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poun weel jonsar eck gaedgreedyback his echt poun filled
on greedy said aye ayegreedybocht five lots o firewid
bags intae greedy s shedgreedypoint blank refused tae gie
order o ten bags intaegreedys shed greedy point blank
the auctioneer asked stan ongreedysaid aye aye greedy bocht
siccar soles a cautious orgreedyperson sids seeds particles of
soles if you were excessivelygreedyyou would be a wheety
ye hidna tae be owergreedymabel s grand uncle alick
gin fowk hidna bin saegreedyoor climate micht be mair
s one that s beinggreedyand he s eaten aa
a deen dod admiringly yegreedyhunger ye ve eaten them
believe his een ere wisgreedybiddin for five bags o
you move he s agreedylittle pig i bet you
her not to be agreedypig i ll give her
geordie grip he is saegreedyhe drinks his tay withoot
tellin the wee wifie abootgreedyshe burst oot laughin an
off the cling film withgreedyhands drooling their compliments this
twa deevil lassies see thegreedyauld wife heich at the
fower pair he wis affagreedyhe said tae the quine
for the ten meenit jobgreedysaid jonsar i coodnae buy
ere wis ae lad nicknamedgreedyfa jist went wild he
fish shop fowk s juistgreedyhogs ye ll hae tae
tae be ill natered proodgreedylazy an a drunkard forby
baby beastie i m agreedygirl sometimes but i try
buggers o craiturs gripy angreedywha had swallowed ae moose
the thing tae pit agreedyactress wi a love o
peerie an cowps the auldgreedywummin an her gourd ooto
to play if you weregreedyyou could be jist a
and sharin and no beinggreedyso feelin a bit uplifted
he eats he s awfygreedyah tellt him no tae
git on tae thaim wigreedypootches ye ll ken aw
be at the door bitgreedywid you caw hame my
sleeve hale tube o savlongreedyburn thit yi ur kisses

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