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be payin back oors oorgrandchildrenll [laugh] still be payin
[exhale] nine grandchildren two greatgrandchildrenand as i always say
we ve got [exhale] ninegrandchildrentwo great grandchildren and as
m1021: more sophisticated m1019: mygrandchildrencall different grandmothers different names
thing we [inaudible] m1042: fourteengrandchildrenevery sunday without fail fourteen
were our children or ourgrandchildrenor even ourselves in childhood
grandfather my papa an mygrandchildrendo the same thing call
would you ask for yourgrandchildrentae call you anything in
i know one o mygrandchildrenwas told tae speak proper
as mine to tell theirgrandchildrenthat gaelic would hold you
in the lives of theirgrandchildrencommittee agreed to pass the
course they have children andgrandchildrensome of whom will have
for her various you knowgrandchildrenand whatever else so she
i mean my mum sgrandchildrenshe didn t think anything
graip v grope grandbairns ngrandchildrengreinin n longing greit v
you know they had theirgrandchildrenwith them so they knew
and i never see mygrandchildrenbecause my wife s condition
people our children and ourgrandchildrenan inheritance of peace and
he was by his ehgrandchildrenhe s always called seanair
on holiday they bring theirgrandchildrenwith them m608: uh huh
from my youth with mygrandchildrenand words that we would
f1041: that was my twograndchildrensittin in the back o
aged grandparents to their tinygrandchildrenmade a dive for the

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