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used to strip doon themgrandpianos and lift them doon
lifted many o them fuckingrandpianos doon the stairs oh
on about humping those fuckinggrandpianos down the fucking stairs
its seams green leaves likegrandpianos harbour birdsong a crow
falling sound green leaves likegrandpianos harbour birdsong zen stone
you something see them fuckingrandpianos huh i said coz
aye f1001: or graun forgrandit s a graun day
athoot is without graun isgrandperfectly fine salve nec minimo
in 1876 to america thegrandduchess of tuscany salvador s
for the mallorca book thegrandduchess of tuscany salvador s
duke of lorraine and thegrandduke of tuscany who married
song simple simon says thegrandold duke of york pop
slaving over a gloss whitegrandpiano a woman wearing a
tale translated into music thegrandpiano held centre stage the
you don t see manygrandpiano s driving down renfield
to a grand uncle andgrandaunt who lived at a
what do you mean bygrandexactly deana grand is something
mean by grand exactly deanagrandis something that is big
wet m1013: that s agrandthat s a grand word
favourite visits were to agranduncle and grand aunt who
a grand that s agrandword platchin m1010: platchit [inaudible]
in her early twenties andgrandaunt had her treasures too
and so on mabel sgrandaunt hid an aafa bonny
spade work it was hergrandaunt who was fond of
dad uncle fuckin aunty grannygranddad wis the same dimps
be ower greedy mabel sgranduncle alick was apt to
had to be returned agranduncle s wife was very
a fee mabel s unmarriedgranduncle told her that when
and wild flowers galore hergranduncle was a roadman they
teach you about what sgranddeana it s no quite
and photos on son andgranddaughter to sanya s mother
60s with her daughter andgranddaughter used to work alongside
with miss kennedy 21 mondaygrandday for weather again the
reborn again 13 sunday agrandday for weather i paint
phem ian we have agrandday weather fine camp site
looking through the window whitgrandweather it is the day
she was built on agrandscale and had a loud
is that it matches thegrandscale and power of elemental
build them on quite agrandscale yeah one or two
son wha re rentin agrandestate for the simmer the
where she was at hergrandson s wedding she had
sasha who was dressed asgrandfather frost ie santa claus
as befitted one whose paternalgrandfather had been a jobbing
like and it was justgrandfather had eaten it before
pilgrimage dunfermline st margaret agrandday a fine example scouts
for the contracts beaumont finegrandnow my friend you ll
end mrs boyter what agrandstory such a fine moral
wednesday 1st temp 1 3grandtae see a fine day
good 15 thursday again agrandday 16 friday w gowans
6 friday carfin today agrandday 7 saturday cut hedges
harbours lazing 4 friday anothergrandday the kids enjoy the
a thocht life wad begranda kindly fermer took me
rung is aye sayin hougrandit wad be for him
thing wad juist be aathegithergrandsays the auld maister an
leirsman sae it wad begrandthing for him ti be
had sensed the house sgrandatmospheres and the garden s
in every direction to agrandhouse there another on the
gret museums o antiquities awfulgrandin embro house grannies tongues
housed within the town housegrandin its towers and turrets
of discomfort are worth tengrandthe house is now well
it s something like twentygrandor something for your average
make something of yoursel somethinggrandover there in america jack
ve got fur you thisgrandgreen gairden fur the noo
though he assumes command agrandday alltogether the boys do
wuid say it s aegrandday bot is it ist
to chester by train agrandday cathedral walls river great
for groceries it was agrandday for the bairns too
cub rally in sports agrandday we go to the
day that there were somegrandseatroot rinnin i tuik twa
o missus chatterbox s greatgrandchildren she hid been so
hid heen enyeuch o egrandpraha wi wintit tae be
timmer teened it s agrandword that timber tuned that
a fag thon s agrandauld beast deid doon by
micht be aucht sic agrandhaudin the auld ane hirpilt
when it s finished agrandold façade featuring wrought iron
go aboot singin firrits agrandold team to play for
ken lass it s beengrandi mean you re the
seem to understand what sgrandrowland what do you mean
gets smaller f1054: would yourgrandeh daughters say or your
drunk f1054: mmhm that sgrandokay what aboot words any
mentor yes f1054: uh huhgrandso that s how you
of it no children orgrandchildren to carry on our
happening although we will heargrandwords and all the rest
then he had only agrandinverness cape that he put
worth jamie morrison had agrandmemory as a laddie he
aye f1011: we had agrandtime an skippin we had
caroline receives her librarian certgrandceremony in music hall we
olives made the denner simplygrandher jams an jeelies were
in mind for her thegrandseigneur after all was used
i saw her for agrandtotal of two hours the
wee bit kick or twagrandquo the prince come ye
wee yins think it sgrandtae haud oot somethin in
tonic oh my it wisgrandwhan efter a wee it
james who revels in thegrandsurname of [censored: surname] an education
roun aboot were scattert thegrandhooses o the douce an
s speech to the scottishgrandcommittee on 12 june made
the bladder which made agrandfootball if inflated and left
troots but they made agrandgirn for the beardies we
over it gives one agrandview for miles around i
s wedding in aberdeen agrandaffair kings was beautiful the
and atavistic instincts i thegrandcause o empire buchan s
mechanisms o repression freud sgranddiscoverie wis that this process
are beat mind it sgrandhere when it s sunny
tho it s no thegrandhotel ye ll find it
philanthropic grin that s ehgrandi canna believe it i
ma sowl is lyke agrandpianae sumbodie s lockit up
[laugh] m642: that s notgrandprix m608: [laugh] no it
so much about what sgrandrowland i teach you about
tae aabodie oh it sgrandtae git faither on wi
hoo s yersel it sgrandthe wither a hope we
said oot there it sgrandye ll find that there
4 tbsp brandy rum orgrandmarnier melt choc with butter
a lang white beard agrandan maist imposin figure somethin
only seven and a halfgrandand eh to to prove
before the plaza borne agrandarched portal leads into the
of success it is agrandcomparison to make but australia
muir also johny bain agrandhorse shoer these were natives
thocht masell that wes agrandidea calls through the side
and tell us what agrandjob it is doing indeed
the sojers they r agrandlot o fallaes rubs his
aye he ll be agrandmaister o aw this pause
your place you re agrandmither to teenie we a
obligation here 21 saturday tograndnational at aintree a good
neck o the puil agrandnicht for the poachin my
pay is pain not agrandoverwhelming pain the stuff of
ancestral home there was agrandrally on the sunday at
i m working on agrandscheme for the benefit of
finished the sewing what agrandsmell of coffee a rare
late the theatre is agrandstalinist building with the obligatory
the bairns there was agrandswing in the barn an
i ve been to thegrandcanyon and i ve been
invitation to aberdeen to chrissiesgranddaughters i ve been wondering
and of course they weregrandmuckle widden lintel right and
it bessie aye it wasgrandloretta to think i complain
beaumont it must be awfulgrandto see everything in such
army number but i mgrandwith names when it comes
instead he was looking forgrandtheoretical ideas which would explain
snod in his new capitalgrandbiggins o aa kinds palices
documents island life in itsgrandsweeps and details fishing and
yer breath awa for backclothgrandbeyond belief the muckle hills
and constructed close together somegrandsome modest ochre harled in
an want tae feel thatgrandelation whan ane faas victim
diapason can be glossed asgrandswelling burst of harmony and
absentee landlord these days thegrandsalon is furnished formally under
you knicht syre ah haegrandwurd yeir dochter moula is
build outside one of thegrandfincas the señora tends the
their glass cases outside thegrandcinema andy gallops in and
hostal es port and thegrandfincas of sa figuera in
palace prison fair philosophy thegrandinquisitor that racks ideas and
and uncles and grannies andgrand[?]kids[/?] grand- gran- granpas f1121:
office and correspondence from thegrandlodge of scotland i hope
jenkins and of course thatgrandmatriarch of scottish politics dr
in the 1 000 seatergrandhall auditorium thereby making the
the smiths seein sae monygrandfolks an their servants as
kilometres till e fancy interhotelgrandpraha in lomnica tetranska faar
they cry seiven gems toungrandquo lu da the lord

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