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spoke to the registrar ingretnagretna is something of an
to the registrar in gretnagretnais something of an historical
comments saturday may 13 2006gretnathe glorious well gretna were
2006 gretna the glorious wellgretnawere magnificent despite an onslaught
completion of the m74 fromgretnato beattock summit to address
completion of the m74 fromgretnato carlisle s1o 6363 29
ceremonies in areas such asgretnaand loch lomond as opposed
compete with loch lomond andgretnahowever the proposal on national
hotels have been built ingretnaall the existing hotels now
fact that the inclusion ofgretnafootball club continues the trend
club that the parliament congratulatesgretnafootball club on its election
3238 david mundell congratulations togretnafootball club that the parliament
unlike most football clubs withgretnait s not about money
he intends to stay atgretnadespite the obvious lure of
are a small team thatgretnahave my support today it
team two leagues above themgretnaweathered the storm for over
right mind could say thatgretnahad their dream broken today
well hope so tiny littlegretnaf c have reached the
do not have to advertisegretnait is totally self advertising
in job satisfaction even ifgretnalose today even if they
anyone won today it wasgretnathe hearts players and supporters
since we have treated thegretnaregistry office as a proper
could make money out ofgretnato the extent that we
you d mentioned the namegretnato most folk it would
the rebound from then ongretnawere on fire and a
food producers retail outlet atgretnaand believes that the scottish
weddings a year in thegretnaarea few of the couples
could have married them ingretnawe are about to fall
fa cup but only justgretnacame within a whisker of
place in a cafe ingretnafifty eu personnel and three

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