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couch massaging greg s neckgregfelt the unexpected strength of
was behind the couch massaginggregs neck greg felt the
and shaking his head slowlygregobeyed the request then returned
suitcase his brain in turmoilgregwas shaking now thankful for
youngest of her five childrengregchecked his watch murdo was
leavin forresters row you bastardgregye might ve said i
halfway down the path whengregreached the doorway whit aboot
these were the only wordsgregcould recall from that sensible
college board of management mrgregcooper former acting principal moray
an then she starts seeingregagain cause he disnae haud
slithering to a halt atgregs gate aware that debt
point of no return forgregwell she teased who was
and squeezed quite hard causinggregto mouth an obscenity sorry
he came home at nightgregfound it easy enough to
the door or sooner maybegregjerked his head round whit
stranger to his family thangreghad ever been aye and
coming home late and leglessgregmarvelled that bill was ever
a night in the cellsgreghadn t mentioned the job
like you had tae butgregs interest in wendy was
ye start on monday smilinggregwatched his new boss s

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