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ed get to the nittygrittyhe s here well out
will get to the nittygrittyof age i am old
size to fuel the nittygrittyof the day cat scan
know more about the nittygrittyof their own language are
and oblong green lime tabsgrittyswizzles acid drops and frothy
flat ah guzzlet it doongrittysyrup an a whaur ah
climb these stairs a bumpygrittypatch unpainted and never sanded
melting into the strand ingrittyshards scabby with barnacles ghost
experiences would come out ingrittymuscular american teenage talk gritty
gritty muscular american teenage talkgrittymuscular that s a mixed
and gaelic pounded into thegrittybread of scots i was
aneth her feet is raelgrittylike an fin she boos
to write sort of quitegrittyurban novels and so the

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