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grace elder s1m 1095 scottishgranitefor the scottish parliament lodged
1095 mr gil paterson scottishgranitefor the scottish parliament that
sequels cloud howe and greygraniteand the trilogy as a
volume of the trilogy greygraniteturned out to be the
stuid as still s agranitestane while fearsome doots crept
doon doon drappit the rivengranitephysog o the auld quarry
scene gibbon macdiarmid 1934 greygranitegibbon 1934 1990 nine against
song cloud howe and greygranitewhile gibbon s creative imagination
bikers zoom me round withgranitefists pensioners slump over me
byordnar close tae the thegranitequaich a bridle path frae
clint rough curling stone rubislawgranitequarry in aberdeen sneeshin mull
brian b 1970 localities agranitequarry in the town of
frae yon quarry s intimmersgranitethat glistered like siller shot
temple sax million tons ograniteower the centuries straikit wi
the left wall of agranitechurch predominantly grey shot through
grow here on this greygranitecity crag only the sound
a wig grey as dressedgranitecurled as tight as the
step ooto yer ain dourgranitegrey warld inno the growthie
taps o gallowa s greygranitehills an jura s quartzite
of bronze set on greygraniteslabs and surrounded by polished
what respect the head resembledgranitethat is to compare the
compare the known properties ofgranitewith those of heads in
gray hid a jaw ograniteeen o flint an a
of having to agree togranitechips on the surface of
aberdeenshire council to replace thegranitechips with grass leslie s
also like a slab ofgranitethe family was solid and
noo i ain a brawgranitesteen as weel as sax
an nibbery in their finegranitehooses frae his fleet o
seen cupid luiks best ingranitesteen fin yer ower auncient
stane his greatest joy angraniteclints he kens them aa
pews have worn away agraniteskeleton gives birth to bones
of the stage as thegraniteback wall of the house
loon ay aiberdeen s ogranitebiggt an steeny is its
an rests eneuch tae defeatgranitethrumple marble seep throu steel
royal quarters of the ptolemiesgranitecolumns and beautiful statues including
eildritch road that leaves thisgranitetoon wheesht in the tinklin
bow stone roller made fromgraniteand used to flatten land
banes atween the scrumps ogranitean smachrie an these they
least the prototypical features ofgraniteare that it is hard
terms of the prototype ofgranitefor me at least the
we can comprehend the expressiongranitehead but we cannot make
the body to that greatgranitehead which looked like it
drying green of an oldgranitetenement in aberdeen centre back
mason fur a heidsteen ogranitewi baith their names on
throwe wi fireflauchts o quartzgranitethat cud withstaun aathin frae
that his wish that scottishgranitebe used for the scottish
of the sparkle from scottishgraniteshould be evident in this
stood there thoughtfully scratching hisgranitealthough this may come the
was like a block ofgranitefaced with this metaphor the
this the reader thinks ofgranitein its most typical form
qualities which link it togranitethis is in fact reinforced
an archipelago of 6 500graniteribbed islands in the gulf
door of a huge sprawlinggranitebuilding two or three stunted
ii many of the handsomegranitemansions that sprang up in
they were they started thegranitetenements that were built in
a wild rose apo dygraniteface ___ da the clett
sallied forth down the fivegranitesteps to the puddle pocked

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