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an stertit ti aet fraegowdenashets an beb frae siller
tither hauf o the brukkengowdengirdil he kent she wes
thaim grippit jennie bi thegowdengirdil she wure roun hir
oot ti beb at thegowdenwyne but as fest as
asyde thaim alang wi thegowdenbaw an the reivar hystit
silk an satein claith agowdenbaw an twa wee whalps
waitin sklimmar thegither wi thegowdenbaw that the wee laddies
laddies divertin thairsells wi agowdenbaw til thair herts content
till the beach o thegowdensans syne the twa deevil
tae the beach wi thegowdensans the tither repons an
silken bowster o hir mukkilgowdenbed an cryit in hir
she lay in hir mukkilgowdenbed wi its bowster o
twa meiklemuir rings o plaititgowdenwire about him he wure
selkie coats o gray angowdenbroun but thay keepit aye
at this lassie belanged thegowdenbroun selkie skin at he
eild owre an again thegowdensun gaes doun the blue
thair petals chitter ah haegowdenairmor an cled in it
she cled hirsell in hirgowdenbroun skin an soumed out
an rowe it in thegowdenclaith whan it is in
second yeir hair ablo yeirgowdencroun luiks lyke the first
that hands ye frae thisgowdencroun that supernaitral pouers haes
gums goun gown gowd goldgowdengolden gowf savour gracie devout
thirty unce o syboe threidgowdenfiligree an i the derk
fleein phoenix buits broidert wigowdenthreid he wis playin at
rice cake caups fou wigowdenpuils o wyne the day
ye a byuss waucht ogowdenwyne the whilk wul keep
in ilkie sheugh there sgowdenflooers in shadda dappled heilan
o gray an blek angowdenbroun an staup out in
thaim sae he liftit agowdenbroun ane at wes the
born til thaim bairns wigowdenbroun hair an saft vyces
hir whyte bodie but hirgowdenbroun hair hung doun afore
skins gray an blek angowdenbroun lyin on a rock
wins are blawin lammas isgowdencorn fairs an pipes blawin
his siller skin splaittert wigowdenbluid his awesum wounds a
lay quaet in hir mukkilgowdenbed as quick as ye
the shrine room quaet breathingowdenbliss in bowls liftin the
the sun caff fleein likegowdenstoor frae the dowp o
dyke birslin the deid gressgowdenan endin eftir a taigil
aye the gress returns whangowdendays crynes in the meidae
prince as gowden notes fraegowdenbill come floatin throu the
frae music s prince asgowdennotes frae gowden bill come
on a young quine sgowdenhair sing it derk as
o dirk glessis an agowdenpendice ti hing roun hiz
a siller reest fin agowdenheidit quine steppt up an
or unkent pooches teem theirgowdensiller s spent far frae
island whau the sun shanegowdenan the blue wattirs o
the ettin an on agowdenday o simmer sun whit
an thay keltert in thegowdenlicht o the sun callum
o the win and thegowdensun tae lift each raxxin
a thum larsson hud agowdensheen tae um sutton wis
lay big an braw likegowdenguineas in a raw but
simmer s day ahin agowdenbuttercup come oot tae play
feinish ah thraw thaim awagowdenchrisants wuther alang the plettie
o uz bathe in agowdenlicht the sea licks sanstane
shynes an aften is hizgowdenlire ower dit an lillie
the auldest princess taen thegowdenkie frae hir faither s
o jeel skimmers braw wigowdensin i the wuids hairts
dae malcolm he hings agowdencuinyie roond thair craigs the
in the snaw in thegowdengloamin the rain wes lyke
1995 let me worship thegowdenane let me reese oot
aa dressed up in agowdencoat spangled wi mony a
thunner a muckle white brouedgowdenhaired baistie wi bogglin een
pit them in a weegowdenkistie happit wi the yalla
see her in barge wigowdenstern purple sails by her
dir s ten pund ogowdengirsle wantit tae at s
tae ken mair aboot thegowdenlan o maple syrup an
it spairkit aff hunders ogowdenleams intil ilkane o the
a reid lacquered signbrod thegowdenletters o t sayin dounhadden
bit o skirt gart thegowdenring on her haun bit
their wirthless monikers upon thegowdenrobes o kings cleopatra 69
nan og s far thegowdenan gracious are thrang the
ower the dawin s magowdendoor ah wad raither follae
then he gaed ti thegowdenhaa ti kennle the royal
the auld muin shaks hergowdenfeathers their starry talk s

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