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and his granny is hisgrannyawa in as well m1110:
s is granny june orgrannycathy m1014: aye m1016: that
their gran it s alwaysgranny[censored: surname] or granny i ve
grandmothers eh granny morag andgrannyclaris so they get equal
about grandmother m1004: granny f1006: grannyf1005: nana m1004: the duchess
f1054: what about grandmother m1004: grannyf1006: granny f1005: nana m1004:
ma f1054: okay grandmother m1010: grannyf1011: granny m1010: granny m1013:
her granny f1026: granny f1024: grannyf1023: granny f1027: granny f1025:
f1023: call her granny f1026: grannyf1024: granny f1023: granny f1027:
f1023: granny f1027: granny f1025: grannyf1024: or or or nana
f1024: granny f1023: granny f1027: grannyf1025: granny f1024: or or
f1025: [inaudible] f1023: call hergrannyf1026: granny f1024: granny f1023:
f1026: granny f1024: granny f1023: grannyf1027: granny f1025: granny f1024:
mm m1021: granny just justgrannyf1054: do you think that
i would just use grannygrannyf1054: granny f1144: yeah granny
is it aye m1012: grannygrannyf1054: that s unanimous isn
granny go to tescos m1096: grannyf1095: and i ll nip
his granda m1110: and hisgrannyf1109: and his granny is
f1121: who f1122: [censored: forename] sgrannyf1121: [censored: forename] s granny f1122:
s granny f1121: [censored: forename] sgrannyf1122: aye does she f1121:
just use granny granny f1054: grannyf1144: yeah granny is what
you goin to go withgrannygo to tescos m1096: granny
m1022: granny m1021: granny m1019: grannygran [?]gee-gee[/?] and nana m1020:
but i would just usegrannygranny f1054: granny f1144: yeah
granny is it aye m1012: grannygranny f1054: that s unanimous
f1011: granny m1010: granny m1013: grannygranny granny granny is it
granny m1010: granny m1013: grannygrannygranny granny is it aye
m1010: granny m1013: granny grannygrannygranny is it aye m1012:
s always granny [censored: surname] orgrannyi ve forgotten her name
his granny f1109: and hisgrannyis his granny awa in
granny m1013: granny granny grannygrannyis it aye m1012: granny
granny f1054: granny f1144: yeahgrannyis what i would use
yeah well mine s isgrannyjune or granny cathy m1014:
m1020: gran f1054: mm m1021: grannyjust just granny f1054: do
okay grandmother m1010: granny f1011: grannym1010: granny m1013: granny granny
m1010: granny f1011: granny m1010: grannym1013: granny granny granny granny
f1018: granny m1022: granny m1021: grannym1019: granny gran [?]gee-gee[/?] and
f1054: grandmother f1018: granny m1022: grannym1021: granny m1019: granny gran
e [laugh] f1054: grandmother f1018: grannym1022: granny m1021: granny m1019:
their respective erm grandmothers ehgrannymorag and granny claris so
granny s m1098: aye nogrannynae here f1097: was granny
granny nae here f1097: wasgrannynae there m1098: no her
[censored: forename] gone she away togrannys [censored: forename] away to granny
granny s [censored: forename] away togrannys f1114: [inhale] f1113: yes
granny s got some cabbagegrannys got some cabbage for
carrots in the car f1113: grannys got some cabbage granny
you get the papers withgrannys m1098: aye no granny
that s coming from f1006: grannyyes m1004: ma granny you
f1006: granny yes m1004: magrannyyou know f1006: [laugh] m1004:
their my mother was theirgrannyan my grandmother was gran
alister m1008: well grandmother ehgrannygran nana which is not
ehm grandmother m1016: [tut] ehgrannynothing strange aboot that i
was the er grand- grand-grannys mother great grandmother was
leave some for [censored: forename] andgrannyand granda and [censored: forename] and
hasna seen it yet m1096: grannyand granda f1095: mmhm they
i m [inaudible] f1095: mmhmgrannyand granda hasna seen it
sidecar of his motorbike mygrannyand granda mutch stayed at
you use scots at mygrannyand granda s house do
to me but german togrannyand granda scots came third
you ll maybe get maybegrannyand granda will take you
pye their respecks tae grandagrannybruce tuik oot a hanky
wey you re telling daddygrannyehm granda granda [?]panda[/?] f1133:
you bake f1130: no nogrannyf1129: fitt was granda daein
letter mither got a billgrannygot her pension granda got
hold o you there f1112: grannylook at granda f1111: granda
s dairy onymair it wisgrannys because granda bruce hid
fitt was granda daein whengrannywas ironing and you were
of them call their othergrannyer nana m1008: yes f1009:
nana whereas eh it sgrannyfor the the male side
a family thing just likegrannyor nana whatever it is
an ye maunna tell naebodygrannyan aunt florence an aunt
jessie s room neist taegrannybruce aunt jessie keepit hoose
aunt jessie keepit hoose taegrannybruce the parlour an the
tae her ain devices whilegrannycrooshied a cheerback aunt jessie
aunt jessie aunt florence nurgrannyfa stood at the fit
son nor thy dother norgrannyfit wye did aunt jessie
aunt florence aunt jessie angrannytuik it in turns tae
m1015: it s gran orgrannybut eh ehm we were
mmhm m636: my gran mygrannyhad come to stay with
aye f1054: you re justgrannym1019: [inaudible] m1021: more sophisticated
snobbery in edinburgh as magrannysays m1021: all this aye
ta [censored: forename] and ta tagrannyf1122: ta ta [censored: forename] ta
ta ta [censored: forename] ta tagrannywe re we re just
on roses or rhubarb meanwhilegrannybruce an the aunts hid
seen as brakkfast wis owergrannybruce as matriarch o the
mynd them aa quo hergrannybruce fit is the chief
she maun gyang tae hergrannybruce in the toon eence
possessions hid bin flitted taegrannybruce s hame the nicht
heid o the table satgrannybruce she wis seeventy fower
fractured her skull he teltgrannybruce snippin the catch on
no f1027: no no f1023: grannythat f1024: my mum s
f1027: mmhm mmhm f1023: magrannyused to say that about
f1023: during the war mygrannywas the one that was
fitt f1101: there the daygrannyand [?]gran[/?] must be awa
aye f1101: did ye didgrannybuy you ain fae davy
s me and [censored: forename] sgrannyf1101: mmhm f1102: that s
s me and [censored: forename] sgrannyf1101: right in you go
s mum f1101: dad sgrannyf1102: uh huh and that
say thank you f1101: ayegrannymust be awa early the
when i was sleeping atgrannys f1101: aye f1102: i
an aa f1102: here sgrannys f1101: aye f1102: that
there and gie them togrannyand we ll put [censored: forename]
that ah f1127: hey fanngranny[censored: forename] comes in we ll
for his a- appointment m1096: granny[censored: forename] f1095: aye m1096: aye
f1134: when will we seegranny[censored: forename] f1133: we seen her
then cause you winna seegranny[censored: forename] for a while so
we ll have to showgranny[censored: forename] it won t we
wait till mammy see thinkgranny[censored: forename] ll come in for
here oh that s fittgranny[censored: forename] s buying the baby
f1134: where are we goingranny[censored: forename] s f1133: nae the
aye f1133: aye f1134: nogranny[censored: forename] s f1133: no she
[censored: forename] [censored: surname] nae uncle [censored: forename]granny[censored: forename] s m- [censored: forename] f1134:
i ve got i wantgrannycoming and [censored: forename] f1121: but
fo- to the hotel forgrannys birthday [censored: forename] took some
dum m1070: what happened ingrannys darling [censored: forename] don t
m1070: [censored: forename] what happened ingrannys f1071: [tapping] what did
[inaudible] [censored: forename] s going togrannys f1113: [censored: forename] going up
i see [censored: forename] [censored: forename] sgrannys house f1121: that s
that s right [censored: forename] sgrannys house f1122: mum can
f1113: [censored: forename] going up togrannys is she f1114: yes
ains this ains are taegrannys- [censored: forename] [inaudible] i [inaudible]
i said i want togrannys- [censored: forename] s f1133: no
there s girls and theirgrannythat must be [censored: forename] walking
s me and [censored: forename] sgrannythat s me and [censored: forename]
but we left [censored: forename] wigrannythen didn t we fitt
and everything was from yourgrannyf1054: mmhm m1019: i tried
nothing else talk aboot yourgrannyf1054: would you ask for
ve said i ll begranny[laugh] f1025: aye [inaudible] f1054:
say any o them justgrannym1022: aye f1054: you re
f1111: mmhm f1112: that sgranny[censored: surname] s teddy there f1111:
s for my cardigans f1111: grannymade you when you were
to it f1111: over togrannys f1112: uh huh f1111:
right i m gonna drawgrannys garden f1112: how f1111:
f1111: okay tell james aboutgrannys garden go and tell
i m going to thatgrannys this time f1111: oh
faint warm sense of mygrannya scent of old lady
breeks or trousers but mygrannyalways just said your trouser
to both my grannies asgrannyand er my nieces some
and then i had mygrannyand grandpa was my mum
summertime it was ehm mygrannyand granpa stayed in almondbank
only been away with mygrannyand my auntie so m959:
one wage keeping eh mygrannyand the rest of the
f631: mmhm f634: so mygrannycertainly brought me into the
deep farm in 1940 mygrannydewar sat on a chair
very young too when mygrannydied both grannies so it
with them i mean mygrannyevery time i went down
but as soon as mygrannyfinds out i m going
shoes f1142: from my gr-grannygave me do you want
i will not teach mygrannyi think that gordon was
s a chair off mygrannyin green velveteen a fern
put on than my mygranny[laugh] so maybe that [laugh]
each page my little oldgrannyliked to knit long woollen
circle round about where mygrannylived cause they were goin
m1042: just remember what mygrannymy my ma used tae
blae knees sore when mygrannyopened the sneck she held
sentences as my little oldgrannyplayed a spangled guitar ferociously
were goin back to mygrannys and her my mum
use it at home atgrannys at my neighbours homes
in paraffin pull oot mygrannys blanket kist the fishin
and their comedy shows mygrannys cousin lives in glasgow
faced and snivelling outside mygrannys door for i had
grammatical statement such as mygrannys ginger cat plays football
was a teenager in mygrannys house i never ever
used tae go to mygrannys in fittie f1041: [inaudible]
m really uncomfortable and mygrannysaid to thomas go and
in these days so mygrannysays you better go down
f1142: mum where did mygrannysell them at f1141: she
but we stayed with mygrannyshe was in the house
i used to be mygrannystays in forfar and she
hated my ma and mygrannythat day and the wee
making the cheese which mygrannytraded in along with eggs
that was eh fit mygrannyused tae knit tae him
was really drunk but mygrannyused to be able to
warm [inaudible] [laugh] f1145: mygrannyused warm f1144: i m
i can almost hear mygrannywarning i quite sure i
at that tv and mygrannywas goin mental cause they
get all the words mygrannywas probably one of the
over to th- visit mygrannywhen she was was down
and shame i remember mygrannywho was and still is
them even now but mygrannywhom i can t remember
[laugh] m1000: mmhm f1001: mygrannywould hae said an affa
a generational thing my mygrannywould have said ben but
white as a ghost mygrannywould have said f1025: white
and eh i remember mygrannywould say we d worn
naturally my dad and mygrannyyoung my mother s mother
two sets o parents ehgrannyan grandad [censored: surname] which is
s name ehm surname angrannyan grandad eh [censored: surname] eh
i think it will begranny[censored: surname] asking us to go
eh ehm we were alwaysgranny[censored: surname] or you know it
roads until we pass taegranny[censored: surname] s f1109: oh ye
just dae ain for [censored: surname]grannyjust noo and then cause
and next week for [censored: surname]grannyokay f1133: ah but but
cup f1129: aye fitt wasgrannydaein when you was painting
to gie a taste togrannyf1122: aye f1121: fitt aboot
fitt was you daein atgrannys the day can you
grannies so it was alwaysgrannyf1009: i d certainly refer
just ca- always called hergrannynothing else talk aboot your
really can t remember m1007: grannywe always we were very
m1014: yeah mine s isgrannywe just ca- always called
want to do one forgrannyas well f1122: aye f1121:
want to make one forgrannyf1121: right your turn then
f1121: i m gonna tellgrannythat you were cooking i
just have to wait tillgrannycomes up will we f1122:
will you go there wigrannyf1122: mmhm [inaudible] all the
mum dad uncle fuckin auntygrannygrand dad wis the same
used to say to magrannyi ll go and do
then carried on to hisgrannys his dad used to
i used to hear magrannyspeak about you know like
m815: a banana boat magrannyused to call it m816:
excuse fur a gairden hergrannyained an nae heich brae
sae she gaed tae hergrannyan grat on her lap
sae she gaed tae hergrannyan grat on her lap
aften eesed tae bide wigrannyat her hoose a place
chaste diane or lik somegrannygies til her favourite quine
in imagination the moon hergrannyhad longed for for agatha
hed spoken aboot whaar hergrannyhed come fae hit wis
in law explained farrer hergrannyhis a fine hoose near
festering sore your mother orgrannyin her wisdom would search
bit the aunts an hergrannylikit it because it wis
fur the kirk said hergrannymakkin a queer face ahin
fags or glue or fitivergrannymenzies dresses young fur her
shotties o her mobile phonegrannymenzies says teenagers are aa
sent tae bide wi hergrannyna na it wis aa
lizzie mother of muriel andgrannyof angelica in her 60s
syd wisna tae ken thatgrannypaterson an her larry driver
bit shocked by her opennessgrannypause then she gives a
applaud angelica enters in hergrannys dress with a crown
room and flew into hergrannys irish stew and there
has escaped she has hergrannys long auburn hair and
s an elephant s bapgrannytuik oot her glaisses the
s an elephant s bapgrannytuik oot her glaisses the
call them all m1016: ehgrannyand grandpa an grandad so
what aboot eh words forgrannyf1041: oh grunny just grunny
you ll have to tellgrannyyou like them then eh
m going to be agrannynow i ve just discovered
going to have fun atgrannys f1136: hmm f1135: going
s claes for going togrannys right you sit there
going to have fun atgrannys this weekend f1136: am
just the ticket ma auldgrannymaks a fuss every time
showed him a photie ogrannymenzies mither s ma i
s ma i dinna likegrannymenzies ye canna hoast in
m1022: [inaudible] f1018: and magrannys great one was which
i mean i well magrannys nae keepin well jist
budge journey into space magrannys name is mary jane
that makes you a greatgrannyf890: [inaudible] great f889: aye
aye f1095: ah that sgrannyhiya [other person says hiya] m1096: hiya f1095:
day i m no weelgrannym1020: aye well when we
f1103: aye that s atgrannys isn t it f1104:
[inaudible] great f889: aye f890: grannysomebody said how do you
think aye you were rightgrannywas she would say when
s when you go wigrannydo you get a comic
you want to go togrannys f1104: i want to
well we canna go togrannys just now f1104: why
we go up there shegrannyspeaks very broad and we
we ll go down forgrannythen you can hae your
drink a cup o taegrannythere we go rabbit peter
you can gie it togrannywhen you go doon [yawn]
i just left him withgrannyand he d only br-
we ve just come fromgrannys darling f1112: no but
we ll leave one forgrannybut you have to leave
f1126: no leave one forgrannyf1125: we ll leave one
you leave it and maybegrannyll eat it when she
in there hot and maybegrannyll hae them cause she
t it f1104: yeah f1103: grannyll need to get it
classies ben the toun mebbegrannyll win the pot at
ll be somebody s greatgrannynow andy is glad to
put it over there [inaudible]grannys shortly anyway we ll
you re coorse tae yergrannyshe ll skelp yer lug
i ll hae to getgrannyto sew the bottom of
happened when you were ingrannys f1071: ehm i don
huh and that s yourgrannyan aa that s me
s it s one forgrannyand one for me f1125:
from india s ear thatgrannycame too foreword s middleton
awa in as well m1110: grannyf1109: oh it s nae
s credo wis excel wigrannyhe wis safe tae be
s nae easy ye kengrannylizzie ye mean he s
he got that lots thatgrannys ain f1097: [tut] oh
oh no way [laugh] f958: grannys alistair s obviously a
s boy daddy s boygrannys boy oh the harder
normal alastair s father wasgrannys brother uncle tom married
had a baked tattie ingrannys didn t you f1118:
jenny s goon flichter flachtergrannys duvet wags its airms
s f1093: and wednesday m1094: grannys f1093: and thu- m1094:
gave us fizzy juice atgrannys f1093: mmhm you don
see what happens over atgrannys f1112: [tut] i o-
and he was at hisgrannys f1117: was he at
f1117: was he at hisgrannys f1118: ooh [inaudible] [sucking air through teeth]
was you painting for atgrannys f1130: don t know
onybody the day ower atgrannys f1130: nope f1129: was
be a good idea andgrannys got mushrooms for you
shed an the wash hoosegrannys hoose wis far finer
day he sat outside hisgrannys house waiting for his
don t let him ingrannys teeth were lost at
nae yer friend doon ingrannys the day m1128: no
you but i think auldgrannys there you could gie
stracht fae e churn ongrannys thumb when the butter
f1136: am i sleeping atgrannys tonight f1135: staying there
tell me what happened ingrannys yesterday when you were
cam tae bide wi sgrannytelt the heidsteen an we
there s guys and theirgrannythere s girls and their
tae look at the wyegrannywis feedin on grandad s
[inaudible] f902: no an thengrannyhayes grandson him that was
nae black men either thengrannylizzie mercy no ye d
ye ken nae that yergrannywis hefty fin i kent
grandchild wisna impressed she saidgrannycan dee t far better
the kissin noo an shegrannywho d hardly said ane
yesterday when you were withgrannyf1071: have a little seat
pipes up an she saysgrannydo you not know that
f631: and what was yourgrannydoing was she also working
a while she speired atgrannyif she could gyang neist
an a lot o tearsgrannysaying she widna manage wioot
your shoes [laugh] but yourgrannywas middle class [laugh] it
it would likely be yourgrannyyou had to write till
learn tae like the toongrannyan the aunts wid be
tae help deliver the milkgrannyhid reassured the quinie a
you can gie to auldgrannythen erm f1134: er no
bit like grandad wis wigrannyan a wee yealla cat
he got soaking wet andgrannywouldn t let him keep
angelica lost in admiration ohgrannyfit are you like lizzie
you don t speak togrannylike that or right you
to sing oot loud maybegrannywill come and see you
hei cuid bide wi hisgrannyan tak on some financial
he walked to see hisgrannyat lower whitefield he took
huh he stayed with hisgrannylast night f1136: how f1135:
he would not teach hisgrannyto suck eggs and that
them their scales an arpeggiosgrannyhid already telt minnie that
up in their yellow squawksgrannyoutings huddle in the cafe
was that way like yergrannyonly a lot worse he
the big spoon f1117: wasgrannyover f1118: nope f1117: no
indian raga was draped ingrannytakes a trip retro shirts
get a comic farr doesgrannybuy a comic at oot
or mumbling molly the kleptomaniacgrannywith alopecia that paddy had
ten minutes later he saysgrannyi cannae i can t
on the grun an ochgrannyis there something wrang wi
obviously a lot slimmer thangrannyand a lot taller so
an grandad so the thegrannythe moth- the the grannies

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