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so des mcnulty i amgratefulto angus mackay for lodging
moving amendment 12 we aregratefulto him for lodging that
were withdrawn the executive isgratefulto keith harding for lodging
8 peter peacock i amgratefulto keith harding for lodging
us are genuinely and deeplygratefulin particular i thank those
sarah boyack i am deeplygratefulthat i have been allowed
his wife we are deeplygratefulto the local grants committee
that i will be forevergratefulposted by dee rimbaud 9
that i will be forevergratefulto my constituents in tweeddale
the scottish parliament i amgratefulas are other colleagues to
the county although i amgratefulfor his acknowledgement of the
s square and i amgratefulfor his pragmatic view that
place andrew wilson i amgratefulfor that answer we are
how christine grahame i amgratefulfor that clarification because that
committee mr davidson i amgratefulfor that could we have
and opponents but i amgratefulfor that example of what
stage stewart stevenson i amgratefulfor that let me move
use andrew wilson i amgratefulfor that the 4 9
not crystal clear i amgratefulfor the opportunity to speak
would be delighted i amgratefulfor this opportunity to address
its decision making i amgratefulif the executive has listened
or other members i amgratefulthat by and large that
a public debate i amgratefulthat i can begin to
with the paper and amgratefulthat it has been presented
they will cope i amgratefulthat msps will have that
balanced report i am especiallygratefulthat my hobbyhorse access points
situation fergus ewing i amgratefulthat shona robison has allowed
regulation in conclusion i amgratefulthat there is complete consensus
our debate and i amgratefulto all those noble lords
parliament susan deacon i amgratefulto andrew mcnaughton and hugh
that is lacking i amgratefulto bill aitken for giving
this stage and i amgratefulto her for that i
with committee papers i amgratefulto him for that i
of income information i amgratefulto him for that it
12 mr harding i amgratefulto iain smith for raising
stane n iii i amgratefulto marace dareau for her
des mcnulty i am verygratefulto members of the committee
but the public i amgratefulto members of the justice
mrs margaret ewing i amgratefulto mr chisholm for giving
the first minister i amgratefulto mr monteith for asking
euan robson i am particularlygratefulto the executive for taking
process angus mackay i amgratefulto the member for giving
early stage and i amgratefulto the minister for drafting
amendment phil gallie i amgratefulto the minister for his
aid mr stone i amgratefulto the minister for his
earlier john young i amgratefulto the minister i simply
and lochaber snp i amgratefulto the parliamentary bureau for
about the site i amgratefulto the rcahms the national
wrong i was i amgratefulto the society and the
throughout the sector i amgratefulto the transport and the
a multilingual world i amgratefulto them for their work
december miss goldie i amgratefulto you for that answer
for a moment i amgratefulto you what you have
1979 p 7 i mgratefulalso to colleagues in germersheim
map for which they weregratefulk k are coming this
material used and would begratefulto learn of any omissions
material used and would begratefulto learn of any omissions
ian olson and to othersgratefulthanks also to keith williamson
received the convener we aregratefulto you for that ian
communities across scotland people aregratefulfor that opportunity i hope
that question we would begratefulgeorge macbride we will try
committee and i would begratefulto hear your comments george
future trials i would begratefulif the minister could reassure
a question i would begratefulif the minister for parliament
helen eadie i would begratefulif the minister would advise
energy yet he s thegratefultype pleased with everything and
yet again we really aregratefulyou know for you are
debate i would therefore begratefulif you could arrange for
sections laughing joking or sayinggratefulfarewells to their own porters
own needs and i feltgratefulfor his company daniel paced
i ve never been sogratefulfor a double library period
little technical information i wasgratefulfor and a muckle load
people are really really ermgratefulfor other people s critical
on record we would begratefulfor that declaration the executive
morning which we re verygratefulfor that er we ve
time and we are verygratefulfor that touching moments come
local government will also begratefulfor the assistance that mr
that we should be profoundlygratefulfor the federations dogged efforts
the committee we would begratefulfor the separate submissions that
council which we re verygratefulfor the the funding they
teaching trade unions we aregratefulfor your attendance and for
on religion we should begratefulto the commission for racial
had to say we aregratefulto the committee for stressing
the language policy group isgratefulto the committee for the
report and i would begratefulif members who participate in
committee meeting i should begratefulif you would be good
her directness i was alsogratefulto have a conversation which
been withdrawn i should begratefulif she read it out
mither angelica you should begratefulto him ma he s
social exclusion we should begratefulto the cre one of
on sport 21 we aregratefulthat the committee has been
of practice i will begratefulif he will confirm that
aye i ll be realgratefulo that says jonsar eck
i have reason to begratefulthat grandfather didn t sell
those jobs but i wasgratefulthat you were an advanced
aw ah m ever sigratefulas if ah didnae hae
and afternoon tea we aregratefulthat mrs [censored: surname] was able
in guild matters we aregratefulto our vlth year representatives
the rain and we weregratefulwe got near belyaevo in
never closely studies their credentialsgratefulwhen his table s full
properly did so he isgrateful27 monday back to birkenhead
did not seem at allgratefulto hortense a brownie is

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