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[note: picture of ewe in the bathtub] or this [note: picture of ewe getting rubbed down with a towel] andgranmamainland would have been furious
neilly beag as he helpedgranmamainland down grannie island revved
neilly beag just like yourselfgranmamainland how do you do
s my secret said weegranmamainland fluttering her eyelashes katie
katie morag watched fascinated asgranmamainland unpacked do you like
for show day katie moraggranmamainland asked och her and
in time for the showgranmamainland has some stuff to
room to tidy for hergranmamainland lived far away in
grannie island never frowned atgranmamainland s fancy ways every
curtains here comes the boatgranmamainland will be here soon
going home to scotland andgranmaand love while she was

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