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denners for that a haillgroatye fairlie ken hou ti
off right grumbling a haillgroatgod sakes she fairlie kens
spak a lot aboot agroatony kinna oddity could gie
on me rain on johnnygroats hoose hyne ootower the
better gie me back magroatah peyed ee a groat
groat ah peyed ee agroatfor naething an it wes
needle an ye peyed agroatfor it if ye hae
ah peyed ye a haillgroatfor yeir glaumerie needle an
that mends rainbows a haillgroatfor hir magic needle an
the needle broun ogre agroatdid ah hear ye say
needle that wul be agroatfor the needle broun ogre
that broun ogre a haillgroatah coud buy twa guid
ah hear ye say agroatwutch ye did that broun
i ll gie ye agroatwell that s a cherry
l gie ye back yeirgroatsae ye can buy yeirsell
her own beaumont no agroatyou mind o whit a

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