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fae curriedoon craft he wasgrieveat ordley an like a
the craftie he had beengrieveat upper ordley in auchterless
an jock dow her unmerrietgrievean the orra loon dandy
sociable like jock dow thegrieveat steenhillock wid be teeterlogic
likes o jock dow thegrievehe come intae the kitchie
it fun jock dow thegrieveher ain da matthew bruce
days noo jock dow thegrievehid yolked three shelts tae
maister preferred himsel tae thegrievejock dow fa bothied aleen
girse park jock dow thegrievewis a dowser twis him
new an jock dow thegrievewis chappin at their door
the stable jock dow thegrievewis groomin the horse in
in eternity written by cmgrievebefore he assumed the macdiarmid
movement started by c mgrievehugh macdiarmid in the 1920s
trade but was a retiredgrievethe fine thing about it
freens a m wae taegrieveye but for a whilie
hunderd pound i started togrievean ah wiped ma nose
an telt them nae taegrievethe anely soun the beat
meat the horse wi thegrieveefter his faither cweeled doon
stank ower the flooers thegrievesang oot wi a roar
there is no time togrievesome minutes go so fast
1920 1976 ed by michaelgrieveand w r aitken london
e cornyard an tellt egrieveat he wisna wirkin em
gravat scarf greep byre draingrievehead workman on a farm
lug in tae fit thegrievewid say neist she daurna
wi his muckle hooves thegrievemaun hae harnessed him an
ivery sax months if thegrievewent sae did aabody else
for reform from c mgrievea further set of guidelines
hae ti say ti thegrieveah ve duin gey weill
warst na jaik coutts thegrievefrae braedykes chippit in we
fecht or pray clap orgrievetwa guid friens twa servants
james murray who was thegrieveat arbuthnott mains before enlisting
hard enyeuch man said egrieveif they werena able tae
ye doon a time taegrievea time tae daunce a
still weel tae seen thegrievewis wytin his chaunce till
a smile at those whogrievefor their decadence it is

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