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same subject so we havegroupedthem into five headings as
of 54 questions these aregroupedunder four main headings a
themes emerged these can begroupedunder six headings 1 education
stories in this volume aregroupedloosely around the old scottish
clusters that is of compoundsgroupedround the simplex which is
the convener amendment 88 isgroupedwith amendments 88 89 90
to amendment 34 which isgroupedwith amendments 42 52 54
the way these facts weregroupedunder subheadings and paragraphs linking
to amendment 63 which isgroupedwith amendment 64 i invite
name of the minister isgroupedwith amendment 87 i invite
the convener amendment 10 isgroupedwith amendments 11 and 13
to amendment 10 which isgroupedwith amendments 11 to 18
the convener amendment 1 isgroupedwith amendments 16 and 17
to amendment 27 which isgroupedwith amendments 28 29 67
the convener amendment 2 isgroupedwith amendments 3 and 4
presiding officer amendment 31 isgroupedwith amendments 33 35 to
to amendment 20 which isgroupedwith amendments 62 21 65
to amendment 8 which isgroupedwith amendments 8a 8b and
name of the minister isgroupedwith amendments 9 10 12
of the amendments that aregroupedwith it is to ensure
name of the minister isgroupedwith amendment 35 in the
the convener amendment 107 isgroupedwith amendment 108 angus mackay
the convener amendment 14 isgroupedwith amendment 15 mr harding
to amendment 1 which isgroupedwith amendment 2 ben wallace
of tommy sheridan which isgroupedwith amendment 38 in the
presiding officer amendment 3 isgroupedwith amendment 4 michael matheson
the convener amendment 6 isgroupedwith amendment 7 mr harding
types of property for examplegroupedhouses and houses in which
slapping his back as theygroupedtogether for a congratulatory drink
should be able to begroupedtogether provided that the local
to the same genre andgroupedtogether under the general heading
them and you thought theygroupedus all together though f814:
attract ppp funding by beinggroupedwith other projects john henderson
lori robby and berna aregroupedaround an open grave they
find out where people aregroupedin large communities whe- we
effects of mobile telephone mastsgroupedin close proximity to one

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