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the sterns hech sirs thochtgrannieroddenberrie a ken whitlik cums
the kittie agane shae expounditgrannieroddenberrie gied thaim ait broth
ti pey bak the detgrannieroddenberrie hard the clash o
fount at hauds wattir yitgrannieroddenberrie kekkilt wi joy bot
doun ti allou sic prettikinsgrannieroddenberrie s blinkers skinkilt whan
hissel at it maun benegrannieroddenberrie s cantrips at duin
k nicht aye gleg fraegrannieroddenberrie s draucht spak first
than thai rade on tigrannieroddenberrie s howff ti cairrie
wyfes or wutch doctours botgrannieroddenberrie sein straucht inti the
wun ti the houff ogrannieroddenberrie thai wes baith set
pownies baith the traivellers thankitgrannieroddenberrie tho mirren s feth
ar sair pingilt lass sayedgrannieroddenberrie ye wiss ti sen
here s tae ma auldgranniean her elderberry wine wally
man ye cannae beat yergrannieat the elderberry wine then
ye aw a roon bitgrannies elderberry wine wis aye
fur a bottle o yergrannies famous elderberry wine some
there s whisky an magrannies far famed elderberry wine
decline a tassie o magrannies special elderberry wine ae
wis that elderberry wine magranniewis a cliver yin her
d be better off helpinggrannieisland get alecina ready for
when katie morag arrived atgrannieisland s alecina was up
sighed mr mccoll alecina wasgrannieisland s prize sheep she
katie morag half hid behindgrannieas they walked in the
her eyelashes katie morag andgrannieisland smiled at each other
the red label is forgranniepleased to escape katie morag
yourself into katie morag saidgranniewhen katie morag had explained
ll be too late grumbledgrannieisland fortunately no one was
that blade of grass criedgrannieisland in a fury look
but would never tell andgrannieisland never frowned at granma
he helped granma mainland downgrannieisland revved the engine very
in progress and on togrannieisland s in order to
everyone looked in amazement asgrannieisland s old tractor and
there was a party atgrannieisland s to celebrate my
and her fancy ways mutteredgrannieisland to herself show day
days you old devil rantedgrannieisland when they eventually got
went with her other grandmothergrannieisland who lived just across
caddus an cobwebs teenie thanksgrannielizzie goes dod weel are
you gan to the sheltergrannielizzie i m gan to
uncle an sib tae magrannielizzie on ma mither s
got loose morals does itgrannielizzie oor skirts covered wir
bin five year auld magrannielizzie winted tae veesit her
great auntie lizzie and mygranniesat at the fire and
mither tarty dochter and tartygrannieto lizzie fit d ye
a peat moss there hergranniecut peat with a peat
unless it was fae yourgrannieangelica weel it s just
fit aboot that een yourgranniegave you angelica i m
frock angelica it was mygrannies georgie ah i thocht
angelica aye i m comingrannieshe goes pause enter muriel
sorted noo angelica go ongranniethere s naethin to see
o a suddenty i heardgranniefusper tae peter fit think
he d bin a halflingrannieleuch peter ma loon it
man peter peter leuch magrannieye re a gey carnaptious
my mother s mother mygranniedied at wetwards in drumblade
button hook my mother sgranniedied in about 1927 at
not free of vermin andgranniewhose husband had died of
mccoll isn t she goodgrannieoch aye said grannie with
enough bit och compared wigrannies it s gey ordinary
good grannie och aye saidgranniewith a smile as she
nae weather forecasts wi yergranniean yer da baith in
is that gaun to begrannies ain m1128: aye f1127:
aye f1127: why s thatgrannies ain m1128: [?]that's nice and round[/?] i
in aa the crispies m1128: grannies gaun to hae that
ye o the quinie theregranniewis ma mither s mither
wis eel my mother sgranniemade ale at that time
outer rim of the firegranniewas only once in a
trees like strae weel yergranniewis sittin bi the fire
when ah wis wee magrannieaye checked me for sayin
hede assay the brounie magrannieconvoyed me ti skuil on
year younger he helpit magrannieooto the car fur she
you know back to magrannies day and i thought
in haste tae win magrannies favour an jist mebbe
one before whaur was yergranniefae katrina f1145: yeah she
his ain placie an saegranniejyned the migvie gents at
lyker ti be hiz aingrannieno tammas s sister thrie
thon aul evenin frock ogrannies muriel suspicious fit aboot
sort the whole muddle outgranniehad her head under the
of all there was hergranniei got no description of
lass got stuffie from hergrannieif an egg was cracked
she d gotten frae hergrannielast wick tae haud ony
her i m wi hergrannienoo he raises his hand
was taken home with hergrannies horse and cart there
was brought up by hergrannieso that a lot of
big fowk and persuade theirgrannieto show them her collection
any excuse to visit hergranniewho lived all alone in
not too abandoned her reverendgranniewould not have been too
s snaa on the hillsgranniefin yon fite mounth frae
quite richt anna cuttit ingranniefrae ahin onywye said faither
wis the kiltie claes thairgranniehid bocht thaim the year
wis a guid belt yegrannieshaggin get sweirs lu da
thir hud been wi hisgranniewhun he wis a bairn
flitted new deer wye bitgranniewis ower thirled tae cromar
like strange mannies kittlin mygrannieinbye they hidna yet lichtit
i liked to catch mygrannieon baking day she used
because i was in mygrannies bed i aye went
it s een o mygrannies dod i bet she
wish i was at mygrannies me and beastie have
and that my my greatgranniewho was born in eighteen
f1054: good yeah f1145: mygranniewould talk about swells people
sandy patterson s butter fardensgrannieand aunts were good cooks
the byre using a thraacrookgranniewas fairly good at lettin
o knawlege an unnerstaunnin furgrannietelt m o certaint maitters
have your name on itgranniehad a wooden stamp like
be called a ghost namegranniemaybe said this is fine
mabel smith s auntie orgrannieat hythie made cakes in
story at wisna true hisgrannieat newmachar had a croft
aw awaw at the weirgranniefashed hirsell about the egs
crocus blinks an ee atgranniepractisin tai chi a gray
real education was on hisgrannies craft at swailend newmachar
swure at the doormen yegrannieshaggin gets ye an ye
carry meat at that timegranniesometimes bought a half heart
she ll find hersel agranniean that s the best
over a basketful mabel sgranniehad a sweet tooth and
to gran it s grangrannieor nan an the difference
his father was a gardenergrannies neighbour had a big
for which house now onlygrannies parcel was still recognizable
sobbing she ran on togrannies well this is a
wear that to a dancegranniesays hersel it s ower
skint but er john sgrannieused to say a- which
of liam s noisy teethinggranniewould you like to come
d need to ask yourgrannieif you can hae it
hae hud tae sell yirgrannietae pay fir it sae
just lave out the watergranniehad two wooden stands with
ye dinna gee yersel seegranniesee i cried tae the
to get a wash downgrannieeest take mak crudes and
the butter wouldn t comegranniewould whiles put in a
like but juist cause thairgrannieliked the colours they war
deadfall trap in the morninggranniecame with a pail of
doom is drawin near quogranniein an uncannie vyce an
ve heard it caaed agranniepooch geed in doon the

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