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with a pinney gig shampoogroomcarefully every day when a
night before the wedding thegrooms friends would blacken him
were urine colored the blushingroomwid like a wurd wi
graham suggested gesturing at thegrooms groin yir next pal
to consummate the ritual agroomto take to bed some
in october does the happygroomknow what he s marrying
they did meantime the angrygroomstrode doon the road till
wedding in which bride andgroomwere revealed as wearing blue
to toast the bride andgroomwhisky was usually available for
bad form to deck thegroomat his own wedding but
a leg wedding party thegroomis st george his lips
graham came upon a wastedgroomattempting to perform an oral
maid the stable lad thegroomthey must have had a
likely remind them that thegrooms family ur a shower

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