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o th schule boord ogovernorsyonner tae fin he fermed
coherence it is envisaged thatgovernorsmight allow certain prisoners to
it wis wirkin wi egovernorsbirlin sae faist ye couldna
and young offenders institutions ifgovernorshave some sort of discretion
by giving some discretion togovernorson the wearing of prison
bill mean that some prisongovernorscould face a jail sentence
art therapy sessions for deputygovernorsoh no nothing like that
that is being given togovernorsis neither dangerous nor inappropriate
cost we are allowing specificgovernorsto let prisoners who have
of the panel meet withgovernorssenior managers teaching and other
their room upstairs some prisongovernorshave said to me off
of the review by thegovernorsof the bbc with regard
study uhi s board ofgovernorshas overall control of he
calls upon the board ofgovernorsto respond to scottish demand

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