man as
a mauve cairngorm she dgottenfrae her fowk at migvree
green boxie that she dgottenfrae her grannie last wick
fur hame that he dgottenfrae strathbogie college in the
teen ower masel i dgottenhaad o a timmer box
aathing ance an he dgottenhis maister s biddin gao
aa siccar i d agottenma kail throwe e reek
whyles that gin ah dgottenmairrit an bidden at hame
the baa efter he dgottenon he chynged his name
the het desert he dgottensan on the lungs an
sunbeam they d nae suinergottenthe first verse feinished or
the cloister a d eengottenthe verra quinquefloreal priest s
tae dee doon he dgottenthrou his first air raid
a rat fin we dgottentill e foon willie geed
draw thegither whaur had yegottensic a feast forbye yer
the marischal whan a vegottenthem out an sent them
tung wittins can nou begotteni pdf format frae scots
loons fur noo ye vegottenthe curse ye can faa
the border an noo haeingottenthem there they try tae
here we go i vegottenyou sorted noo m1098: that
son haes joukit us angottenclean awa 2nd murderer we
angus but she s nevergottenon weill wi hir faither
in 1959 an i vegottena bittie better a een
ve sellt ma plaisters angottena puckle siller an a
for uis a ve mebbesgottena wey roun it tho
it s auld a vegottenniver nae nearer see aye
dinnae think if ye vegottenonythin worthwhile or no [laugh]
heid ah think ye vegottenpuddoks on the brain sae
a ear files i vegottenscunnert masel an i ve
awthegither ah ken ah vegottenskinnier an mair ugsum an
aw masha here ye vegottenthinner whistles ye look yungir
mm m642: because you vegottento that stage of crazy
ma man mynd ah vegottenuised wi him nou but
for the day ye vegottenyer baikie oot or according
in the haa abune angottenin aa their dittays whan
e road he micht agottenas far as turra ye
mair eident i mith agottena lot mair this bittie
kettle s bylin it sgottentae ken the fowk coo
up an the key sgottenlost a pause ye r
sixty six cod dey wirgottena guid supply o winter
the love o gairdenin hisgottenless jist that the docknail
is fair stottin he sgottena richt skinfu this tyme
they say mebbe he sgottenburnt in the fire whitten
s smiling cause he sgottenhis post from postman pat
dout but he s fairlygottenon the day ti be
irena an that he sgottenti hate the sicht o
that wyfe o his haesgottenhir haunds on aw the
ither twa reiver chiefs angottenhis rewaird for takin them
george galloway seems to havegottenon very well with them
well gosh that s usgottenround them very very quickly
zhu wu an them hedgottenthegither thirty unce o syboe
an it should never havegottentorn up the peterheid line
what s happened have yougottena nippy bit in that
good behaviour i would havegottena skelp f1053: peter m999:
fichertie feg the sodjer sgottena widden leg pirlie wirlie
siccar foonds weir yeir illgottencroun macbeth the law is

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