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nou congregatit i the houffgriedit wes as guid s
bit ceilidh an it wesgriedthat oniewbodie that cuidna pype
whyle the ern s hetgriedjohn he wes kittilt up
hiz faimlie feirm an wegriedti complouther ower onie bits
suin as possibil it benegriedwi frizzel at john suid
mirren hed hiz traist hegriedti halp bot neded a
whein quastiouns o r mirrengriedtho shae kentna whitten airt
hir skame an the princegriedthat she soud gang aheid
wuid seke eftir him botgriedti sei thaim eftir he
gret kinrik an sae shegriedgledlie ti mairrie the keing
a whein ugsum baith mengriedti say nocht ti the
raid bi the sojers thaigriedat mirren suid byde i
than sae a tryst wesgriedfor the neist setterday i
owre this an syne hegriedti gang wi thaim it

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