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the political declaration by thegovernmentsof bavaria catalonia north rhine
the political declaration by thegovernmentsof bavaria catalonia north rhine
devastating product since 1992 successivegovernmentsconservative labour and coalition have
on whisky by successive ukgovernmentshas disadvantaged scotch in the
and barnett formula by successivegovernmentshas enabled scotland to develop
and barnett formula by successivegovernmentshas enabled scotland to develop
with a political point successivegovernmentsincluding the present executive have
has been exacerbated by successivegovernmentsineptitude over matters such as
been the policy of successivegovernmentsnot to compensate for losses
languages the record of successivegovernmentson gaelic is fairly good
is the result of successivegovernmentspolicies on charging what action
were pooh poohed by successivegovernmentsten or fifteen years ago
his government and successive londongovernmentsthe first minister it is
million homes under successive conservativegovernmentsthe percentage of uk households
scotland thanks to successive conservativegovernmentsthe rate of home ownership
he leads a government wellgovernmentsgovern and governments make decisions
government well governments govern andgovernmentsmake decisions after all this
initiated by the last conservativegovernmentsbut notes with grave concern
that were imposed by conservativegovernmentsnever by a liberal democrat
under the conservative and labourgovernmentsthat were responsible for the
appease hitler and mussolini thegovernmentsof europe had agreed not
by all the relevant commonwealthgovernmentsand by their parliaments therefore
involved the representatives of nationalgovernmentsand parliaments the european parliament
this far surely if ourgovernmentscared for our health and
wouldn t they surely ourgovernmentshave some jurisdiction over british
on our shores surely ourgovernmentshave some sort of moral
and deadly addiction surely ourgovernmentsshould care about what british
the labour party and labourgovernmentshave made more than once
toilet facilities tory and labourgovernmentsi have seen them come
of the fifteen member stategovernmentsarticle 137 ec reaffirms that
measure in the way thatgovernmentsand civil servants desire there
corruption also remain inter governmentalgovernmentsco operate in those areas
must remain suspicious of ourgovernmentswe will not be able
in december 2000 member stategovernmentsagreed that an intergovernmental conference
concerned at nice member stategovernmentsalso approved the eu social
purely administrative powers member stategovernmentsand the european parliament itself
explicit wish of member stategovernmentsin other words the commission
in the eu member stategovernmentsnow co ordinate their employment
passed to regional and stategovernmentsthe eu also has sub
europe and committed member stategovernmentsto making a decisive impact
grounds we will suspect thegovernmentshave other agendas could it
up of many small regionalgovernmentsthat are all calling for
because in effect centre rightgovernmentscontrol the big five member
thus the soviet and britishgovernmentsappear to know the whole
elements of agrimonetary compensation whichgovernmentshave to decide as states
treatment of these languages bygovernmentsof the states in which
heritage sites lies with nationalgovernmentsno additional statutory controls result
tool with which to lobbygovernmentswe should be particularly aware
in society however the nationalgovernmentswere also aware that it
of the scottish and ukgovernmentsjoint action committees under the
the uk and the devolvedgovernmentswhich was endorsed by the
have greater powers along withgovernmentsand civic society the subsidiarity
and painful death maybe ourgovernmentsaren t as good as
voluntarily gave or maybe ourgovernmentsdon t really give a
yes it s time ourgovernmentsmade up their minds where
parliament our enemies being ourgovernmentson the one hand and
a spiral decline while ourgovernmentstell us that everything s
operation among the 15 nationalgovernmentsand to a large extent
main policy measures which nationalgovernmentshave or intend to implement
institutions in the omc nationalgovernmentsplay the lead role in
notes the actions of thosegovernmentswhich have compensated their nuclear
waste management and that consecutivegovernmentshave failed to make significant
the figures not come downgovernmentshave consistently used the figure
people are included alcohol previousgovernmentshave paid insufficient attention to
and being europeans what makesgovernmentswork and what keeps politicians
stewardship council and believes thatgovernmentsshould deny aid funding to
the practice of almost allgovernmentsand councils of going for
exemption to the rule thatgovernmentscan contribute a maximum of
illegal logging further calls upongovernmentsto assist the international tropical

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