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estate [note: photo: 'jack arbuthnott and william allison the gamekeeper before 1924.'] [note: photo: 'a letter from jack arbuthnott to allison, the estate gamekeeper, in 1924.'] implements tattiegraipa fork with little balls
an in o hailsteens wigraipan trooel wis the perfec
fool gowpen n double handfulgraipv grope grandbairns n grandchildren
goustie ghastly gowl to scowlgraipdung fork gravat scarf greep
poems o ma freins ahgraipin ma poutches for siller
the bobby then grabbed agraipand stabbed the dung he
wi the spaad an thegraiptae keep tee wi spring
temple ah im eftir ahgraipamang the cloud happit peaks
o e byre ye cdgraipe muck oot fae e
wi the back o thegraipit fairly got maist o

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